Best Shin Guards With Ankle Protection

You can't you be Messi or Ronaldo if a defender sidelines you with an ankle injury. Check out the best shin guards with ankle protection!

Best Shin Guards With Ankle Protection

If there's one thing Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have in common, other than being two of the best players in the world, it's that every defender is looking to stop them by any means necessary. Sure, they may have a few other things in common, but this one may be the most important. Both Ronaldo and Messi have seen their fair share of horror tackles and fouls, and have thankfully avoided major injury so far in their careers. It's just a fact of soccer: the most talented players garner the harshest challenges.

So if you're hoping to become a star of the game one day, you'll need some protection to keep you fit and in good form. Protection comes in the form of ankle guards, shin guards, and the ability to distinguish the best equipment from the subpar. In order to be the best, you need to stay on the pitch and remain healthy. How can you make sure you do that? Simple; check out the best shin guards with ankle protection that are currently on the market. Oh look, those are all listed below, how convenient.

The G-Form Pro-X Ankle Guard is one of the best shin guards with ankle protection for all positions. This guard is made with a special kind of foam that stiffens on impact and can absorb up to 90 percent of force. It is flexible and feels natural on your foot. Don't just take my word for it, 83 percent of the Amazon reviews have given it either four or five stars. That's a lot of satisfied customers. Once you're done on the pitch, just throw them in the washing machine to keep them clean for your next outing.

When I was a kid watching soccer, I learned quickly that the best players usually wear the most colorful cleats. It made sense; the flashiest players wear the flashiest gear. With the Reusch D-Fend Pro Shinguard by Reusch Soccer, you can pair your vibrant pair of cleats with an equally radiant pair of ankle protectors. Now everyone will know how good you are before you even step onto the pitch. I'd gladly go with white/black look; it is too cool to ignore.

Another cool color! The Vizari Malaga Shinguard combines the best of both worlds in the previous two entries on this list, making it one of the best shin guards with ankle protection to consider. It comes in stylish colors like pink, bright green, sky/yellow, and red/yellow, and 87 percent of the 791(!) reviews on Amazon are four and five-star ratings.

Most reviews center around how well they fit children who are becoming youth players for the first time in their lives. So, if you're looking for shin guards for your youngster, the Vizari Malaga offers comfort and protection, while making them look like their favorite soccer player! If you're a bit older, they come in large and work just as well.

For those who are looking for the more reserved look, may I recommend the Diadora Atletico Soccer Shinguard. These ankle guards come in one color, white. Each guard has a three-piece shell for flexibility and protection and is low enough in weight that you won't even realize it is there. If you're looking to improve your ball control, these won't get in the way and should only help you get used to perfecting your dribbling skills while wearing shin guards.

The Attack Stadium shin guard by Nike is designed to perfectly mimic the shape of your leg for increased comfort and maneuverability. Also available in a wide range of color options, these guards are perfect for whatever you may be looking for. With the durability and reputation that Nike offers, you can't go wrong when choosing a shin guard from this athletics powerhouse.

Aside from having the coolest name on this list, the Ghost Reflex Shin Guards are perfect for those looking for the utmost protection. The Adidas product consists of three different shields to ensure your ankles stay protected and safe from the dangers of flying cleats and stray tackles. Like many of the shin guards with ankle protection, the Ghost Reflex Shin Guards use EVA padding (the material compression sleeves are made of) for extra protection and durability.

These Under Armour shin guards are simple, yet effective. They provide comfort and protection while allowing freedom of mobility. Even the 2.0 in the name makes you think these are nearly flawless shin guards (at the very least, they're much better than whatever the 1.0s were).

If you try one of these out, your ankles will surely thank us later. Remember, the perfect ankle guard should fit snugly AND offer the best protection; don't sacrifice safety for comfort.

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