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Best Shin Guards for Indoor Soccer

Are you looking for the best shin guards for indoor soccer? Prioritize protection and comfort when picking up some new equipment.

By Morgan E. WestlingPublished 5 years ago 5 min read
Top Story - October 2018

We've all heard horror stories of broken fibulas during intense soccer games. That's why players, from youth age to the pros invest in quality shin guards to protect their legs. Shin guards for indoor soccer are easy to find, because shin guards used in soccer will be the same for both outdoor soccer and indoor soccer. Regardless of where you play, every soccer player needs the same protection. Soccer shin guards are used to protect soccer players not only from the soccer ball, but most importantly, from other player’s feet. While indoor soccer may be less risky because players aren’t wearing spiked cleats, you’ll still want protection on your shins from possible kicks.

The Malaga shin guards by Vizari are great shin guards, because they provide a PP shell, which is lightweight, yet hard enough to protect your shin from players. This shin guard also has a foam padded backing for added comfort. When paired with soccer socks, they will fit snuggly against your shin with zero discomfort or movement. The bottom of these shin guards have a foot strap and side pads for added ankle protection as well. Overall these Malaga shin guards are perfect for any soccer game and will be a great addition to your soccer equipment.

The Performance Ghost Pro shin guards by Adidas are an excellent pair of shin guards for indoor soccer as well as outdoor soccer. The design of these shin guards is unique, because instead of slipping these on over the foot, the hard shell is placed on the shin and then a sleeve is slipped over the shin to secure the shell in place. These shin pads are made of three different guards fitted together to increase flexibility and protection. They are lightweight and durable. Adidas provides great soccer equipment, and these shin guards are no different.

The Mercurial Lite shin guards by Nike are an elite brand of soccer equipment. Not to mention they pair well with your own custom Nike Mercurial soccer cleats. These are great shin guards for indoor soccer as well as outdoor soccer, and they can work for youth soccer. Similar to the Performance Ghost Pro shin guards by Adidas, these shin guards provide a shell design with a compression sleeve that slips over the shin and secures the guard in place. They also have a molded, waffle-like foam on the inside for added comfort and for the dispersal of energy from impacts on the shin. These shin guards are top-rated and an excellent choice for any soccer game, no matter where it is played.

For youth soccer, you should consider trying out these soccer shin guards by DashSport, which are great for indoor soccer and outdoor soccer. These soccer shin guards work for both boy and girl soccer players, and they are comfortable and flexible. They have a classic shin pad design that slips over the ankle and straps behind the calf. With long soccer socks, these shin guards will stay in place perfectly. DashSport even provides a one year replacement warranty, so there is no risk in purchasing this brand.

The Body Shield Leg Guards by Storelli are a very interesting option for athletes who play indoor soccer. The shin guards are one solid piece that slip over the leg and protect the entire shin, ankle, and calf. They are made with an antimicrobial material to reduce the risk of infection from sweat build up. They also have a moisture prevention fabric that is breathable and flexible for comfort. These shin guards have the perfect design to provide the best performance possible during every soccer game. The shell slips right into the front of them, and every soccer player can feel safe and protected wearing this brand.

These sock style shin guards by Wilson are great shin guards for indoor soccer, because they give you a convenient shin guard and soccer sock combination all in one. The shin pads inside the sock are removable, so when you wash the socks, the pads will not be damaged. These shin guards are great for youth soccer players as well, because it eliminates the hard part of slipping the shin guard on and strapping it. Kids can simply pull these shin guards on like regular socks, and they will be protected. This is a great piece of soccer equipment for everyone to use at soccer games, both indoor and outdoor.

The Performance Lesto shin guard by Adidas are a great option for soccer players because these provide a sturdy shield made of 100 percent polypropylene. These shin guards will be extremely durable, but also, because they have a synthetic lining, they will have a comfortable fit. These soccer shin guards are great for soccer players of all kinds.

The Pro-S Elite shin guards by G-Form will make any soccer player feel like a super hero with their high tech design. These are great shin guards for indoor soccer, because they have a comfortable and easy slip on style, yet they provide great protection with their G-Form RPT technology. These are a great piece of soccer equipment, because they slip on in one piece with no straps to mess with. They are washable, comfortable, and durable.

Nike’s simple J Guard shin guards are great for indoor soccer because they provide everything a player needs—protection and comfort all in one. These shin guards are very lightweight so you'll have extra room for the other things you should always have in your soccer bag. They also won’t absorb a lot of sweat, so they won’t smell bad over time. The simplified design of these shin guards work well and make them a favorite for many long time players.

The Adult Charge 2.0 shin guards by Nike provide a classic slip on design with both durability and comfort for beginner and advanced soccer players alike. These shin guards are great for indoor and outdoor soccer, because they will keep all players safe from both the ball and the feet of other players.

All of these options are great shin guards for indoor soccer as well as outdoor soccer. Regardless of where you play, whether it be on turf, soft ground or even in the rain, the soccer equipment for your shins is going to be similar. It's always best to choose the style and brand that work best for you!

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