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Porsche Man: The English Premiere West Ham

Chapter Thirty Two- Corner,Trapped And A Goal

By Marc OBrienPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

With knockout credible events creeping closer Porsche Man needed to clear up issues plaguing her rising success before attending the crucial calendar spectacles. Recently, the last couple weeks the wolves were attempting to undermine her table seat standing. Apparently, if they came out victors during today’s meeting, the predator creatures would take over the lucky seven spot based upon goal difference. Other story side stated, if she walks away goal winner, as the West Ham United from the engagement, the red devil will be feeling heat.

Appearing punctual at the Wolves Hampton angry dog pound estate, Porsche Man could set the tension tone as the four-legged antagonist sharpened their teeth.

“Four legs today, two later in the week when I am the knockout,” Porsche Man projected another productive Germany hardware trip.

Carefully exploring the property by compromising the fence using a nice style and revealing where the pack were relaxing, expecting a visitor.

“Well, wolves I hear you want my seat at the table,” Porsche Man expressed. They watched the American theatrical tease gullible performance and assumed she would let her scripted dialogue smolder, transitioning into a fiery argument.

Showing their bite they confronted the invader, “Porsche Man, you been flaunting this top ten attitude and knockout status,” their leader said.

“I earned it,”

“Are you playing fair?”

“Defensive,” Porsche Man responded, “and when taunted sometimes mistakes happen.”

“Like the aggressive verbal stance, you just made,” the Wolves commented, “and thank you, I will take advantage of that goal opportunity.”

Porsche Man lost the seat moving immediately to number eight due to goal difference, “I must get a goal and get this right,” she committed one-hundred percent to achieving the goal.

During the break, Porsche Man seriously considered going into her Julie Bowen character, reliable when pursuing goals but upon return the Wolves were prepared. “Don’t even think about using the indestructible Julie Bowen strategy,” the wolves warned.

Heeding the threat Porsche Man dropped the blue print idea changing course using creativity to even the score.

“What happened wolf?” Her enthusiastic punch created a foul, “you now play basketball to get a goal?”

Realizing the setup, the wolves glared admitting to the foul and allowed Porsche Man the goal opportunity, “we are now level wolf, and you can go backwards and sit there collecting nothing from my kindness.”

Seated where she was supposed to be originally, Porsche Man felt energized despite the group pinning her into a corner, licking lips, ready to pounce, “and what is your point?”

“We have you cornered and were wondering what you are going to do?”

“I call this move the eclipse,” Porsche Man described the shot, relishing when magically they had the lead.

With sun in their eyes, the brightness melted everything making the wolves hard labor disappear, “you did that while cornered,” they all mumbled convening in a huddle.

Figuring cornering defense strategy might leave the sporting interaction as a draw they stole the colonist’s theory and set up a situation where they found themselves trapped. Playing the action out in dramatic fashion, Porsche Man’s competitor took a shot.

“Check this out, the ladies secret maneuver actually succeeded,”

“You think you leveled everything,” Porsche Man retaliated staying cool and clean, “only problem, you have to do it right and wolf, you did it wrong and failed.”

Heading home pocketing the three points, she hoped her Julie Bowen impersonation, would be available when interacting with the Germans.

“And if it isn’t?” Her flat mysterious voice greeted when the door opened.

“I will just have to get them into a corner and let the sun do the rest.” Porsche Man placed her keys on the rack and deemed the afternoon perfect.

Historical Fiction

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Marc OBrien

Barry University graduate Marc O'Brien has returned to Florida after a 17 year author residency in Las Vegas. He will continue using fiction as a way to distribute information. Books include "The Final Fence: Sophomores In The Saddle"

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