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Calm before the storm

By Lucy TorralbaPublished about a month ago 9 min read
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Leaving everyone on the beach to talk amongst themselves I made my way to the cafeteria alone. Feeling my body begin to ache I focused all my strength to keep my shoulders back and head held high. The last thing everyone needs to see is me looking weak. Hearing Nightmare say There had better be more pizza. Was followed by my stomach growling as I reached the steps. Before opening the door I noticed there were people working who couldn't have been guards or scientists. All of them were wearing the same outfits as the rest of us with metallic bracelets. Thinking to myself That actually makes a lot of sense.

Entering the cafeteria I saw everyone in my line of view freeze and gasp at the sight of me. I said nonchalantly, "I'm not going to hurt any of you. I just need to eat." Taking a step forward everyone moved back to avoid me. With that sudden movement they all went back to work. Reaching for the handle of the window I noticed that the pizza was replaced with spaghetti and meatballs. Grabbing a plate I was to the closest table. Before taking a bite I told Nightmare This is just as good as pizza. They replied It better be. With the first few bites I began to feel the ache subside throughout my body. Nightmare said You were right.

Going for seconds I caught sight of one of the workers, she seemed to be an older woman who was doing her best not to make eye contact. Catching her name tag I said, "Nancy, right?" She stopped dead in her tracks, keeping her eyes down she responded, "Yes ma'am."

"I appreciate the manners Nancy, although I'm not a ma'am."

"Ok...what can I help you with?"

"My name is Z, do you by chance know everyone who's working right now?"

"Yeah I suppose I do."

"Bring everyone here."

"Can I ask why?"

"You can say this place is running under new management now."


"From what I can see you have a bracelet to open certain doors which also tracks your location, right?"


"I can take it off."


"If you're willing to trust me."

Keeping her eyes down she lifted her wrist reluctantly. Slowly hovering my hands both below and above Nancy's wrist I focused on disarming the bracelet. Ignoring her gasp I short circuited the gps tracker. The bracelet automatically opened to fall on the floor. Nancy touched her now free wrist before running into the kitchen to tell the others. Waiting for the others I ate the second plate in a hurry.

Lifting my head to see everyone forming a line I stood from the chair. Looking to Nancy first I said, "Thank you for bringing everyone here." She made eye contact with me before replying, "No, thank you." Looking into everyone's eyes I said, "I want to begin by thanking everyone who cooked the food earlier today and just now, it was delicious." Some people reacted with a smile while others just looked at each other. Continuing, "My name is Z, I was one of the prisoners in the main building. The others and I have overthrown the guards, scientist, Armstrong, and Anderson. All of them are in the main building as we speak, under no circumstances are any of you allowed to go there. The others like myself are currently talking along the shore line. All of us mean you no harm. I am currently here to ask and answer questions, who wants to start first?"

A man in his thirties wearing a chef's coat spoke, "You're welcome for the food. Can me and rest get these things off?" Lifting his wrist I saw his name tag read Chris. I replied, "So long as non of you are bothered with me getting close." Everyone looked to one another murmuring before presenting all of their wrists. Starting off with the head of the line being Chris I did the same for him as I did with Nancy. After 18 more times the last bracelet fell to the floor. Each of them was overjoyed at that their new found freedom. Lifting all 20 of the metallic bracelets to the palm of my hand I used the same metallic force to turn each particle to dust. With a gentle blow I sent the remains to the trash.

With everyone's eyes glued to me I still saw some fear along with a bit of relief. It was as if a weight had been lifted off their shoulders. "What's going to happen to us?", a young man stepped forward to ask. Seeing his name tag read Zach I responded, "I'm going to have a talk with the others before answering that question. For now I suggest you all relax, eat something, and stay out of the main building. The guards and scientist are being held there. If any of you go to try to help them I'll know."

The relief was replaced by fear again, I made for the door to tell the others that we have company. Walking back outside I met everyone halfway to the shore. All of them still looked at me in horror. Raising a hand to keep everyone in place I said, "There are humans in the cafeteria eating right now. Do not hurt any of them. I already told them not to go into the main building. All of you should get something to eat and when you're done meet me at the shore." Letting those words since in I finished with, "What we did earlier is going to be seen an act of war. I'll need to speak with all of you when you're done eating. If you forgot my name is Z/Nightmare, we go by they/them pronouns. I say 'we' due to the fact I'm not the only soul inside this meat suit. Remember we all meet at the shore."

Taking a few steps forward everyone moved out of my way to let me reach the beach alone. Reaching the edge of the shore I let the water touch my feet as I watched the sun begin to set. I've always loved sunsets I thought. It's beautiful Nightmare responded.

It really is.

What do we do next?

You and I are going to come up with a plan.

What's the goal?

Keeping our freedom and this island.

Don't we already have both right now?

Now quite.

How so?

Aside from Armstrong reaching land, we threatened the investors. Soon the people who are working for and with them will discuss striking back. While we can get rid of them when that happens we also need to be ready.

Ready for what?

Governments won't take us fighting back lightly. They will come at us with everything they have. We need to be prepared.


They are going to make contact soon enough. When they do we'll have some demands that need to be made without any exception. We can't show any sign of weakness or they'll try to come back.

Not if I can help it.

Right now you and I are the strongest ones here. It's our responsibility to keep everyone safe, including the humans in the cafeteria.


You saw those bracelets.

So what? Non of them went through what they did to us.

Just because they're human doesn't mean they weren't being held prisoner here.

I still don't see why we should be helping them at all.

Try putting yourself in their shoes.

I can't.

It's a figure of speech.

Still don't get it.

UGH Just because they don't have any powers doesn't mean we shouldn't help them.

Fine, fine.

Good, now we need to come up with a plan to keep everyone safe.

How do we do that?

I've got a few ideas.

Someone's coming.

Turning around to see the humans I left in the cafeteria stepping away from the trees. Everyone was staying behind Nancy as she said, "We have some questions." Walking out of the water I got closer to say, "I'm all ears."

"We want to go home."

"Understood, anything else?"

"Are we allowed to leave?"

"For now the safest place for all of you is to stay here on this island until we can negotiate your return."

"What if some of us don't have a home to go to?", Zach spoke up stepping next to Nancy.

Looking his way I said, "If that's the case I'll add some severance pay."

"You'd do that for us?"

"Why not? I know a few greedy men who won't go hungry after losing thousands of dollars."

A light was lit in all of their eyes at the hope of returning home. Seeing a smile reach everyone lips I heard the others coming. "If you all could move to the side, the others are coming", I told them. All the humans took a step to the right to keep their distance from the others. With everyone in view I said, "We need to make a list of demands." Everyone kept quiet to think of reasonable demands to be made.

I began to think about who I'll need for tomorrow's possible assault. Ashe, Mark, Anya, Leona, Ben, and Hannah will have to be our main line of defense. I'll need Mat to keep our hostages in line for when the government wants proof of life. Aside from that it relies all on us to make sure nobody ever sets foot on this island again.

I took a look at everyone before saying, "The essential demands to be made starts off with all of us getting our freedom back, including the humans whether they decide to stay or go home. Aside from that this island will now be ours; we'll need live stock, seeds for grains fruits and vegetables, clothing material, getting into contact and seeing any remaining family members, accounts to all streaming services, and possibly having pets."

Everyone on both sides agreed to those demands. Noticing that it was beginning to get dark I said, "We've all had a long day." They all either nodded their heads or said 'yes' to that statement. Continuing, "I want all of you to get some rest I'll stay awake to keep an eye on the island. Those of you who can't sleep are welcome to wander around, just know I won't be in my human form. Those of you who are feeling a little brave can stay to see my shadow form if not go back to the building you came from."

Taking a few steps back I took a deep breathe to concentrate on changing my form. Slowly sinking into my own shadow I moved away from the shirt that Ashe lent me to wear. Rising from the ground I saw utter terror in everyone's eyes followed by some screams. Making eye contact with a few I said, "It's still me. In this form you can call us Nightmare." Picking the shirt up I got closer to the group Ashe is associated with. Even though some of them knew I could take on this form they continued to take steps backward. The only ones who didn't move were either too petrified. Ashe was one of the few. When I was in arms length I said, "Thanks for lending me your shirt."

As he took the shirt carefully before saying, "You're welcome." Looking over at the humans most of them flinched at the sight of me. All except Zach who looked at me in wonder. "I'm going to start my patrol if you see of hear anything weird just call out my name until I appear. Remember no one goes into the main building under any circumstances or I'll make sure you never get out."

Wandered through the island all I saw was the rest of the jungle, nothing else. After making a few full circles I took a quick peak at my reflection in the ocean. My shadow form had changed drastically. For what should be the majority of my body was now paper white instead of black. My eyes went back to being black with a red slit which would explain me being color blind again. Noticing that the corruption stayed just above my wrist, my fingers and nails grew even longer. It even looked as if I had grew a foot or so in height. What looked to be my hair was as black as my hands. I really do look like a monster I thought. Nightmare quickly replied Nah monsters are the people who put and kept us here. We look awesome. Chuckling at their remark brought my attention to my mouth. From the looks of it my teeth were the only thing that didn't change in this form, still jagged and sharp as a scalpel.

With another few rounds throughout the island I didn't hear anyone call for me. They were all probably too scared to even leave the cafeteria. Looking out at the horizon I tell dawn was about to break. Taking the opportunity to go back to the main building to have a discussion with Armstrong.

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