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The Living Arc Angels Part 4

A Holy Stork’s a Coming

By Timothy A RowlandPublished 8 months ago 42 min read
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Andrea awoke early and rushed quickly to the bathroom. She flung open the door and dropped to her knees so hard she slid the rest of the way to the toilet. The feeling of losing her lunch was so intense she was forced to hold onto the tub with one hand to support herself. Concerned when he heard her throwing up, Tyler came to the bathroom and stood in the doorway. “Honey, what’s wrong?” She was unable to stop her current state long enough to answer him though. “I didn’t think that angels could get sick.” Suddenly, Andrea let out a bellowing groan and once again threw up. Only this Time the familiar bright white light shown between her hand and the tub she was holding on to. Tyler raised one eyebrow at that hand and calmly said, “Oh shit. This is going to hurt.” Seconds after the words escaped him, he was blown back across the hall and against the far wall, as the tub along with half the bathroom exploded.

In a flash Tyler was back to the bathroom looking around searching for Andrea. “Andrea, are you okay?” He was rather confused to see her still exactly where she had been before. Only now she was throwing up into a hole where the toilet once stood. About that Time, Eric and Christine ran up behind Tyler and stood-their mouths hanging open-and looked around at what once was the bathroom. Eric laughed a little and commented, “Someone took a major dump in here!” Tyler tried to hide his laughter as best as he could, since he was feeling bad that Andrea was sick. Also, he was-in truth- a little afraid that she would be angry if he was laughing while she was in this condition. Finally, Christine asks, “What really happened in here?” Tyler turned to her and with a small shoulder shrug said, “Andrea blew up the bathroom.” Then finally Andrea stood and walked closer to Tyler. “I woke up suddenly and I felt like my stomach was turning inside out.” She then walked down the hall and headed toward the kitchen. The others followed Tyler right behind her and then Eric and Christine after him.

Once in the kitchen, Andrea used the sink to begin washing out her mouth. A look of shock shot across Tyler’s face in what seemed to be out of nowhere. “Andrea, come here a moment.” She wiped her mouth with a dishtowel and then walked over to him. She stopped a few inches away and looked at him. “What is it, Honey?” He looked at the others quickly and then back at her. “I think you’re pregnant…and the strange thing is… I think I can prove it.” He lifted his hand and stared at his palm a moment and then swallowed hard as he placed it against her bare stomach beneath her shirt. Slowly the same bright white light appeared between his hand and her stomach. “Honey! Don’t blow up my stomach!” He laughed a nervous sounding laugh and just said, “You know I would never do that.” The light that appeared was a softer tone and pulsated a little differently. Tyler looked back up into Andrea’s eyes and his smile stretched seemingly from ear to ear. As she looked back into his eyes, Andrea saw a fire burn there and a gentleness that she had not yet seen in him. Far beyond all the fires and gentle looks that he had given her before. “Tyler, what is it? Do you see something or what is it?” He just shot his look to the others quickly again, and then back to her once more. He then lifted his other hand and pointed his palm toward the bare wall across from them. “Yes, I certainly see something. I see this.” The same soft tone of bright white light rose from his hand and then shot against the bare wall. Instantly, they could see a moving image as if it were being shot from a movie projector. The air in the room became very still and the whole world seemed to rest in one gentle breath, as they all realized that the image they were seeing could only be described as some sort of sonogram of a fetus beginning to form. No one was able to say anything in that moment. Finally, Tyler took both hands down ending the sights to be seen on the wall. He turned toward Andrea again and they both threw themselves into each other’s arms.

Out of nowhere the two soon-to-be parents where ripped apart. Tyler spun around just in Time to be face to face with a man whose eyes where an empty black. With no words said, and no Time to say them, Tyler was blown back by a violent display of fire like energy that came from the man’s hand. As the man grabbed Andrea before she could even know he was upon her, Eric and Christine both made an attempt at the man. With only a few steps taken, they too were blown back violently by a similar blast. The moment Tyler had gotten to his feet, he only saw Andrea cry to him with her eyes…and then she and the man were gone with a burst of flames that pushed him back, but not down. He felt the power begin to rise in him as it had done before. However, it was unable to surface, cut short by a pain worse than he ever felt. He looked down to the source of the pain and saw that he was loosing blood at a rapid rate. He fell to his knees, but only because he was quickly loosing strength in his body. A quick glance and he could see Eric and Christine lain out on the floor across the room. He felt himself beginning to slip away from reality when he saw a burst of bright white light and then Thomas standing over him. Thomas crossed his arms over his chest and then extended his palms toward the three upon the floor. His eyes closed and a blue light shot from his hands and then into their bodies.

With in a minute the three were healed and stood again. Thomas said nothing but instead just nodded to them and then disappeared in the same fashion in which he had entered. Eric opened his mouth to speak, but Tyler yelled and his pupils began to glow a bright white. In twice the speed in which it had occurred before, Tyler was once again in his evolved state. With his pupils glowing brightly; his hair stretching two inches below his shoulders; and a white fire radiating from his entire body, Tyler let out an almost un-human yell. As his screams of hurt and anger filled the apartment, the fire radiating from him grew larger and much more intense. Eric smiled a little as he looked at Christine and said, “I think he’s pissed.” Christine shot Eric a look of disappointment and anger and said, “Do you really think this is any Time to be joking?” He shook his head. “No, but I’m not too worried about Andrea. Once Tyler gets to her, who ever took her will be begging to die. When it comes to her, he doesn’t play around.” Then Tyler broke through their conversation by calmly saying, “Put your hands on my shoulders.” They did this with no questions ask. Once they had their hands on his shoulders there was once again a burst of white light and then they were suddenly standing in a field. They released his shoulders and looked up to see Andrea along with two demons standing only a little ways off. A look at the two demons told them that neither were the one who had grabbed her to begin with. Tyler looked toward them all just in Time to see the demon standing to Andreas right strike her with an opened hand in the stomach. It was a strike that sent her flying a few feet back. As she hit the ground the two demonic guards laughed like school children. Andrea lifted her hand to send an attack, but before she could complete it the two were once again on top of her.

Andrea was laid on her back with one of them settled on top of her raised only by his arms. The other was holding her arms. Then she screamed as a hand ripped through the center of the demon on top of her. In an instant the man was flung away to the side. Now she was looking into the eyes that held her love. Only they were not the peaceful blue that she would often get lost in. They were the familiar glowing white. However, this came as no surprise to her; she knew that Tyler would go into his evolved state as a result of her being taken. Tyler smiled sweetly at her and then with out looking at him, backhanded the remaining demon, sending him flying off a good 12 feet away. Andrea cried out, “Honey, the baby! They punch me in the stomach a moment ago.” Again Tyler placed his palm onto her stomach and the light shown between the two. “She’s fine, Honey… and bigger than she should be.” Andrea gazed up at him. “She? You know it’s a girl?” He looked at her confused and said, “Well, yeah. Which is the strange part.” With out even giving her Time to respond he added, “She’s a baby now and not a fetus.” Andrea placed her hand on top of Tyler’s and asks softly, “But if that is true then why haven’t I gotten any bigger? Also, why would I only start having morning sickness and all today?” Tyler helped her up saying, “I don’t know, but I’m just glad that you and our daughter are okay.” She gave a light nod in agreement.

They both began to walk toward where Eric and Christine stood and Andrea gave out a groan and doubled over. “Tyler, I feel strange. There is a fire in my stomach.” Slowly Tyler helped her to kneel down. He kissed her and started to kneel with her, but was stunned to hear Eric yell, “We’ve got company!” He jumped up and in a flash was standing next to the others. In front of them there were 4 demons standing and laughing to them selves. As one the four demons rushed toward the three angels. All three lifted their hands to launch an attack of white fire, but where blown down face first by an explosion from behind them. The four demons that had just begun to advance were blown back beyond the point they had started. Tyler, Eric and Christine shot their attention to the area that was a moment ago behind them. They were shocked to see Andrea standing there her head thrown back. Tyler very loudly began to laugh with joy as he-along with the others-watched Andrea’s pupils begin to glow brightly white and the flames burst from her body and radiate from her. Then with another bright burst of light, her hair turned fire red. Tyler jokingly looked over at Eric and said, “What do you know, my wife is now a red head.” One of the demons came upon them quickly and yelled out, “What is going on here?” Tyler jumped to his feet to meet face to face with him. “I think you’ve pissed off my daughter. She doesn’t like it when you mess with mommy and daddy, so she gave mommy a little boost.” Then in an evidently angry voice he heard Andrea’s voice say behind him, “Honey…move.” In yet another flash he was now standing next to Andrea. Before even Tyler could see her arm rise up, Andrea released a blinding display of white flames from her hand. The blast shot through the first demon’s chest and then continued to strike another standing 20 feet behind him. Before either could make a sound, they were reduced to nothing more than a pile of ashes. The remaining two became panicked and a display of flames surrounded them. Christine yelled out, “Oh no you don’t!” Then, Eric and Christine caught them with their own blast of white flames.

As the flames dissipated to nothing from Tyler and Andrea, she turned to him. “You’re right. The baby’s power mixed with mine and the next thing I knew I was different.” Tyler kept staring at her with a grin on his face. “What is it? What are you looking at? What you didn’t think I would ever evolve like you did?” He just shook his head slowly, never loosing the grin. He grabbed a little of her hair and pulled it over her shoulder so that she could see it. Though she had returned to normal, her hair was still red. “Guess we found what part of your evolution doesn’t change when you go back to normal.” She just laughed a moment and responded with, “Guess so.” They both began to walk toward the other two. As they came up on them, they heard Christine asking Eric, “Should we tell them?” Tyler looked at them both curiously and asks, “Tell us what?” First Eric looked to the ground and then started to explain. “Well, we were going to tell you today, but it started with the wonderful news of the baby and all. Sometime last night we were both awake so we started talking. Well, to make a long story short, we became very worried about what may happen to us all, so we went for a walk.” Here Andrea cut in with, “You shouldn’t have left us like that. It’s too dangerous for the four of us to be apart.” After a quick, “I know.” Eric continued his explanation. “Well, I was thinking really hard about a place I used to live years and years ago, and how I’d like to see if it’s still there. Next thing I knew there was a bright flash of the white light and there I was. I was standing there on a dock I used to go to a lot…but Christine wasn’t with me. I panicked, and from what she told me she did too when she saw me disappear. Well I guess it was the combination of the fear and all the emotions that caused….well…um…” Then Christine placed her hand on his shoulder and turned her look toward Tyler and Andrea. “Stand back. There’s something we think you two should see and know.” Quickly Tyler and Andrea backed away but kept their curious gaze on their friends.

In a simultaneous burst both Eric and Christine stood before their friends… evolved. Both had the same glowing white pupils and white flames radiating from their bodies. However Eric’s blonde hair now had wide streaks of jet-black running down its new length. It now stretched down the full length of his neck. Also Christine’s blonde hair was now more golden than blonde. Tyler and Andrea both laughed softly. Tyler looked them over. “Well, I would say this does change things.” After that, they nodded to one another and the two couples took the hands of the one they love. Another display of bright light and they were all back in the apartment again. Eric and Christine had regained their normal state upon returning. Just as was the case with Tyler and Andrea, both Eric and Christine’s hair stayed as it was in their evolved state even after they regressed to normalcy. With all the excitement and problems, nor Tyler or Andrea had noticed before. Tyler was a little surprised when he looked over to see that Andrea was now crying softly. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” She looked up and smiled calmly. “It just hit me, I guess. We’re going to have a baby.” Rather than try to say anything in response to that, Tyler simply kissed her lips tenderly and then held her.

By Travis Grossen on Unsplash

“So, how are the parents-to-be, handling the news so far?” Everyone jumped not expecting the voice. It was Thomas. “Hi, Thomas. We’re doing great. But, why am I not showing? When we looked at the baby it was as though it was later in the pregnancy.” Thomas laughed a little. That alone told them that he had the answer…and that he was amused that they didn’t know the answer and he did. Rather irritated them. “That is because the baby is actually up there with us. Even your daughter’s body is being grown up there. Your powers allow you to see it.” “Then why can I feel it too?” Again Thomas laughed a little. “Remember, the four of you are Living Angels, which means that you are connected with Heaven. That is where your powers come from-triggered by your emotions-so; your baby is kind of in you, but not literally. It is complicated and difficult to explain.” Tyler glanced at the other three, and then back to Thomas. “We’ll just take your word for it.” Andrea slapped Tyler’s arm. “Wait a moment! There is one more thing I want to know. Am I going to go through a normal labor and all?” This Time everyone but Andrea laughed. The other three were safe, but Tyler got another slap to the arm… this Time a lot harder. “Well, all but one thing. The father is gentle and will take away the pain.” And now… it was Andrea’s turn to laugh. It was a laugh of relief, of course, not humor. “Oh, there is one more thing you should know. Now your daughter is growing very, very quickly. However, once she is born to this world she will have to be taken to heaven again… it is far too dangerous for her to be here. She will grow and mature quickly in heaven and I promise you will see her again.” The others began to speak, but Thomas quickly raised his hand. “I know it is unfair, but it is the way it must be. She will be born a living angel, being the parents of two, and there for will have power that she must learn to control. You will simply have to trust in the plan and that it is all for the best. They just nodded reluctantly, knowing that there was no way to argue with that… not that they could have if they had wanted. The truth was they did in fact trust in any plan there was, yet it did not ease the pain of knowing they would see her for only a moment. Thomas looked at one and then the other and said, "I know you have questions, but Time will answer them. For now however, Time is not something we have a lot of, so I will have to leave them for later.” Tyler stopped him just before he went away. “I do want one question answered though.” Thomas nodded in agreement. “If she will only be taken away and is now in heaven…why will she be born here at all?” Thomas seemed to think a moment, or maybe listen to a voice that had the answer. “If she is to be a living angel then she must be born of the earth… as you four, and every other living angel was before her. If she is born in heaven then she will be born an angel of heaven.” Then, again, having explained, Thomas was gone with his light. Once he was gone, Eric turned to everyone and casually said, “Gee, he is so chatty isn’t he… he comes…says I few things…then ‘poof’ he’s gone again. It’s getting a little annoying.”


Tyler opened his eyes slowly and reached beside him. His reach was met with an empty hand. No, it wasn’t empty… he was holding something now. He opened his eyes fully and brought the object in front of him as he sat up. It was a tree branch, and it was singed as though it had been recently burnt. A moment of panic struck him before he heard Eric and Christine talking. It was clear that they too were confused about their whereabouts and how they had arrived there. But it was not their voices that soothed him most. It was the sight of Andrea standing only a few feet away. She was smiling and resting one hand on her stomach. “Is she kicking you, Honey?” Andrea jumped and turned quickly toward him with the palm of her hand pointed at his head. “Don’t scare me like that!” He stood up and walked over to her. He then placed his hand on top of hers upon her stomach. As soon as his hand was covering hers, they both felt a surge of energy and a light blue light mixed with the usual white light shown brightly. The light caught the others’ attention. “What’s going on over there, you two?” Andrea shouted back, “We have no idea!” The surge in energy caused both Tyler and Andrea to go into their evolved states against their will.

Since Tyler and Andrea had gone into their evolved states and Eric and Christine didn’t know why, they too went into theirs just to be safe, as they walked over to join them. Once Eric and Christine were only a few feet away from the soon to be parents, a strange and rapidly forming wall of white fire surrounded them. “What’s going on? Is your daughter doing that?” Andrea looked at Christine and said, “As much as I’d like to tell you… I don’t know.” It was then that they felt the rumbling and saw the streaks of fire pressing against the wall of white flames. The fire streaks seemed to be coming from all over. Tyler kissed Andrea’s temple. “Honey, I think our daughter just saved our lives. All four of them turned facing different directions and then Eric said, “Well? Is everyone ready to kick a little demonic ass?” Tyler responded with, “Well, that is what we were put back on earth for…so, why not?” All four simultaneously upped their power causing the white flames to radiate more intensely from their bodies. Then Andrea said in a half baby voice, “Okay, Sweetheart… we need to hurt the demons now, so let down the wall for us.” Seconds later the wall of white flames sure enough came down. As the wall lowered the four raised their palms in front of them and gathered the white flames into the palms of their hands. Their streams and blast were already being sent out as the wall came down enough to allow them to hit their targets. Taken by surprise the demons were not ready for the attack launched. At least 12 demons dropped as the white flames from the living angels overcame the streams of fire from the demons.

Suddenly what felt like a bomb of intense fire fell into the center of the angels, blowing them into different directions and causing them all to be separated from one another. The blast had also caused them all to be thrown to the ground and temporarily unable to continue their attack. Each scrambled to avoid the barrage of flames and fire balls that plagued their every move. Filled with all out rage for the interruption of his peace full Time with his daughter and her mother… and the attempts to harm them, Tyler let out a scream of pure rage. He placed his wrist together and opened his fingers to the side. As he yelled, “Just go away!” A collection of white flames bigger than any that he had generated before gathered almost instantaneously in and even around his palms, and traced his fingers. The blast was so bright that even Tyler himself could not see anything for the Time it was being sent out of his hands. The onslaught of white flames lasted almost a full 5 minutes. Against his rage Tyler was powerless to let up on his attack. Even he was shocked at its results once it had subsided. Before him as far as his angelic eyes could see-which was much further than normal human eyes could ever see-he saw… nothing. There were no demons. However, there were also no trees; there was nothing of the forest that had surrounded them. His attack had destroyed everything in its path.

He whipped himself around quickly. “Andrea! Are you okay?” There was no answer. A destructive grief and terror shot through him, even worse than what he had felt the day Ricki died. Had he killed her in his anger driven attack? A hand fell upon his shoulder and before he could think about it, Tyler spun delivering a powerful straightforward punch. Eric was already in midair and flying backward before Tyler realized what he had done and to whom he had done it to. Luckily, Eric was still in his evolved state, so the punch did not do as much to him as it could have. He quickly recovered and in fact landed on his feet, sliding back a little. “Eric, I’m sorry!” Eric didn’t answer; he just put his hand up and nodded. Christine broke in while standing next to Tyler. “Tyler, they’ve taken Andrea. They want to try and take your daughter again.” Tyler’s eyes began to glow so brightly that it blinded Christine. The white flames radiating from him went well past her as well, bathing her skin in his flames as well as her own. However, she couldn’t even feel them. “I guess white flames can’t hurt us, even if they are from someone else.” Suddenly, Tyler looked up again and spoke to someone who was not there. “Ready or not… here I come.”

Tyler screamed into the air, “Thomas! Take me to her!” Then he was gone in a blinding light. He resurfaced just inside a city. The buildings were still standing and there were a few cars remaining on the street. However, there were no people to haunt this city. Not so much as a corpse was left. Ten feet in front of him, two demons appeared in a burst of flames. They both laughed hysterically at him and mumbled things like, “Ahhh, poor angel… lost his playmate” and “She’s going to be fun to play with once the master is through with her.” They both raised their hands quickly as Tyler began to walk toward them. They each fired a fireball at him that looked a lot like a small comet. They continued to laugh expecting him to try to move away or maybe even just get hit. However, they ceased laughing when one swipe of each hand Tyler knocked the fireballs away from him-blowing up a car and a mailbox-without so much as slowing his walk. “I am only going to ask you this once. Where is my wife?” One started speaking first. “Oh, we’ll never tell. We are just…” He was unable to speak any further. Tyler was now holding him up by his throat. “Wrong answer!” Poof! The demon was reduced to little more than a pile of ashes. “Okay, your turn. Where is my wife?” The demon persisted to laugh like a crazed hyena. The white flames shone brighter and began to burn at the demon’s skin. Yet, he still only laughed. With his free hand, Tyler punched into the demon’s chest and pulled out a black heart. The flames from his body instantly burned away the coal like blood from Tyler’s hands. He released the demon and began to walk away… the demon still laughing. Once he was a few feet away, he stopped and with out looking back said, “Oh, your answer was wrong too… I almost forgot something didn’t I?” Tyler held up the black heart and reduced it to only embers. Now the demon was not laughing. He was in fact screaming. His screams sounded like that of a banshee. His body fell to the ground, turned to an ash statue… and then fell to a million pieces.

His senses kicked in hard and fast, and Tyler whipped his body around. He released a powerful stream of white flames-easy in his heightened evolved state- that met with a stream of flames. He stared down the demon a moment and then saw two bright flashes behind him. It was Eric and Christine… he knew that with out looking back at them. It was then that Tyler noticed a third flash of white light come from behind him. Before he could turn around the demon spoke. “Thomas. I thought that you were hiding out for this war.” Tyler shot a quick ball of white flames at the demon. The demon sidestepped the attack. “It’s me you have to worry with you little black eyed freak.” The demon laughed more to him self than to be heard. “You think you can take me, little boy?” Thomas walked to Tyler and whispered in his ear, “Tyler, you don’t want to do this. That is Parothus. He is one of the most powerful demons in hell.” Tyler turned his head slightly to make sure that Thomas heard him. “I don’t give a shit who he is. He knows where Andrea and my daughter are… so he’s going to tell me…or die.” The demon charged toward Tyler, seeming to be floating on his toes. In a flash Tyler had closed half the distance between them. The demon screamed… and then met face first with Tyler’s fist. To Tyler’s great surprise, the demon was only thrown back a few inches, and he himself was made to slide back two feet from the impact. With blinding speed the demon was right on top of Tyler. He looked down to see that the demon’s hand was now glowing red with fire. One swipe and Tyler’s shirt was burned nearly off of him, and his chest now had vertical cuts running most of its length. Tyler made an attempt to uppercut the demon, but he flew back from his hand in Time. The demon once again charged him. Only this Time Tyler jumped as high as he could and with a spinning motion and then an extension of his leg, he landed a powerful kick to the demon’s chest. The kick proved to be more effective than the punch had. Now the demon landed hard upon his back four or five feet away.

Parothus stood and brushed himself off, once again laughing. “Little angel, you amuse me, for sure. However, make no mistake. Your baby will be ours to raise…and your wife will be Satan’s lap dog soon enough.” Then he gave a coy grin and added, “I myself may have to take a turn with her before I give her over.” Again there was laughter, because he knew how deeply those words would hit. He was overjoyed knowing that any moment now he would get the yelling reaction he thrived on. However, there was silence. Tyler was trembling and clinching his fist. The fire from his body was now burning so brightly that he could not be seen with out straining the eyes…even angelic or demonic eyes. He was looking toward the ground… until he quickly shot his attention back toward the demon. The glow of his white pupils began to expand. His hair began to once again increase in volume and now was beginning to stretch down to the middle of his back. And then… kaboom! The explosion was monstrous! Eric, Christine, and Thomas were blinded by the massive explosion of white flames that engulfed everything in sight. They were not harmed however. Suddenly, they heard another smaller explosion. Then the bright white flames all seemed to be sucked back down into one focal point. Before long it was clear to them… Tyler was the focal point. But, it didn’t look like Tyler anymore. The whole of his eye sockets were now the same glowing white that all of their pupils had been…only brighter. His hair now stretched to a point down to the back of his hips. Not only that, but his hair was now cloud white. The white flames that now radiated from his body burned out 2 feet in every direction. Looking further-beyond the new Tyler- they noticed that there was nothing left. The burst of white flames had leveled an entire city block in one moment. And about 20 feet away from Tyler there was an ash statue of Parothus’ head. Eric, laughed a moment and then said, “Allow me.” He raised his hand and using his own attack destroyed what remained of the ash head. Christine glanced over and said, “Thomas, you look surprised.” Thomas at first said nothing, he simply stood with his mouth open and shaking his head slowly. Finally he spoke. “It take most more than 200 years to reach the level he has just reached.”

By Casey Horner on Unsplash

Thomas yelled out to Tyler. “They have moved her! She’s no longer here… I think he was meant to keep you busy while they took her away.” Tyler looked back without turning around just as over 50 demons appeared all over in a mass display of fire. “Everyone leave. Thomas find her and take Eric and Christine to her. Once you found her let me know somehow.” Quickly, Thomas and the other two left in a bath of white flames. Tyler then turned his head back forward and quietly said, “Now, as for you… I’ve got a solution to all of you.” He looked up and suddenly took to the sky. The speed in which he took off caused a thunderous explosion of sound. His movement had been done with such speed it shattered the sound barrier. In less than 5 seconds Tyler was hovering overhead, 200 feet above what was Los Angeles some Time ago. Again he placed his wrist together and opened his hands up with is fingers to the side. He took Time to gather the flames in his palms-knowing that the demons would still be down there looking around expecting him to attack from behind or from some direction such as that-and then he released it with a fury and a coy grin. It shot down in a massive stream. Ten seconds later there was no trace of the city left. One huge explosion wiped out everything that used to be LA. Then he suddenly knew where Andrea would be. He knew it was Thomas telling him. “Good job, Thomas.” Then again he said softly, “Ready or not… here I come.”

It wasn’t far so rather than use his teleportation powers, which would cause him to land somewhere not knowing who would be around him the moment he landed, he decided to simply fly there. Besides, he wanted to test this new power anyway. Again his take off broke the sound barrier causing a thunderous explosion. He flew so fast he couldn’t make out the objects as they flew by beneath him. In only a matter of moments he was stopped by the sense that he had reached her location, so he looked the situation over closely and saw no one. He brought himself down onto the concrete beneath him. Carefully, he looked around again. It was an Air Force base… or at least, it used to be when people were still here. He took a few steps forward and then heard a rumbling sound coming up quickly from behind him. He turned with his hand raised, expecting a demon ready to attack. However, it was not a demon that was making its way for him. It was a jet. It was rolling toward him at a very fast pace… then he heard Andrea call out to him from far away. “Tyler! It’s a trap!” Deciding subtlety wasn’t in order, he decided to shout back, “Thank you, Dear! But, I was pretty sure of that anyway!”

Both his inhuman anger and overwhelming love and desire for Andrea renewed, Tyler simply walked at normal speed toward the on coming jet. Once the jet was only a few feet away, he stopped. His hands once again raised he released a thin stream of white flames from the center of his palm. The stream of fire hit the nose cone of the jet and split it into two separate pieces down the center. Tyler laughed to himself as he watched each piece go by on either side of him. “Wow… I’m so glad that worked.” He looked on toward his destination again and saw three demons standing only a foot or so away from one another. They were all three looking at him and grinning their wicked grin. Tyler had come to despise that grin. He began to raise his hand to fire an attack. However before he could release the flames, the two demons on each side turn to ashes. Standing in their place was Eric to Tyler’s right and Christine to his left. Between them the middle demon stood now with an obvious look of terror upon his face. Tyler smiled his own wicked smile and as he once again gathered the white flames into his palm yelled out making sure the demon could hear his every word, “I know what you are thinking! And you’re right too… you’re in a whole lot of trouble! And yes, this is really going to hurt!” Tyler began to walk with the flames still gathered in his palm and pointed toward the demon, who was now frozen in fear. As Tyler approached the demon with out slowing down he said, “No, you’re not even worth it.” He quickly closed his hand extinguishing the ball of white flames and grabbed the demon by the throat. With a very quick flick of his wrist, the demon’s neck was broke, and he turned to an ash statue of himself just as the others had. As Tyler let him go, the ashes crumbled.

Eric smiled at Tyler. “So, shall we go get your wife and daughter now?” Tyler smiled back and in a mock aristocratic tone said, “Yes, let’s.” Tyler led the way down a corridor with Eric trailing and Christine in the center. Again a trio of demons blocked their path. With out so much as slowing their pace, the three began to punch and use a series of flipping techniques in order to clear the path. Tyler would stop them and then flip them back toward Christine and Eric who would finish them off. They had traveled an estimated 25 to 30 feet when they came to an open room. The room was at least 2000 square feet with a ceiling that was set 50 feet above head. The size of the room especially in contrast to the small corridor they had just exited took them by surprise. The room looked to belong to the age of roman gods. Tyler looked around. “Something tells me that we aren’t on an Air Force base anymore.” Eric stepped off toward Tyler’s right and Christine toward his left. As he walked a few feet away from where they had exited he said, “Well, I will say one thing about dealing with these demons. There is never a dull moment.” Christine with a hint of shakiness in her voice commented, “Actually, I think I’d prefer a dull moment right now.” Again they were taken by surprise… in only a tick of the clock; the room was surrounded and almost filled with demons. They were lower level demons, which was obvious since only their enlarged pupils were black surrounded by red where it should have been white. The three living angels all raised their hands to different parts of the room, their palms filled with burning white flames. Then, they heard the sound of things breaking and muffled arguing coming from above them. “Andrea, she’s in the room above us!” He glanced a moment at both Eric and Christine as Christine yelled, “Go!” Quickly, he brought his power and the flames radiating from his body to their full level. With another thunderous take off he was soon crashing through the ceiling. As he surfaced quickly through the floor of the above room, he noticed that his entrance had thrown Andrea back. As she started to come down he caught her. “Sorry, Honey. But at least I have you in my arms again.” They both smiled a moment and hugged tightly. As they hugged Tyler raised one hand and sent a barrage of white flaming fireballs toward the demons that were standing across the room. “There is no way you guys are going to interrupt this.”

“Then I guess I’ll do it!” Without warning Tyler was struck in the back with something that was burning him like acid. He spun himself around and saw a demon. This demon was much different from the others. As he looked him over, Andrea raised one hand and placed her other hand onto her stomach. The bright blue light shown out from her hand in a wide stream, striking Tyler’s back where he had been hit. Andrea placed her hand onto his back and whispered, “Honey, you look different.” “Yeah, when they took you again and wanted our baby…I got angry…then on top of that some demon told me what they were going to do. Let’s just say I didn’t take it too well.” Again Tyler started to look the demon over. His eyes were not fully black as the others had been; instead it looked as though there were flames moving from the center of his eyes toward the outside. Also, he had white streaks running down coal black hair. The demon moved slowly and with total confidence. When he spoke his voice was surprisingly like that of a human man. “You know, my Master gets all the recognition but he is not the only angel to have fallen from your God’s good graces. Oh, true he was the first…but certainly not the only one.” Boldly Tyler blurted out, “You tell me this like I care.” Tyler had to admit to himself that the look that was shot his way did in deed place a little worry in his mind. “I’m not entirely evil, you know. I won’t kill you just yet. I’ll allow you to see your daughter before you die…after all; she should be born soon. But make no mistake; we will take your daughter. She will be ours' to raise.” Tyler’s eyes glowed brighter again and he opened his mouth to respond. But Andrea’s voice cut his words off in his throat. “Tyler… you might want to see this.” He looked back at her, as the glow of his eyes grew softer. She was looking down holding her shirt up so that her stomach was exposed. Just over her navel a glowing white symbol had appeared. He knew that symbol. After he had looked at it a moment Andrea looked back up and raised her hand out to him. As he gazed at her palm he began to smile. It was true; the symbol on her stomach was the same that had been placed upon their palms the day they were married on the beach in their heaven. “Well, I guess our daughter has a difference in opinion.” His words infuriated the demon; and he let out a yell that shook the room like an earthquake. “Very well! You will die now!” Tyler laughed, “Been there, done that.” The demon was little more than a streak as he charged Tyler. A few inches before impact he was blown back clear to the other side of the room, partly taking out the wall. From nowhere there was now a wall of white flames in front of Tyler. Then Thomas appeared next to Andrea. “You two must get the others and leave now! You are not ready for this fight. That is Tarvutis and he is one of Satan’s generals. My race has been unable to destroy him since it all began. You must get away… it is important that your daughter not be born here!” Tyler and Andrea both said a quick, “Thank you.” Thomas raised his hands added more strength to the wall as Tarvutis again charged him. Tyler took a hold of Andrea and tried to use teleportation to leave, but it did not work. “Damn, we can’t teleport out of here. Guess we’ll have to run the old fashioned way.” Andrea ran for the hole Tyler had made with his entrance and leaped down into it. Tyler jumped and hovered a moment. Just before he allowed himself to drop down into the hole, he saw the demon raise his hand and release a stream of fire that found its way through Thomas’s stomach. White light shot from his eyes, and he faded into nothing. If Thomas was no match for the demon how would he survive Tyler wondered, then allowed himself to drop through. Finally, Tyler and Andrea streaked past the others; who followed them after firing one more stream of white flames to hold off more demons. Before long, they were all outside of the Air Force base. Tyler once again hugged Andrea; then tenderly kissed her lips. He got to his knees and lifted her shirt up so that he could then kiss her stomach. “I love you both with all that I am. I could not live if I lost either of you.” As he got to his feet he said, “I’ll be right back, there's one more thing I need to do.” He then took to the sky slowly. He hovered above the base and in the same fashion as he had done to Las Angeles… he leveled the base. He drifted back down beside Andrea and then took her hand. They turned to walk away and Eric was staring at Tyler with a questioning look upon his face. Tyler looked at him a moment. “Well? Just in case, you know?” The other three laughed at him and they all walked away, allowing themselves to return to a normal state. Andrea lovingly began making jokes as they walked when she noticed that Tyler’s hair, though it had gone back to being only shoulder length, remained cloud white once he had regressed back.

As they walked on, Christine said, “Well, let’s go home.” Tyler suddenly yelled, “No! Every Time we go home something bad happens. Let’s just keep walking.” The other three thought to themselves a moment and then nodded in agreement about both parts of what he had said. So, they kept walking. Soon, they came upon another town. It was just small enough not to be considered a city. Of course the size didn’t much matter now anyway. One was just as deserted as the other. Though the cities often looked lonelier… more buildings simply wasting away. Yet it was all the same to them now. They drew closer to the border of the town, where the buildings began. At first it seemed like what they were hearing were memories played back in their minds. But as they entered the city there was visual poof that the sounds of glass breaking, people yelling, and gunshots being fired… was all too real. There were hundreds of people about. Cars were burning and often exploding. There were various objects being thrown through store windows and hordes of people entering and taking what they wanted; then walking away as though nothing had happened. At first Eric exclaimed, “Whoa! All the people are back! Finally something good for a change!” Then letting go of Tyler’s hand, Andrea slowly stepped forward and looked around carefully. “No, this isn’t a good thing. It looks like only the bad element of society has been brought back.” Tyler looked around and then at Andrea who turned to look at him. “I’ll be back in a moment, stay right here and watch yourselves.” Quickly, but as calmly as he could-trying not to draw undo attention to himself-he brought himself to his new evolved state, causing the others to turn away from the brightness of the white flames’ glow. Then he was gone with a burst of white flames.

Twenty minutes later, Tyler returned. “Well, I think you were right about only the bad element being back on earth. I just looked at other places around the world… they all looked like this.” He swept his hand across the scene that was spread out before them. “You four! Give me everything you got!” The sound was coming just behind them. Slowly they turned. There stood a homely looking man. He was pointing a gun at them. Tyler looked closer. No, he was pointing a gun directly at Andrea. As Tyler walked a little closer slowly, the man looked him over and stumbled back. “What the hell are you suppose to be?” Noticing the opportunity to induce a little fear that might make him leave, the others smiled at one another and then went into their evolved states as well. The man stuttered as he tried to speak. “Oh my God! Wha… what…are…y….” Then again he screamed, “Oh my God!” Tyler closed the gap between himself and the would-be- robber in a second. “No, we just work for him.” Tyler quickly grabbed the barrel of the handgun and stared at the man. A few seconds after Tyler grabbed the gun, the man began to scream out. He panicked and began emptying the clip into this strange man with the glowing white eyes. After each shot fired, and between the man’s screams, Andrea’s screams of terror could be heard. Finally the man released the gun and ran as fast as his feet would carry him. Andrea dashed to Tyler’s side as he turned around. “Honey, are you okay? He couldn’t have missed from that short distance.” Tyler looked at her and then held the hand that was not holding the gun in front of her; his fingers curled up. “I’m fine, and he didn’t miss.” He smiled sweetly at her and then uncurled his fingers. In his hand were the crushed bullets. He turned his head slightly to one side as he continued to smile. “Good to know isn’t it.”

By Jay Rembert on Unsplash

Cautiously they walked into the heart of the town. As they walked down the street they looked around them at the chaos that had ensued. Eric looked at the others and asks, “Should we do something about all this?” Christine responded, “I’m not sure we should use our abilities on humans.” They stopped and Tyler added, “Also, like I said before, it’s like this all over the world… I doubt that we would be able to stop it all and still make a stand against Hell’s demons.” Andrea then said, “Something tells me that was the point they had when they brought all these people back.” It was then they noticed that behind them a crowd of men with lustful eyes had approached them. As the four of them turned to meet face to face with them, the men began to surround them. “You ladies are mighty sweet looking.” Another man added, “Yeah, I think I want to get me a taste.” From behind a man grabbed Christine’s ass. With out thought, she quickly took a hold of his wrist, crushing the small bones, and flipped him through the air into three others. The man’s brother cried out, “You bitch!” Then following the lead of the first man, the 15 or so men who had now gathered began to rush forward.

As Tyler met face to face with a man slightly larger than him, the man said, “So, you gonna try to protect that little lady of yours before me and my boys have our way with her, or are you just gonna die easy?” Tyler laughed before saying, “No, I’m going to kick your ass, while she does some damage to those poor excuses for men you call your boys.” The assailant threw a punch at Tyler’s face, but his arm was caught before it could get half way to its target. “You’re just wasting our Time.” With one straightforward punch to the chest, the man flew back 30 feet and then through one of the few store windows that had not yet been broken. Tyler then turned and watched as other attacker flew through the air. Over a loud mixture of insults and yelling Andrea could be heard saying, “Don’t you know a pregnant woman is very emotional?” And then, she laid into the attacker with a furious strike using her palm. As her palm met with the man’s chest, it was easy to hear several bones in his chest snapping. He too flew several feet away, landing upside down onto a city mailbox. Once again, the four living angels stood back to back in a circular pattern. This was necessary since well over 20 men were now beginning to gather around them. All at once the scene exploded into a series of fighting. Tyler, Andrea, Eric, and Christine dispatched each attacker with a great deal of ease and with unquestionably inhuman speed and strength.

Once the last attacker had been defeated, the streets, stores, and most of the surrounding area looked like a battlefield. As the four started walking away, four women dressed like prostitutes walked out onto the street. “Hey, Baby… you wanna have a little fun?” They had stopped only 5 feet away now, and said, “I’ll do anything you want if you got the money.” Andrea stormed off in front of Tyler and the others yelling, “Oh no you didn’t! He’s a married man! That’s my husband…” Tyler rushed forward and threw his arms around her preventing her from getting to the women. “Honey, we have more important things to do, I’m sure, than deal with them.” She just said, “Okay, you’re right.” So all four of them walked off, moving in between the four women. As they passed, Tyler and Eric went ahead of them with the girls trailing behind. Only a few inches away, Andrea delivered a swift and powerful punch to two of the women as Christine took care of the other two. In each direction the women flew back shattering already broken glass belonging to stores. The guys stopped and watched the girls as they caught up. Eric started to speak, but Andrea cut him off. “Not a word. I don’t want to hear one word about it.” The girls walked ahead of them, and the guys shrugged to each other and then rushed to catch up with them.


All around the house various objects exploded. Glass, shards of statues, and other items were constantly hurled around the room. Tyler, Eric, and Christine were in their evolved form, for no other reason than to allow the objects flying at bullet speed to be destroyed by the flames that radiated from their bodies. Andrea was lying upon the bed, also in evolved form. Her level of power was raised far beyond that of her normal evolved state. The others expected her to achieve a new evolved state-as Tyler had- at any given moment now. However, she had not evolved to another plain of being. There was no question, by all that was happening though that she was now in labor. She was in no pain, as Thomas had said it would be. She began to push with no coaxing from anyone. Then, two women appeared with a flash of light. One woman turned to Andrea and said, “We are here to help this young lady come into this world.” Quickly, the two women took positions to help bring the new addition out into the world. A moment later one of the women turned to Tyler and said, “You there, we need more air in here, to help the mommy breathe.” Tyler nodded his head, looked to the window… and then raised his hand firing a large blast of white flames. Instantly the window along with a 4-foot section of the wall it had been attached to shattered out into the air. “Will that do?” Both women laughed, saying, “Yes, I should say that would do.” It wasn’t until now that Tyler realized that both women spoke with an English accent and were wearing clothes indicating that they had lived some Time around the 1800’s.

An hour later came the glorious sound of a babies shrieking cry. With the women blocking his view, Tyler could not yet see his daughter. His heart dropped a moment as he listen to one of the women comment, “That’s odd. I have never seen a baby with that before.” Worriedly he rushed to Andrea’s side, where he could not go before with out preventing the women from doing their jobs. In a gushing burst of laughter he struggled to find the words to explain to the women. “That is perfectly okay! She just has her daddy’s hair, that’s all!” Andrea looked down and smiled up at Tyler as she noticed what he was talking about. Their daughter did in fact have her father’s hair. It stretched to her lower back and shown in the sun light… a bright cloud white. Tyler grabbed a blanket out of the bedroom closet and covered Andrea’s lower half up as the two women did what was needed to free the baby from her body and to clean the situation. Once she was covered and nothing could be seen by anyone else in the room, he screamed for the others to come back into the room. They had left once the two women appeared. Neither Tyler nor Andrea had even noticed at the Time. Finally Andrea looked to Tyler again. “So should we tell them her name now?” Tyler, who was still grinning like the proud new father he was, looked to the others and softly said, “Eric, Christine… meet Angelique.”

They all gathered around the new addition and talked baby talk to her. They introduced themselves as many people do. “I’m your uncle Eric. This is your aunt Christine.” Andrea looked down stroking the little face and said, “You know who we are… we’re mommy and daddy.” They each took turns holding her and running their fingers through her white hair. As Eric handed Angelique to her father, Thomas walked through the door. “I’m sorry… but she has to go now.” Tyler, looked at him concerned for what he said, but relieved to see him alive then said, “It’s only been….. wait a moment…did you actually walk through the door?” Thomas laughed softly and then looked to the floor. “Yes I did. I thought it best not to startle her.” Christine said, “probably a good idea.” Tyler then quickly picked up his words again. “It’s only been a moment…can’t we enjoy her a little longer?” Thomas gave an understanding look, but said, “I’m afraid not. You have much to do and she has to begin her journey as well.” With a heavy heart, Tyler handed her to Andrea who kissed her head, and then gave her to Thomas.” He then gave one final nod and he and Angelique were gone.

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