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Birbal's cunning escape

Birbal, famously considered the Emperor's favorite minister

By Nora SGPublished 2 months ago 3 min read


Birbal, renowned as Emperor Akbar's favorite minister, enjoyed great popularity among the commoners who sought his advice. However, a group of jealous ministers grew envious of his rising fame and plotted to eliminate him, leading to a series of events that would ultimately expose their treachery.

The Devious Plot:

These envious ministers approached the king's trusted barber with a plan to remove Birbal permanently from the picture. Aware of the barber's close relationship with the king, they enticed him with a substantial sum of money in exchange for his cooperation. The wicked barber readily agreed to their scheme.

The Barber's Manipulation:

When Emperor Akbar summoned the barber for a haircut, the barber cunningly initiated a conversation about the emperor's late father, whom he had also served. He praised the father's luxurious hair and subtly questioned whether the emperor had done anything for his ancestors' welfare. Irritated by the barber's audacity, the king dismissed the idea as impossible, stating that the deceased were beyond assistance.

The Magician's Proposal:

Seizing the opportunity, the barber mentioned his knowledge of a magician capable of sending someone to heaven to inquire about their father's well-being. However, the chosen individual needed to possess intelligence, the ability to follow instructions, and quick decision-making skills. The barber proposed that Birbal, the wisest minister, was the ideal candidate for this task.

The King's Enthusiasm:

Excited at the prospect of communicating with his deceased father, Emperor Akbar eagerly approved the plan, tasking the barber with making the necessary arrangements. He sought details on the procedure, to which the barber explained that Birbal would be taken in a procession to the burial grounds, where a pyre would be lit. The magician would recite mantras to protect Birbal from the fire as he ascended to heaven through the smoke.

Birbal's Ingenious Escape:

Upon hearing the plan, Birbal expressed admiration for the idea and inquired about its origin. Discovering that the barber had devised it, he agreed to embark on this journey to heaven but demanded a substantial sum of money for the long voyage and one month to settle his family's affairs. The king accepted both conditions.

During the allotted month, Birbal secretly arranged for a tunnel to be constructed from the funeral grounds to his house. On the day of the ascension, as the pyre was lit, he made his escape through the concealed tunnel door. Hiding in his house, he patiently waited for several months, allowing his hair and beard to grow long and unruly.

The Enemies' Rejoice and Birbal's Return:

Meanwhile, Birbal's enemies rejoiced, believing that he would never return. However, after many months had passed, Birbal surprised everyone by appearing at the palace with news from the king's father. Delighted to see him again, Emperor Akbar eagerly listened as Birbal conveyed that his father was content but lacked one thing—a skilled barber.

The Enemies' Downfall:

Inspired by the possibility of sending items and people to heaven, the king decided to send his barber to serve his father there. Summoning both the barber and the magician, preparations were made for the barber's journey to heaven. Trapped in his own deceit, the barber could offer no defense and perished as the pyre was lit.


The failed plot against Birbal's life and his subsequent triumphant return exposed the treachery of the jealous ministers and the deceitful barber. The incident served as a stern warning to anyone contemplating conspiring against Birbal, as his wit and cunning proved insurmountable. From that point forward, no one dared to challenge him again.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Fantastic work!

Nora SGWritten by Nora SG

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