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Unraveling - Part 3

Martin's plotting & scheming continue.

By KA Stefana Published 3 months ago 4 min read

Unraveling - Part 3

A Broken Souls Short Story

Throwing his jacket on the couch, Martin headed straight into his bathroom, turned on the shower, and tossed his clothes in a pile. Standing there stark naked, he looked at his body in the mirror and knew Elana wouldn't be able to resist his muscular chest and his manhood. Just thinking of her made him twitch in excitement.

Laughing to himself, he stepped into the shower and washed quickly. He needed to dress for the horrendous black-tie affair that he was forced to attend that evening. Perhaps he'd find someone to take care of his needs before the night was out. There was no way in hell he was waiting for that black-haired vixen to return. He'd never last the week.

Knowing he'd be drinking heavily, he had Lance, his personal chauffeur, pick him up tonight in the limo. The best part about Lance was his loyalty and discretion. How many times did he save his reputation, keeping it a secret from his oppressive father? Way too many!

He nodded at Lance as he stepped into the SUV and sat quietly in the backseat, mulling over Elana's proposal. It wasn't a difficult choice, especially after today. The meeting could not have gone worse for him. Everything he had proposed was systematically shut down, and Sam was praised for all his efforts, regardless of how feeble they were.

If it wasn't for his daydreaming, he might not have survived.

Decision made.

Picking up his phone, he texted Elana.

Martin: Deal!

Elana: Who's this? :-)

Martin: We're done! LOL

Elana: U r pathetic. W/o me, ur a nobody

Martin: Hey, I resemble that remark! :-(

Elana: Damn right. Off to mtg. Later! XOXOXO

He laughed as he locked his phone and dreamt of her until Lance pulled the SUV up in front of the Himmel Center. Stepping out of the SUV, he said, "Lance, don't go far. I'm not planning on staying too long tonight. You know how much I hate these events."

"I understand, sir. I'll park as close as possible and will be ready. How about you have a drink or two for me?"

Patting him on the back, he laughed as he walked up the main stairs and wanted to turn around the minute he saw Sam and Pippa standing there. What a pathetic little couple they were! he thought.

"Martin," Sam said with a touch of ice in his tone.

"Sam," he snarled back and walked into the grand foyer without acknowledging Pippa. Once inside, he scanned the room, looking for allies for his next plan—the one that wouldn't include Elana.

Across the room, Mitchell stood there talking with Lord Stanely. Martin walked up to them, saying, "Father, good evening. Mitchell, how are you?"

"Excellent, my friend. Just excellent." Mitchell winked at Martin before turning back to Lord Stanley to finish their conversation. "To that end, I am certain that we can work out the details of the integration of the asset once we close. I've already started mapping out the requirements. Let's finish this tomorrow. I'll check your calendar and book something."

"That's perfect," Lord Stanley said. Turning to Martin, he added, "I'll leave you two to conspire, knowing that's what you do best."

Once alone, Martin leaned in and whispered, "Are you done buttering up my father for me?"

Laughing, Mitchell replied, "It'll take a lifetime to butter that man. He's like a giant glacier, slow and cold."

"Don't I know it? Now, to the conspiring!" Martin wore an evil grin as he asked, "Did you bring the papers for me to sign?"

"Right here in my pocket," Mitchell said. "Are you sure this is what you really want to do? If your father finds out, there will be hell to pay."

"I'm 100 percent certain. This is the right thing to do."

Author's notes

Thank you for reading my story! It means a lot. If you really loved this story, please check out my other stories, leave a comment, or share with other readers.

If you want to start at the beginning, please check out the story from Part 1

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Finally, if you have a story that you think I might like, feel free to leave a link in my comments, and I will check it out. I really love fantasy stories, if you can tell. Oh, and good food, too!


About the Creator

KA Stefana

I started writing as a hobby during quarantine. From a hobby, a passion bloomed. Author of Dark Fantasy with a twist of romance. Available on KU - The Origins of Darkness, The Daughters of Darkness and The Forgotten.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 3 months ago

    This is great! What a fantastic soap opera! 🌸

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