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Best Soccer Cleats for Kids to Use on the Field

Young soccer players want the best and flashiest cleats. Here are the best soccer cleats for kids.

By Brad GouldPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

In order to be the best soccer player, you need to have the best equipment. One of the most important pieces of soccer equipment is a pair of cleats, a good pair of cleats will help you keep your footing on the field, especially on artificial turf, could help your speed, and ball handling. While there are plenty of great cleats for adults, kids soccer is also very serious and requires the best footwear. These are the best soccer cleats for kids.

Lionel Messi is the best soccer player in the world, and arguably the best of all time, so it's no surprise he has his own line of cleats as great as his skill. Any soccer player would love to wear the cleats of the best player in the game. The Messi cleats have a unique design with a perfect touch of grip and comfort. The synthetic lining is comfortable and the leather is supportive which is great for kids running all day.

These soccer cleats are great for overall performance regardless of the weather. These soccer shoes are very durable and should last a full season, if not longer. The front of the upper shoe is stitched with synthetic leathers that holds firm without sacrificing its lightweight style of play. The under-sole provides a firm grip on any surface making this one of the best soccer cleats for kids.

Adidas is known as one of the leading brands in soccer cleats and this soccer shoe may be their best one yet. The insole is soft and padded which prevents the shoe from getting too tight after tying the laces. The Kid X also provides extra ankle protection and is very durable. These shoes are also very breathable, offering a layer of ventilation through the upper arch on the front of the shoe.

This synthetic rubber-soled soccer shoe is one of the best soccer cleats for kids available. The Infinity FG has a strong and durable feel, with an anti-stretch feature that makes those long training sessions possible. This shoe is available for both male and female soccer players, which is great for trying to get kids interested in the game.

It's surprising that Vizari makes so many of the best soccer cleats for kids considering they're relatively new to the soccer cleat industry. The Frost Kids Soccer Cleat is very stylish, which appeals to kids, without sacrificing durability or functionality. If your young soccer player wants to have the best looking cleats on the field, you can't go wrong with Vizari.

While Nike is most commonly known for their famous basketball sneakers, they also make some of the best soccer cleats for kids. Neymar is one of the best soccer players in the world and it shows in this flashy shoe. Only the best players can wear a cleat this bright, and along with being the best, you have to be fast. This is everything you want in a speed cleat, lightweight and engineered to help players maintain control of the ball while racing past the defense.

One of the most advanced cleats on the market, the Adidas Predator 18.1 is one of the best soccer cleats for kids around. This cleat fits like a sock and is lightweight to help you with your speed thanks to newly designed Boost frame technology. This shoe capitalizes on Adidas' laceless upper design without sacrificing comfort and performance.

Another entry from Nike, this soccer shoe combines lightweight contoured nylon plate with a revolutionary configuration designed for the more fast-paced style of modern soccer. These cleats are so lightweight players can forget they're wearing them, as they run with ease up and down the field. The cleats low-cut design, with a stud pattern designed to maximize traction, give you a great feel for the turf or grass beneath your feet and the ball. These cleats are also part of Cristiano Ronaldo's line of shoes. If they're good enough for Ronaldo, they're good enough for any soccer player.

The sole Under Armour entry on the list of best soccer cleats for kids, the CF Force 3.0 is a great soccer shoe. Its lightweight synthetic upper level gives you a good feel for the ball, while its die-cut sock liner provides additional cushioning for comfort that is long-lasting. The molded rubber cleated outsole also provides phenomenal traction and impact absorption. This is a fantastic shoe to consider buying for your young soccer player.

The Umbro Santos Jr. Soccer Cleat is one of the best soccer cleats for kids out there. This shoe is an all-purpose cleat that is comfortable, durable, water-resistant, lightweight and made with a flexible synthetic leather upper which is great for comfort and ball control. This is a great soccer cleat for boys that are more serious about honing their craft in the beautiful game and should definitely be considered when looking for your cleats for the season.

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