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neighbor's beautiful aunt

Chapter 007: Pervert

By billPublished about a month ago 6 min read

"Sir, I remember that the owner of this room is a lady who lives alone, may I ask what is your relationship to her?" I asked.

There was an obvious reaction inside before he said, "I'm her husband, I work out of town and just got back today, why?"

"Sir, that's not right, is it? I deal with the homeowner on a regular basis, and as far as I know, she's supposed to be single, never heard of a husband." I continued to lie to him.

There was silence inside again, and I guessed that he was probably thinking hard about how to round out the lie.

Sure enough, after a while, he said, "We just got married two days ago, we just didn't tell you."

I really didn't expect him to come up with such a lame excuse after holding it in for half a day, I was anxious for his IQ.

"That's even more wrong, we've been seeing each other every day for the last few days, where did she have time to get married?" I said.

He was poked and prodded by me, I guess he had even less idea how to continue the circle for a while, and was obviously impatient, "You guys meet every day? Am I her husband or are you her husband? Besides, this is our private matter, you property is also too wide? Get the hell out of here!"

"No sir, it's our property's responsibility to ensure the safety of the owners, I would never have left if I hadn't heard her voice." I said, "I'll leave if you let her talk."

"She's asleep." He said impatiently, "Get out of here, and don't ever make me mad."

"That won't do," I said unforgivingly, "For her safety, you'd better wake her up and let her have a word with me, otherwise I'll never leave, but you can't beat people up, I may be skinny but it's against the law to beat people up."

I deliberately showed weakness so that I could trick him into coming out to beat me up, and as soon as he opened the door, I could go in.

Never thought that he actually did not fall for it, and came out to beat me, but instead said, "Alas, okay, okay, then I'll ask her to have a word with you, and you'll hurry up and get out ah."

I froze, could it be that at this moment Auntie Mei still has the freedom to speak?

If there is this freedom, then she heard my voice and should have called for help ah? Could it be that she was being coerced by him with a knife and didn't dare to make a sound?

"The man from the property told you to say something or he'll stay at the door, so hurry up and say something and tell him to get lost, it's really annoying." He said.

I pricked up my ears and waited for Auntie Mei's voice, trying to hear if she would give me a hint.

However, a scene that I never expected appeared that literally made my jaw drop!

Because a seemingly female voice soon came from inside, "Oh, I'm in, go away."

Crap! My heart simply collapsed, this TM fool can hear it, it is he who hangs his voice in learning a woman's voice to say ah!

"Sir, you have worked in the palace before, right?" I said, "You think I'm stupid, I'm warning you, if you don't let her out to see me, I'll call the police."

"Okay, do not go is it, I let you here to give me pussy, you give me to wait ah!"

He was obviously angry, which was exactly what I wanted, I was waiting for this moment.

Soon, I heard the sound of the door lock turning, and then the door opened.

I didn't wait for the door to open all the way, so I directly raised my foot and kicked it up, and before he could open the door, he was instantly bounced off by it!

I immediately rushed into the house, and before he could react, I grabbed him and punched his fat face twice!

"What are you doing?" He panicked, "I'm warning you, hitting people is against the law!"

I ignored him, and followed up with two more hard punches, knocking him to the ground, unresponsive for half a day.

Only then did I get up to look for Auntie Mei, and when I looked up, I was stunned by the scene in front of me.

Auntie Mei was lying on her back on the bed, motionless and unmoving, but on her body there was only her underwear left, her snow-white skin was just so bare, and under the snow-white light, it was incomparably dazzling.

In addition to this, her legs were bound with ropes, her hands were cut back, and she was even wearing a pair of handcuffs!

Looking at the scene of Auntie Mei being so desecrated by this pervert, I couldn't hold back my anger any longer, and turned back to charge at the pig on the ground and kicked it a few more times, and that guy let out a pig-killing wail.

"You wait for me, I'll clean you up later!"

I have to save Auntie Mei first, I still don t know if she is just fainting now, or ...... her life is in danger!

I rushed over, first put my hand on her nostrils to test her nostrils, well breathing normally, I heart a hanging heart this only put down.

It looks like this pervert just used drugs to make Auntie Mei unconscious, and there is no danger.

I rushed to untie the rope of Auntie Mei's legs, but this grandson tied it too tightly, and I guess he was worried that Auntie Mei would struggle when she woke up, so he also tied a dead knot, and it took me a long time to untie the rope.

Just when I was planning to unlock the handcuffs on her hand, I didn't pay attention to the pervert on the ground while I wasn't paying attention, suddenly climbed up violently, and snatched the door in a puff of smoke and went away.

I hurriedly chased out after, found that he has disappeared, I have to take care of Auntie Mei, so I did not chase, which returned to the house, continue to think of ways to see if you can open the handcuffs.

Since Auntie Mei's body was inside the bed, it was very difficult for me to uncuff her standing up, so I lifted her body towards the edge of the bed.

When I held Auntie Mei's body, I suddenly froze, it had an unreal feeling.

Although the last time, I had hugged her like this, I didn't touch her glistening skin like snow.

You can hardly imagine that kind of feeling, that is a kind of feeling that makes one's body tremble, despite already being in her thirties, Auntie Mei's skin is as fair and tender as a young girl's, putting it on her hand, it gives one a kind of touch that makes one confused, I really don't know how she takes care of it.

I secretly marveled on one side, on the other side suddenly reacted, I can't look at it anymore, if I look at it like this, what's the difference between it and that dead pervert just now?

No, I have to hurry to find a way to unlock this broken handcuffs, give her clothes, and then hurry to send her to the hospital, who knows that the guy under the drug on Auntie Mei's body there is no harm!

But this handcuffs is not the kind of children play toy handcuffs, although it is also fake, but it is iron, highly simulated, I used all my strength, raw break half a day also did not break open, I saw a small whip on the ground, will pick up, would like to try to see if you can use the whip's grip will be pried open the handcuffs.

And just at this moment, suddenly the door was banging open, all of a sudden rushed in four or five police officers with pathos!

The picture they saw as soon as they came in was that Auntie Mei was lying on her back on the bed, with her hands clipped behind her back, and I, who was standing beside her with a leather whip.

For a moment the policemen were all stunned and wide-eyed, and not a single one of them said a word.

Standing at the front was a valiant young female police officer, she looked at Auntie Mei on the bed, and then looked at me with disgust and hatred, her mouth gritted her teeth and spat out five words, "Crap, dead pervert!"

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