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Dear Little Red Riding Hood

I'm glad I didn't.

By Tennessee GarbagePublished 11 months ago 3 min read
Dear Little Red Riding Hood
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One upon a time, there was a little gal name Red. She wanted to see her ill Grannie, but her mother was much to busy to leave. Mama dressed little Red in a Crimson Red cloak and sent her off with a wicker basket full of warm, French bread and soup.

A little way down the trail, a wolf appeared. He was drawn by the fresh scent of food and blood. The wolf got down low in the brush, letting little Red, pass. He carried on watching and waiting, until little Red stumbled on a rock. He trotted to her, snarling and drooling.

Curious, he asked little Red where she was going, and why she was alone. “My grandmother is sick, and I wanted to bring her soup. My mother couldn’t come.” She pouted.

The wolf replied, “The woods is not a safe place for a little one. Mind if I tag along dear?” Little Red graciously nodded, and wolf helped her to her feet.

The pair chatted the rest of the way. When they came up on the hill overlooking Grannie’s, the wolf stopped. Stalling, he talked little Red into picking Daisies to bring to Grandma and went on his way. Unaware that the wolf was running toward Grannie’s, Red took her time picking out the right ones.

Red carried on and crept inside the cabin. She set her basket on the table next to the door and shed her cloak. “Grannie, I’m here!” Red called out. “I have fresh bread and warm soup. Picked a lovely bouquet of flowers. Your favorite!”

Red slowly walked around the front of the house, peaking in ever doorway. She crossed the hallway and stepped on a creaky board. “Red. Red is that you dear?”

“Grannie? You sound awful. Are you okay?” With her tiny fingers, she tightened her grip on the basket handle, with one hand. In the other, fear was bending the stems of the Daisies. “The soup should help.” She stuttered, carefully pushing the door forward.

“Grannie?” Her heart; beating. Something was not right.

Little Red approached. “I’m here dear.”

“My Grannie, what a deep voice you have.” The shadowy figure sat up, appearing eerily through the light. “My what big eyes you have!” Red began to tremble as the familiar voice crept closer. He licked his grinning teeth. “My what a big mouth you have!”

Red turned and screamed, bolting to the door. Wolf leaped at Red, pinning her to the ground. For a moment there was silence until his chops lunged at her, and Red yelped!

There was no fairytale ending here. Wolf finished her, using her cloak to wipe the blood from his lips. He swept up her clothes and laid them upon her bones, then softly dropped the bouquet of Daises over the hood.

The End.

But it wasn’t.

I left you in a patch of Daisies, to collect what would have laid your corpse. I galloped to Grannies, with a desperate belly full of hunger. This wouldn’t take long, I promised myself, but once I got there, something in me changed. Maybe it was our playful banter. Maybe it was you. I watched Grannie in the window; weak and frail moving about her room. I’ve eaten plenty of people and pigs, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it this time.

I found myself curled up on the doormat, waiting. I saw you skipping towards the house and IT wagged. I’ve never seen it wag before.

To my feet I stood, and you approached me, meeting my face and scratching my head then around to my chin.

It was such a feeling to be claimed, and by something so innocent. You kissed my nose, I promised myself that I would be there to keep you safe from the Evils like me.

The End.

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Tennessee Garbage

Howdy! There is relatable stuff here- dark and twisty and some sentimental garbage. "Don't forget to tip your waitresses" Hi, I am your waitress, let me serve you with more content. Hope you enjoy! :)

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    Tennessee GarbageWritten by Tennessee Garbage

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