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The Stars & Shadows Series

An Amateur's POV

By Tennessee GarbagePublished 10 months ago 3 min read
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I have a hyper-fixation on books and when I find a writer I enjoy, I’m completely locked in. Sometimes it’ll be so bad that days will go by before I’ll look up and realize I haven’t eaten anything. My hunger for books is greater, I guess.

Reviewing [insert topic] is not my forte so please don’t hate me if this review is all over the place.


Like some, I got this recommendation from Bookish, the Adult Fiction Edition. (Don’t get me started, IYKYK) Some books are a flop, and some are terrific reads, but the December box (that I received in July) delivered something special.

First, let me just AWE about the details on the book cover. Absolutely gorgeous! Second, how dare you Holly, not give the same energy in the second and third books. Freakin’ bananas.

I’m usually not one for Fantasy; dragons, vamps etc. but this delivered. Not too much on the magic, which I’m grateful for. Reading about a magical scene is sometimes hard to capture in the mind, because you could see it one way when it’s another, and it gets lost. So, kudos on keeping it minimal and too the point.

Also don’t get off on Fantasy reads because it’s not realistic enough for me, and the other aspect of this series I enjoyed was the sexual tension between Adara and Evren. It GIVES, and the second it turns spicey, GIRL I AM ALL OVER IT. The only real ask for you Holly is to not with the repetition. Give them their time, and keep it consistent, but the sex was the exact same every time, just in a different setting. You can only bite an apple so many times… know what I’m saying?

There have been a lot of series that I’ve ran through, but the thickening of the plot chapter after chapter is really what stood out for me, and then moving on to another couple’s journey without forcing more of a story line?? CHERRY.

Sadly, the last of the Stars and Shadows series will end with the Fire and Fate, which comes out August 17th. I cannot wait! I’ve already pre-ordered the book, but I’m not exactly excited about it either. I don’t want to close out Thalia’s story, even though Adara’s was short also… I’M JUST NOT READY.

What I will say about this series to new Fantasy readers is, please be aware of the graphic and “close call” scenes. SPOILER ALERT there is no depiction of rape in any of her books, but damn near comes close. Thankfully Holly gives you a trigger warning at the beginning of each book, just to remind you.

Here are a couple of SPOILER ALERTS. I will not address to which book these are in. You’ll just have to put it together ya self.

I love Evren’s character development. He goes from being a sketch shadow person to being a protective, heart-on-their-sleeve guy. I don’t think Adara deserves him. Mate or nah, Evren doesn’t need a flip-flopper. Girl, figure your sh*t out! A man like that doesn’t come along often.

Also, I wish the death of the King (which one. I won’t tell you) had a more deliverable scene. It was too quick, for me anyway, and it was less than a page! Holly, do better, okay? You could have drafted a damning scene. More fighting, more umph! It’s like if this was a movie, if you blink, then you’ve missed the entire moment. Or better, it’s like reaching your Climax and falling backwards instead of forward.

I’m looking forward to some real “Fire” as you put it in this final book. Holly, please don’t let me down!


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Howdy! There is relatable stuff here- dark and twisty and some sentimental garbage. "Don't forget to tip your waitresses" Hi, I am your waitress, let me serve you with more content. Hope you enjoy! :)

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