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- Thriller, Romance

By Min YukyungPublished 5 months ago 5 min read
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Ji Miyung scurried down the school corridor, the echoes of her teacher's words still buzzing in her head. Yet, her attention snagged as she passed the grand staircase. There, perched nonchalantly like a king surveying his domain, sat a guy engrossed in his phone. He was Huwan Kai, the enigmatic figure who haunted the halls, neither student nor teacher, but a captivating whisper of a mystery.

His presence held a magnetic pull, drawing curious glances from onlookers, and Ji Miyung couldn't deny the undeniable allure of his handsomeness. She found herself staring, lost in the enigma of his dark eyes and the playful glint that danced within them.

Caught in his gaze, a blush flooded her cheeks. She attempted to pass unnoticed, but fate seemed to have other plans. With a mischievous tilt of his head, Huwan Kai extended his leg, catching Ji Miyung off guard. The ground met her with unexpected swiftness, scattering her papers and eliciting gasps from onlookers.

"What's your problem?" Ji Miyung's frustration bubbled to the surface, her voice sharp with indignation.

Before she could utter another word, Huwan Kai silenced her with a single gesture. From the depths of his bag, he took out a single rose, its velvety crimson a stark contrast to the chaos of the moment. Its vibrant bloom mirrored the flush now adorning Ji Miyung's face.

Caught off guard, she hesitated, the unspoken question hovering on her lips. "Why did you...?" The unfinished inquiry hung in the air, but Huwan Kai, in a surprising turn, extended his hand, interrupting her thoughts.

"I'm sorry," he offered, his apology shrouded in an enigmatic aura that left Ji Miyung grappling with the strange dance unfolding between them.

Hesitantly, she took his hand and stood up. Once again, he offered the rose, and she, though flustered, accepted it, the delicate gift held tight in her hand. "Thank you," she mumbled, her gaze now focused on the crimson petals. The unspoken energy between them lingered, weaving a tapestry of intrigue.

"Huwan Kai," he uttered, his voice a low melody that sent shivers down her spine. Her eyes narrowed as she gazed at him questioningly. He met her gaze with a charming smile, the playful glint returning to his eyes. "That's my name," he replied, his voice carrying a note of mystery.

The bell shattered the moment's enchantment, and Ji Miyung hurried to class. Despite the daily exchange of roses, a veil of silence hung between them. Each day, without a word, he would present her with a single rose – a quiet declaration that left her both mystified and intrigued. The routine became a silent dance, one rose delivered to Ji Miyung at her school every day.

Fueled by the desire to unravel the mystery, Ji Miyung attempted to engage Huwan Kai in conversation each time she received a rose. However, like a fleeting shadow, he would slip away without offering any explanations, leaving her with more questions than answers.

The roses, a symbol of a connection yet to fully bloom, became a testament to the enigmatic dance between Ji Miyung and the elusive Huwan Kai. Unease settled within her as the daily ritual of receiving roses continued. The desire to understand his motives grew, prompting her to yearn for a conversation that would bring clarity to the enigmatic gestures.

While she cherished the beauty of the roses, the lack of communication left a void she couldn't ignore. In an attempt to keep them hidden from prying eyes, Ji Miyung stored them safely in her apartment, away from her family. The vibrant red blooms became a hidden treasure, a source of solace during her free moments.

Yet, an unsettling discovery disrupted the tranquility she sought. As she began planting the roses in her garden, a peculiar phenomenon unfolded. The roses, once vibrant and alive, began to vanish. At first, Ji Miyung dismissed it as the work of mischievous children, but disbelief clouded her senses when she witnessed a rose transforming into dust before her eyes.

A surreal and unsettling realization dawned upon her, casting a shadow over the once serene connection between her and the mysterious Huwan Kai. Her heart pounded with a primal fear, whispering a question too dreadful to contemplate: are these even roses?

Later that night, Ji Miyung found herself wandering the deserted streets, the weight of the silent roses in her pocket pressing against her chest, a constant reminder of the enigma that was Huwan Kai.

As she rounded a corner, a flicker of movement caught her eye. A figure stood silhouetted against the streetlamp, dark and imposing. Her heart leaped into her throat, but relief washed over her when she recognized the familiar silhouette. It was Huwan Kai.

But something was different. The carefree aura that usually surrounded him was gone, replaced by an unsettling tension. He stood with his back to her, facing a group of people who seemed to radiate an ominous aura.

Ji Miyung froze, her breath catching in her throat. She couldn't discern their words, but the glint of metal in the moonlight sent shivers down her spine. A primal fear clawed at her, urging her to flee. But her feet seemed rooted to the spot, unable to tear her gaze from the scene unfolding before her.

Huwan Kai's hand darted into his pocket, searching for something. When he emerged empty-handed, a flicker of frustration crossed his face. He turned to face the figures, his expression unreadable in the dim light.

In the next instant, Blood scattered around. The gangsters, who a moment ago had been menacing shadows, dissolved into wisps of dust and crimson petals. The scent of roses, once sweet and intoxicating, now hung heavy in the air, tinged with a metallic tang.

Huwan Kai picked up a single rose, its petals shimmering with an unnatural glow. He looked at Ji Miyung, his eyes unreadable. A smile played on his lips, but it didn't reach his eyes. It was a smile that sent chills down her spine.

Before he could offer the rose, Ji Miyung's fear boiled over. She had glimpsed something in the darkness, a truth too chilling to contemplate. Turning on her heel, she fled into the night, the echoes of her footsteps swallowed by the shadows.

After fleeing Huwan Kai and his ominous rose, Ji Miyung retreated into her home, its familiar walls now offering scant solace. Days bled into each other, fueled by a paralyzing fear and the echoes of that moonlit encounter.

The roses, once tokens of a strange connection, morphed into chilling reminders of something sinister. Stepping into her garden felt like traversing a graveyard, each crimson bloom a silent headstone marking the demise of reality she once knew.

Eun-ha, her childhood friend, became a beacon of normalcy, albeit a flickering one. Her calls and knocks met with silence, the locked door a shield against the unsettling truth Ji Miyung couldn't articulate.

Sleep was a battlefield, haunted by the unsettling glint of metal, the cloying scent of roses tinged with metallic blood. Even in the waking hours, unsettling whispers lurked at the edges of her vision, the dead bodies forever etched in her memory.

She only thought - “He gave me dead bodies daily?”


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Comments (2)

  • Isabella Rose5 months ago

    I absolutely love the choice of words in this story. It paints the imagery so well. It is, indeed, very intriguing. Please keep writing!

  • Warriors_soul5 months ago

    Is there another chapter of this story? 😃

Min YukyungWritten by Min Yukyung

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