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To My Rival

Friend or Foe?

By AryamanPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
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To the man who unblinded me,

I don’t know where you are! It is an irony to even anticipate about that. There was a time I prayed that you didn't show up yet you did.

Sky’s what we share. It has witnessed all the battles that I have fought. People hailed my name because they feared me for my strength.

I hadn’t felt the same towards anyone until the day we met. You were calm and quiet. Firm feet, stone face. An ordinary gaze but a brave stance!

You stood lifeless yet you seemed full of life. People surrounding us were shouting in joy, howling my name but I…

I was lost in my thoughts, “Who is he? What is his name?”

I only knew my strength. I had forgotten that the pile of victories I stood upon was steep. On that pile I stood tall not knowing that one day I may also fall.

My fate was entangled with yours. You were destined to come. You didn’t push me but it was I who made myself fall.

You didn’t kill me. But I died.

You engraved a scar onto my heart, onto to my soul. An injury that healed me instead. For the first time I could see even though I was never blind.

All that remains of me is a man, waiting for you to answer this question, “Who are you?”

“A friend or a foe?”

I still believe you exist, fighting battles, punishing men like me, wandering along the horizon. You may have fought battles even more than I ever did.

If you have forgotten who I am then remember I am a being you defeated, I am just...

~An Ordinary Man

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Comments (1)

  • Abhishek Mazumdar3 months ago

    Well done. Keep writing. ♥️

AryamanWritten by Aryaman

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