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The Hearing

A chapter from my memoir

By M DannenfelserPublished 3 months ago 7 min read
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The Hearing
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The room had been an icy echo chamber. A biting coldness had greeted me as I'd stepped through the door, my footsteps sounding louder than seemingly possible. Now, seated at the far end of a long mahogany table, I found myself almost envying that initial chill. My body felt like it was roasting inside a suit that was too formal, too tight, and a temperature that was now too stifling.

The academic committee sat before me, an intimidating lineup of professors and department heads. Each had earned their seat through years, if not decades, of dedicated service to the profession. Their faces, stern and focused, were framed by the dim overhead lights, casting them in almost an ethereal glow.

I tried to meet their gaze, but their silent scrutiny was piercing. The pressure was a tangible entity in the room, wrapping its cold fingers around my throat and making it hard to swallow. I could feel sweat forming on my forehead, trickling down my temple, trying to cool a brain that was feverish with panic.

In the deathly silence, every thought that flitted through my mind echoed loudly in the caverns of my consciousness. Visions of my first day at that school, the proud moment I'd donned the white garb, the nights I spent poring over textbooks till my eyes burned—all of it clashed violently with the reality of the present.

Why am I here? The question buzzed incessantly in the back of my mind, a gnawing reminder of the uncertainty that had led to this point. But I knew the answer. Over two years into what I thought would be a triumphant journey had culminated in a failure that was impossible to deny.

The professor leading this hearing, Dr. Cranley, adjusted his glasses and shuffled some papers before him. The very act, so mundane, sent my stomach into a further spiral. A shadow passed over his face, and for a split second, I caught a glimpse of something resembling regret in his eyes. But just as quickly, it was gone, replaced by the all-too-familiar stern facade.

My throat tightened, and my mouth felt drier than the Sahara. I wanted to plead, to explain, to make them understand just how much this meant to me. But words escaped me. Every rehearsed line, every argument I had prepared, vanished into thin air.

Instead, I felt a surge of memories from the past years. The first cut on a cadaver, the weight of my new stethoscope around my neck, the long nights in the library where the world outside ceased to exist. These flashes of the journey, which had felt so significant once, seemed to taunt me now, dancing mockingly in the fringes of my vision.

The stillness in the room was palpable, an oppressive quiet that seemed almost unnatural. It was then that they began to speak.

Their voices, however, were a cacophony to me, blending into one another, an indistinct buzzing that filled the air but never truly reached my ears. The reality of the room, the weight of the moment, seemed to distort the very sounds around me. I could see their lips moving, their expressions shifting, some stern, others with the faintest trace of sympathy, but their words—those words that held my fate—were just out of reach, muffled by the whirlwind of emotions raging within me.

I spoke in turn, but about what, I'm uncertain.

As the voices continued, both mine and theirs, my mind began to drift against my will, once again pulling me into a vortex of memories. The countless nights of sacrifice, the promise of a bright future in service of others, the dreams that had driven me thus far. Each memory was like a ghost, haunting me with what might soon be lost.

In this sea of faces, there were no guarantees, no assurances. I could decipher no conclusive judgment from their expressions. And while their words remained elusive, the gravity in the room did not. It bore down on me, pressing at every side.

Images from the past few months continued to bombard me—the long hours, the relentless pressure, the mounting stress that had become almost unbearable. I remembered the mock tests, the practice sessions, the hope that maybe, just maybe, I'd make it. And then the crushing realization when I didn't.

It wasn't just about effort—it was about results.

The room continued to close in on me. The walls were a blur, the ceiling felt too low, and the table too long. My vision narrowed until all I could see were the judgmental eyes that bore into me, weighing my worth, my future. My heart raced, every beat echoing the reality of what was at stake.

Though the specifics of their conversation evaded me, the atmosphere did not. There was a heaviness, a thickness in the air. But whether it was a foreboding of the end or just my own anxiety amplifying every detail, I couldn’t tell.

The implications were clear. If I didn't measure up, my journey would end here, in this cold, sterile room, amidst the indifferent faces of those who held my future in their hands.

I took a deep breath, trying to steady my shaking hands. "All I’m asking for is a chance. Another chance. I know I can do this. I just need more time."

Silence enveloped the room again.

It continued, stretched, filling every corner of the room, seeping into the pores of my skin. The quiet was deafening, and I yearned for a break, a sign, anything to shatter the oppressive ambiance.

The gulf between us, once just a physical distance across the table, now felt insurmountable. The weight of their unspoken condemnation pressed down on me, threatening to snuff out the last vestiges of hope.

I felt it, a cold, gnawing sensation at the pit of my stomach.

It felt like hours had passed, though in reality, it may have been mere minutes. The committee members exchanged glances, nodded at one another, and finally, Dr. Cranley, with a resigned sigh, closed the folder before him. His action seemed final, but its meaning was shrouded in mystery.

I waited for a clear sign, a definitive gesture, but none came. They had said their piece, their opinions—or at least the ones they had been willing to share with me—had been expressed, but in that room, the ultimate outcome remained an elusive specter.

Was there a glimmer of a chance that they might see past my failure, to the potential I still held?

The room grew colder, or maybe it was just my imagination. The tension was palpable, the stakes higher than ever. My future, my dreams, my identity—all hung in the balance.

The committee exchanged glances again, a silent communication passing between them. Dr. Cranley cleared his throat, an unmistakable sign. It was time for me to leave them, to allow them to continue to discuss my precarious future at their medical school, but without my presence in the room.

Numbly, I rose, my legs feeling made of lead. The journey back to the door felt as surreal as the meeting itself. The room, the committee, my future—they all seemed to blur together, a tapestry of hopes, fears, and uncertainties.

The door felt miles away, and as I walked, the room seemed to stretch infinitely before me. But, as I reached the exit, I took one last glance back.

Their faces were impassive, their expressions inscrutable. The decision that would shape the course of my life was in their hands. And as the door clicked shut behind me, the magnitude of the moment settled painfully into my chest.

My future, once charted with precision, now lay ahead, shrouded in fog, the next steps unclear. The distant hum of the building surrounded me, countless students hurried by, but none of it registered with me. My path forward was unknown, and I was left alone, trying to grapple with the weight of that uncertainty.


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M Dannenfelser

Married Midwesterner who loves reading, writing, and cats.

Part-time daydreamer, full-time nerd.

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  • Gerald Holmes2 months ago

    Very well done, congrats.

  • Raymond G. Taylor2 months ago

    The exquisite sensation of uncertainty brilliantly captured. Congratulations on your win

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