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The Reluctant Rider - Part 3

The Realms of Darkness

By KA Stefana Published 3 months ago 4 min read

“Don’t you dare kiss me in front of all these people,” Sofia warned Etienne, seeing the boldness in his eyes. It was more than kisses that his heart desired. 

Smiling at his little princess, he teased, “But my darling, you just chose me. Shouldn’t we celebrate with a kiss? Seal the deal.” He winked at her as he finished buckling the leather around her leg.

“I’ll have you sent to the dungeons for your antics,” she pouted and crossed her arms. 

Standing up, he looked her in the eyes and said, “Haldor, can you please explain to the princess that upon choosing a mate, she must kiss said mate.”

“Oh, don’t you dare bring my dragon into this argument,” she protested.

Haldor let out steam, turned to Etienne, and nodded his head before he projected to Sofia, ‘Be bold. Kiss him.’

“Oh, you both are traitors,” she giggled as she walked up to Etienne and softened her tone. Childish games set aside, she said, “Etienne, you have been a friend and confidant all these years. Now, you have stolen my heart for the remainder of this lifetime. I choose you as my mate.”

Before she could ask him if he accepted her, his lips gently found hers. Kissing her without reservation, as he broke away, he whispered, “Sofia, I shall cherish you all of my days. My heart chose you many moons ago. Today, I accept you as my mate.”

Stealing a glance at her parents, she watched her mother wipe a tear from her eye as her father took her hand and whispered something to Amelia. 

Breaking her concentration, Haldor pushed her gently and projected, ‘It’s time to ride.’

Inwardly groaning, she started panicking, but Etienne took her hand and helped her climb up on her red beast. Clinging to him, she immediately wrapped her arms around his neck and tucked her head down, not wanting to watch their ascent. 

Panic started to well up again. What if she got sick as they were lifted off the ground? Was she afraid of heights? 

“Stop fretting!” 

Lifting her head, she looked at Etienne and Eyla as they rocketed into the sky. 

Haldor stretched out his massive wings and pushed off the ground, following Eyla. 

The wind washed over her, cool and refreshing. 

Suddenly, all her fear was gone. The rush of adrenaline flooded her senses, stealing her fear and waking up the little warrior hidden inside of her. 

Sofia held on to the leather straps but took in the skyline, watching the castle grow smaller as they raced into the afternoon sky. The sun was to their back and the forest before them. 

“Haldor! This is awesome!”

Showing his approval, he let out a giant fireball. Seconds later, he roared before diving a couple of hundred feet, and raced Eyla across the forest, letting the leaves brush their scales. 

‘Are you ready, little one?’ Haldor cast, but before she could answer, he rose up into the sky and turned them around. It was time to head home.

Twenty minutes later, they touched down in the dragon pen, and she jumped off Haldor. While Etienne was finishing up with Eyla, Sofia ran to her parents and blurted out, “Mother! Father! That was amazing! What a day! A dragon and a mate!”

King Luther took his daughter into his embrace and proudly said, “My precious daughter, this is a great day. Congratulations on the dragon, but I think Etienne was a foregone conclusion.”

Pretending to be serious, she shook her head and replied, “Oh, no! I almost sent him to the dungeon several times today, but I let him off on good behavior.”

Queen Amelia laughed at Sofia and said, “Well, my daughter, this is a special day. When your father and I were chosen by our dragons, there was no time for celebrations.”

Etienne arrived, took her hand in his, and mumbled, “Darn right. Eyla and I were forced to travel to King Xavier’s lands to kill him, and we almost did.”

Looking appalled, she asked, “Do you all have to be so bloody depressing on my big day?”

 From behind the group, a voice rang out, “Thank goodness you didn’t.”

Turning quickly, Sofia squealed, “Did you bring Mia?”


Mia jumped out in front of her father and grabbed Sofia’s arm, taunting her, “Father, you know this isn’t fair. Why can’t we have dragons, too?”

Rolling his eyes, King Xavier replied, “Because Mia, you’re a witch!”

Author Notes:

Hi Readers,

After I finished The Forgotten, The Realms of Darkness, I felt that there were several character's stories that I wanted to expland upon. So, I have been working on short stories to complement some of my favorite characters, whose ARCS were not fully explored in the Forgotten. Here in The Reluctant Rider, I am exploring Olivia, Luther and Amelia's daughter and Etienne, one of the heros in The Forgotten.

To start at the beginning, here is the link for The Reluctant Rider - Part 1 and The Reluctant Rider - Part 2.

If you love my little stories, please subscribe to my page so you won't miss my new stories. Have fun reading through the old ones, and feel free to leave comments. I really want to hear from you!

Here's a link to all of my stories: KA Stefana's Stories.

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About the Creator

KA Stefana

I started writing as a hobby during quarantine. From a hobby, a passion bloomed. Author of Dark Fantasy with a twist of romance. Available on KU - The Origins of Darkness, The Daughters of Darkness and The Forgotten.

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