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The Investors

S.I.N Organization

By Lucy TorralbaPublished 2 months ago 7 min read
The Investors
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Using Eric's telepathy I said to everyone while raising a fingers to my lips, Don't make a sound. They all nodded in response.

Turning around to see Armstrong in the center of the screen. "Hello dickless", I said with a bite.

"How did you find this room?"

"I asked Anderson for the directions."

"She wouldn't have said a word to likes of you."

"What makes you think she did?"

"What have you done to Anderson?"

"She's still alive...for now that is."

"You really think you can get away with this Tamara?"

"That's not my name."

"Answer the question."

"Why should I?"

"You think we're just going to sit back and let you freaks take the island from us?"

"I wouldn't say 'sit back' so much as 'give us'."

"You don't have that kind of power."

"Humph, you have no idea what we're capable of."

Feeling a pull from the chain Anya said I'm done. I replied Follow the chain, I've got something else for you to do.

Turning my attention back to Armstrong I heard him say, "If you bring Anderson to this room we might be lenient on you and the others".

"You act like you have the upper hand here and not us."

Anya entered the room in what would've been her birthday suit had she not used her power to cover her private bits. Find a way to enter the investor's computers to see if any of them are hiding people like us in other locations I told her. As she entered through the monitor Anya transferred all the data she collected from the supercomputers to my mind. In the span of a few seconds I knew everything about how the S.I.N organization built this island.

"Either back down or we'll send missiles."

"Do that and I'll send all the data about S.I.N to the media all over the world and for a bonus every screen that still turns on."

"You can't do that."

"Wanna bet?"

There was an unsettling silence between us. Armstrong was trying to stare me down. Wanting to really get under his skin I felt my mouth turn upward into a smirk. Anya contacted me in that moment Z there are more of us in 4 different locations I'm going to need Nightmare for one of them. Replying No problem, send Dean an image of where you need him to open the portals at for all the location minus the one for Nightmare.

Dean and I made eye contact, he nodded his head getting ready. Placing his hand on the wall he told me Ready when you are. Turning my head slightly to the side I mouthed the word 'Now' to Hannah. She started running so fast that I could feel electricity going through me to everyone else.

I called for Leona, Cassidy, and Mark in a hushed tone. The three came to my side quickly. I'm going to need you three to stay back, Leona and Cassidy touch a part of my arm. I need to syphon your powers to be distributed to the others going through the portal for their safety. Mark go outside and keep an eye out for any missiles that are heading our way. With Leona and Cassidy hands on me I nodded for Mark to go. He ran until he was outside. I heard him think So far so good.

Looking to the others I had to ponder who would work well in a group. I asked Anya Can you split your body into three areas? She answered I can as long as I'm in my electricity form and have the energy for it. Perfect! I thought. I need you to follow three groups I'm about to make. You'll have to short circuit the facilities maybe even the collars and bracelets. She replied Keep the power flowing and there won't be any issues.

Turning to everyone I said I'm going to split you all into three groups. Group 1 is going to be Mat, Ed, and Alec you guys are going to South Africa. Group 2 Ben, Daveed, and Sam to Italy. Group 3 Lily, Nicolas, and Ashe you're going to China. Anya is going to follow all of you to help with any electric issues you may run into. Before any of them could protest I stated. There are others like us still being held prisoner in those locations. All of them need our help.

Looking over at Dean he crated 3 portals ready to be used. Seeing all three groups ready to go filled me with confidence. Armstrong spoke in that moment, "I'll take that bet." Still smirking I replied, "Give me your best shot then dickless."

Everyone go now! I ordered. Hearing Mark say Missiles are coming. I looked at Leona to say Focus your power on the size of this island; if you can't then on Mark instead. She nodded her head in response. Seeing four of the 10 monitors have 'No Signal' written across turned my smirk into a malicious grin.

Armstrong began to fluster. He even muted himself to talk with someone behind him. Taking the opportunity I extended my arms to reach the monitor. Feeling the electricity at the tips of my fingers I made good on my threat. Sharing files related to the creation of this facility to the serves linked to this monitor.

Armstrong threatened, "If you broadcast that to the world we'll send an Atom bomb to that island."

"Is that so?"

"Are you ready for war Tamara?"



"Say how long has it been since you sent your missiles?"

"About a minute or so."

"Yet I'm still standing here untouched."

He muted the monitor again. All the other investors stayed on mute as well. Seeing the evidence of destress setting in made my decade.

The sound of running feet brought my attention back to the portals. Group 1 came out first, seeing nine new faces unharmed made me feel at ease for a split second. Hearing their native tongue I told them, "Follow the three that saved you outside. The rest of us will join you soon." Ed, Mat, and Alec lead the way out of the room. Group 2 and 3 followed behind quickly.

Turning to Leona and Cassidy I said Both of you place your hands on Eric or the ball he's holding, I have to go somewhere. Looking to Shelly I told her Keep the illusion going until I get back. Seeing Hannah I said You can take a break for now. If Mark, Ashe, or Shelly need help give them a boost. Where are you going? she asked while become visible to the naked eye. Replying with just a wink I ran to the wall to create a portal of my own.

Watching it close behind me I turned around to see a dark empty hall. With the sounds of men screaming in the distance I turned into my shadowy form preparing to fight. Hearing Anya ask out loud, "You didn't think I was going to let you come alone now did you?" Saying with a smile, "I was hoping for it actually." Seeing her materialize Anya shuddered at the mere look of me. "If that was a smile, please do not do that again", she said shaking her head. Rolling my eyes I followed the sound of screams.

"Where do you think the guards are at?"

"No glue, I turned the lights off then saw somethings like Nightmare trying to get me."

"You said there are only two here right?"


"Ok. If things go sideways, get out of here ASAP."

"No problem."

"If and when you go back don't let Dean or the others come."

"What do you mean?"

"If these things are really like Nightmare they're going to be drawn to me. When that happens they're either going to fight or merge. If I don't make it out I'm going to need you to tell the others what happened."

"You have to survive. We can't do this without you."

"If I'm dead someone will have to take charge."

"You are coming back with me even if I have to drag you."

"Even if I'm dead?"

"I will not let you die."

Seeing the conviction in Anya's eyes I knew with every fiber of my being she'd be a great leader if the worse happens. The sound of a low menacing growl was aimed at us. Seeing 2 big black things on all fours coming our way I quickly made a barrier to protect Anya from our attackers. She furiously banged against the wall unable to join the fight. Ignoring her to charge at these things I felt Nightmare enhance my body in every physical way.

The first one created a sharp claw of an arm aiming for my head. I barely had enough space and time to dodge. With the element of surprise I grabbed it's midsection to smash it into the other. Hearing a low grunt I made tentacles out of my arms to hold them down.

Nightmare said Let me talk with them, I can tell that they're scared. Alright I replied entering the void of our minds. After waiting for a few second I felt a sudden sense of Deja vu creep in. Feeling my body being wrapped in greedy hand made my skin crawl. What the Hell is going on? I asked Nightmare outraged. They answered We are becoming one.

It didn't feel this way before.

They are different.


Because they were separated from me by force.

These two were originally a part of you?

Yes, one of the scientist under Anderson took a part of me away to be brought here.

Before I could ask more questions my mind was flooded with memories of Nightmare before they came to our dimension. I not only saw, I felt everything they had gone through over all these years and so much more.

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