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10 Tips For Creating Your Own Custom Nike Mercurial Soccer Cleats

If you want to be like Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar, you need to look the part. Create the coolest custom Nike Mercurial soccer cleats just like the pros do and get ready to dominate on the pitch.

By Connor BrightonPublished 6 years ago 6 min read
Top Story - May 2018

It's always the best players in the world that have the best cleats. The most colorful, coolest designed, and most importantly, personally customized cleats are worn by every big name in world football. Despite there being several big players in the cleats industry, it is safe to say that Nike is on top, with the biggest stars anyway. Nike represents names like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Wayne Rooney, Didier Drogba, and even some all-time greats like the Brazilian Ronaldo and Ronaldinho.

The reason is simple: Nike is a mammoth corporation and has the resources to design and create the best products. Luckily, it's not only superstars who get the superstar treatment these days. Custom Nike Mercurial soccer cleats (the best series that they offer), are available to anyone by going to the Nike store. With all this power at your disposal, it is easy to make mistakes you'll later regret. Here are ten tips I will pass along to you that can make you cleats the coolest on the pitch.

Pick the theme that best suits you.

There are so many themes to choose from for your cleats. It is difficult to narrow it down and select just one, but make sure to pick one that suits you as a player. If you're a striker or midfielder and want a vibrant pair, go for it. If you're a tough defender and want a simple design without all the bells and whistles, those options are available as well. Just know what image you want to present on the pitch before you get overwhelmed with the choices.

Copy Cristiano Ronaldo's iconic trademark.

Cristiano Ronaldo is known for many things but everyone knows his "CR7" moniker. CR7 is apparent on almost every pair of cleats he wears and Nike offers a variety of cleats and soccer shoes with it brandished on the heel. The clever nickname is forged by combining his initials and his number seven (duh), and you can do the same. This is a simple yet incredibly personal design for your custom Nike Mercurial soccer cleats. It can potentially put you on the path of becoming one of the best soccer forwards of all time, much like Real Madrid's most prolific goal-scorer.

If you want the flashiest pair, you'll need to back that up.

If you've decided to grab the flashiest theme you can find, more power to you. Just know this: colorful and exuberant cleats are usually worn by the best players and those who fall on the opposite end of the spectrum. So if you want the brightest and most eye-catching pair, you'll need to work tirelessly on your skills.

Nothing is more aesthetically-pleasing on a football pitch than a nice pair of cleats dancing through defenders and delivering picture-perfect passes at lightning-quick speed. So if you nab the flashiest custom Nike Mercurial soccer cleats, be sure to put in the work to become worthy of them.

Don't fall into the trap of checking one pair of cleats and assuming every other set has the same customizations available. Different cleats offer distinct methods to create your custom Nike Mercurial soccer cleats. For example, the Mercurial Superfly 360s allow you to change the theme and logo while the Tiempo Legend VIIs can have the color of the heel, swoosh, laces, and base of the cleat altered.

The Tiempo Legend VII's also offer two different studs and 21 national flags that can be placed on either heel. Almost every pair can be changed in a different way than the next, that's why you have to go to the Nike Store and see all of the 15 soccer shoes that are available for customization. You'll be looking like the best in the world right before the World Cup kicks off!

Don't get overwhelmed by the choices.

I know, there are a lot of things you can customize with certain cleats. At times it can almost feel overwhelming, as these will be the soccer shoes you'll be wearing in front of people; after all, they have to look good. Just relax and take it one step at a time. It's fun to experiment with different color schemes and logo features and be sure to try them all out before deciding.

Know the surface you'll be playing on.

It is imperative when designing your custom Nike Mercurial soccer cleats that you know what surface you'll be playing. As mentioned previously, the Tiempo Legend VIIs offer two different studs for two different purposes. One set was specifically designed for artificial grass and will give you the advantage.

The other was made for short grass fields and is better-suited for inclement weather/pitch-conditions. Several other customizable cleats offer these traction options and it's important you set yourself up for success by choosing the right one.

Utilize the My Designs tab.

Nike knows how indecisive everyone is and decided to make it easier for us all to choose. Once you finish a design, it will be displayed on the screen. If you do not love it, you can create another one and another one and so on. Instead of comparing them based on memory, all of these designs are available under the My Designs tab on the webpage. This eliminates any guess-work on which pair you might prefer and ensures you pick your favorite pair.

Do your research on each cleat before customizing.

Yes, each cleat offers a unique set of aspects you can alter and change, but don't just pick one based on that alone. It's also important to look into the features each one was built with. There are benefits and drawbacks to every pair and some are much better-suited to certain positions than others.

Some emphasize touch, dribbling ability, and a dynamic fit, perfect for midfielders, while others were made with toughness and durability in mind, ideal for rugged defenders. So before you pick out your customizations, find the best soccer cleat for your position.

Remember to check the price tags.

Not all custom Nike Mercurial soccer cleats are created equally and that point is reflected in the price. The highest-quality pairs, like the Mercurial Vapor, are in the higher price-range, while the aforementioned Tiempo Legend VIIs are much more wallet-friendly. Prices vary for most models but it's always a good habit to check and see what it will cost you before you create your perfect masterpiece.

Take good care of them!

I have never been a fan of the expression "It goes without saying." We all know someone who either doesn't pay attention, doesn't communicate properly or quickly (cough cough my college roommate), or just lacks basic logic. Common sense is not so common after all.

So just to hammer home the point, please take care of your custom Nike Mercurial soccer cleats. They are no longer cool when they are destroyed or treated without care. The whole purpose of taking the time and creating your own pair is so that they will last and give you the confidence you need on the pitch.

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