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10 Things Every Soccer Player Experiences

Don't ask a soccer player how many times he gets kicked in the groin. These are the things every soccer player experiences off and on the field.

By C.C. CurtisPublished 5 years ago 6 min read

Athletes experience a whole lot of different things compared to those who don't play any sports. From baseball to basketball, hockey, and football, players within these sports handle a lot off and during games. However, soccer players are also among those who have a love and hate relationship with their sport. From pain to bliss, there are reasons why soccer players truly enjoy playing soccer. And it's not because they're constantly getting attacked by players and the soccer ball, but other aspects that makes the sport a passion to them.

Soccer players always have stories to tell based on their matches and even injuries that they've received from those games. While they've gone through a lot, no matter what, they'll still love the game. These are the actual things every soccer player experiences some time during their soccer-playing days.

Soccer players often get bad tan lines.

This is a major one for many athletes who play sports under the sun. Since the majority of soccer players gear up on knee-high socks, shin guards, their team's jersey, and anything else that would benefit their soccer playing, there's a chance that players can develop crazy tan lines. Since they have a lot on while playing out under the sun, it's no surprise to them to find that their shin guards and socks are literally marked on them.

Once taking off all of the gear, they're left with various spots of tan and their natural skin color all over their arms, legs, and torso. It's like they still have the gear on... even when the gear is not on them.

Getting Your Hands on the Latest and Most Stylish Soccer Equipment

This is definitely one of the greatest things every soccer player experiences—the trendiest training equipment! Soccer players have the best opportunity to treat themselves with the latest and most stylish soccer gear ever. From Adidas to Nike and Under Armour, and in a colorful array of designs, soccer players can never settle to just one pair of cleats.

They have to have various types of cleats, shin guards, and every other soccer gear. From neons to bold colors, a soccer player walking into a sports store is like a child walking into Toys“R”Us.

Getting a Good Whiff of Your Soccer Bag

So many athletes absolutely hate the scent of their sports bag, even soccer players. However, there are soccer players who don't mind the smell of their bag because it shows how hard they performed on the field. It can also bring back great memories of their team winning a difficult match. But then there are players who can't stand the smell of their bags. There's no in-between.

And we all know what makes a soccer bag reek so badly. It's the socks, the cleats, the shin guards, and literally everything else that was attached to the player during a match and collected all of the sweat. To you it might smell like death but to others, it's the stench of victory!

Enduring Ice Baths

Ice baths, they're among the things every soccer player experiences. Most athletes love a good ice bath. They're mostly known to relieve any soreness that's caused by a game or intense exercising. And so many soccer players do ice baths right after games or crazy fitness sessions to calm their nerves down.

Yes, ice baths are almost unbearable to handle the first few times, but you do get used to them and they actually feel amazing. When you do get into one, it does the complete opposite to your body; your body starts to heat up! I know, it's weird, but your body reacts to the ice bath, causing it to heat itself up and loosen any sore muscles. Even when you get out of the bath, your muscles warm up.

Your coach, teammates, parents, and everyone else are yelling at you.

Everyone is just yelling at you, it's definitely one of the things every soccer player experiences during games. You're in the middle of a game and you can hear your coach actually yelling at you to run faster, score that goal, or pass. Your parents are screaming, but still cheering you on. And your teammates are doing what your coach is doing—yelling at you.

There can be so much pressure behind this, because you definitely don't want to fuck it up. And if you do, the yelling doesn't stop. Soccer players are trying to please the coach and do what's best for their team. But they're certainly the ones taking in a lot of yelling every time for every match.

Getting Kicked in the Groin too Many Times

Yes, getting kicked in the groin way too many times is pretty normal for soccer players, since it's among the things every soccer player experiences on the match. It's quite often, actually. Opposing players can completely miss the ball and end up kicking someone in the worst area—it's no fun.

There are some players who wear cups to avoid getting kicked right in their groin. However, these players where comfortable cups that are usually made out of silicone for more freedom movement. And I also highly suggest soccer players wearing flexible cups to prevent getting injured badly down there.

Getting Hit Literally Everywhere on Your Body

A soccer player's groin isn't the only area that gets attacked, but everywhere else. It's very competitive out there on the field, and soccer players are bound to get hurt anywhere and everywhere. From their legs to their back, arms, and even head, a soccer ball can make its way anywhere on the body.

But it's also not just the soccer ball that's doing all of the damaging, players' kicks can strike anywhere. From the things every soccer player experiences, this is why soccer players wear shin guards or any other form of protection to avoid getting injured. Shin guards are a necessity when playing soccer, because the majority of players get kicked in the shins often.

Holding Yourself Back from Arguing an Opposing Team Member

Especially when your team is versing an ultimate rival... it's expected to see heated arguments happening on the field. Whether that player caused a foul, their ball was out of bounds, or literally anything else that would cause a player to start arguing, it can happen.

Either the player is the one to pick a fight or watch a fight, fights are common on the field. But it's best to never start one, because you can get into trouble with your coach and teammates. Be the bigger person, listen to the referees, and let it slide. It's never worth your time.

Dealing with the Worst Turf Burns

Definitely one of the more painful soccer injuries a soccer player can get while playing in a match—turf burns. They're seriously the worst and it's among the things every soccer player experiences. Many soccer matches take place on turf and if a player happens to lose their balance and fall on the ground, their chances of getting turf burn is pretty high. It also depends how hard they fall and if they slid on the ground.

Turf burns just sting the entire time and even treating it is painful. Soccer players are sometimes lucky if they fall on their protective gear. But if they fall on turf with their bare knees... forget it.

Becoming Long-Term Friends with Your Teammates

Lastly, from the precise things every soccer player experiences is staying friends with their teammates! While all members of a team are always training together, practicing together, and playing matches together, they can end up becoming long-term friends in the end. They've formed a special bond while being part of the team and that's pretty special to most soccer players.

Even when a player decides to leave the team, they still have that friendship with most of their former teammates. This is why athletes are friends with literally everyone.


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