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A Tale of Thieves (Part Six)

The New Source

By Donna Fox (HKB)Published 5 months ago Updated 5 months ago 6 min read
A Tale of Thieves (Part Six)
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In case you missed Part One, Two, Three, Four or Five. For Part Six, continue reading.

I wake up what I can only assume is hours or maybe days later, in a stone-wall cell with an iron-barred door. I am alone as I take in my surroundings and slowly start to remember the events that brought me here. Panicking, I scramble to my feet and wrap my fingers around the bars of the cell door.

“Hello? Greg? Carla? Anyone?” I call into the darkness as I press my face against the bars. Desperate to see a sliver of anything to bring me comfort in this moment.

“Keren?” A familiar voice replies.

“Jed?” I call back, instinctively. But unable to believe it might be him.

“The others are asleep still. I thought you guys would have been long gone by now. What happened?” Jed explains from another cell.

“I don’t know.” I admit, “Everyone lost their powers, so we were slow to get out of the city.”

“Yeah, I lost mine too.” He confirms.

“But something weird happened, I seem to have gotten all the powers and I can gift powers to people. Like The Source does- uh did.” I explain, swallowing hard at the admission.

“Really?” He asks in disbelief.

“Yeah, maybe I can bust us out of here,” I state suddenly having the bright idea.

Gripping the bars hard and trying to pull them apart but nothing happens.

“That won’t work. They told me these cells are power-proofed.” He explains, the hopelessness showing through in his tone.

“How can they power proof for all the powers?” I ask with astonishment.

“I’m not sure but from what I’ve heard, they’ve done it.” He explains, “But it’s still worth testing, depending on how many powers you have.”

With a nod I begin working my way through every power I can think of, hoping to weaken the door, walls or anything at all. Desperate for escape.

Only interrupted by the shuffling and groaning of the others stirring in their cells. To which Jed would greet them, and explain where they were and what was going on.

It wasn’t long before the sounds of metal doors opening and closing interrupted everything. We all fell silent and a palpable tension filled the dungeon.

“We’ll start with this one.” They state as the shuffling of footsteps ends just outside of my cell.

I jump back in anticipation and wait to make a fight for my life.

But with a click of a key turning in a lock and the creak of the door opening, I am left waiting.

Then Carla’s shouts pierce the air, “I’m not going with you. You can’t make me.” Then comes a shuffling sound as they drag her out of the cell and the dungeon falls into silence again.

Moments later, the doors open and close again, then mine swings open.

“Let’s go.” One of the guards demands.

Obediently I walk on unsteady legs towards them and they clasp a set of thick handcuffs on my wrists.

“Where are we going?” I ask in a small shaky voice.

“The palace, we’re taking you to the Head Keeper.” He explains, leading me with a hand on the cuffs.

We walk up a couple flights of stairs, turn left and right, and right again. Then we are in a large room with a long table in the centre. At the far end sits a man that looks older than the palace itself.

His wrinkles have wrinkles and his skin sags to the point of of drooping over his eyes like one of those dogs.

“Bring her here.” He states in a weary voice.

On command, the guards lead me closer and sit me next to the old man.

Who pulls this old piece of stone towards us on the table.

“Do you know what this is?” He asks me, pointing to it.

Leaning closer I examine it to see it has pictures and writing in a language I don’t understand. I shake my hand in response but don’t bother to look up from the stone at my fingertips.

“This is an ancient table from the founders of Lacigam. It tells of how one day The Source’s light will extinguish and be placed inside someone worthy of yielding all the magic.” He explains, looking at it in adoration.

“We have reason to believe you are said person.” He explains, looking at me in a wrinkled analysis.

“Why would you think that?” I ask, in faux curiosity.

“Well for one, your friend told us that you possess all the powers and for another, she also told us that you gave her the powers she has now. Something we believed that only The Source could do, until now.” He explains, with a smug smile.

But I’m unable to filter my shock at his explanation, he said SHE as in Carla. Carla sold us out. My heart is pounding so loud it echoes in my ears. My blood runs cold at the realization of her betrayal.

I give myself a shake in hopes of regaining my composure, hoping I can still talk myself out of this. “How do you know she wasn’t just saying things to make a deal?” I inquire with a hooked brow.

“It’s very possible,” the Head Keeper acknowledges with a nod. “But she did do a lot of work to help us find and capture you though so I would say she has a lot to lose if she’s wrong.” He explains, continuing to observe me with a neutral expression.

“What do you want from me?” I ask, unable to hide my expression of growing fear.

“I want to test the accusation and then we can discuss your future.” He explains, a small smile spreading across his lips.

“My future?” I repeat, “But I thought we were supposed to be executed for trying to steal the source?” I ask before stopping myself.

“No dear, if you are The New Source then arrangements will have to be made for you to take up residence here in the palace.” He explains, “All I need from you is for you to give me your hands.” He adds holding his hand out in expectation.

Doing as I am told I place my hands in his, feeling a knot form in my gut.

He turns them over and praises my palms, with a thoughtful gaze.

“Legend says that those that are worthy of holding the power will have a lilac purple circle with a helix pattern on the palm of their hand.” He mutters as his fingers gently caress my hands in search of the mark. “Ah, there. See?” He asks, lifting my hand to show me a small penny-sized mark at the base of my palm.

Laying my eyes on the mark, I wondered why I had never seen it before.

But I barely have time to consider this because, in the coming months, I am swept into a whirlwind of another world.

I have an official coronation ceremony where I am presented as The New Source and my days are filled with worrying about the wellbeing of the city as well as bestowing powers upon the next generation.

Part Seven: The Final Chapter

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Donna Fox (HKB)

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  • Alexander McEvoy5 months ago

    Oh wow! She who shall be King! Carla -.- I had my suspicions but I thought it was just the corruption of greed and the power of Sauron. I wonder how this will all shake out! I'm so excited

  • Novel Allen5 months ago

    Always a rat in the group. But you stay alive, hope the others do too. Did the mark magically appear. Cool.

  • Gerald Holmes5 months ago

    Well that surprised me. Great job. On to read the final chapter now.

  • Carla you broke my heart. I hope freedom finds Keren in the final Chapter. You’ve done a great job of making us care for these characters. I’m disappointed the story is going to end but I also can’t wait to read the final chapter.

  • HOW DARE CARLA DO THAT TO HER FRIENDS??!! I DID THINK SHE WAS SUS BUT I DIDN'T THINK SHE WOULD SO THIS!!! I WOULD THROW HANDS ON HER IF I WAS KEREN!!! Okay enough with my shouting, lol! I laughed when you said his wrinkles had wrinkles and compared him to a dog 🤣🤣🤣 And whoaaaa, a coronation ceremony? That escalated quickly! I was so happy when Keren heard Jed's voice! I really missed him. So what would happen to them? To Jed, Corbin, Gregory and mfking Carla? Oh maybe you'll explain that in part 7. So sad that it's coming to an end 🥺

  • Thanks… really enjoying the adventure.

  • JBaz5 months ago

    Oh Carla.... tsk tsk tsk. ( I suspected her in five when she pushed to have powers bestowed upon her. I am very interested in the final chapter and am happy to be on this journey you wove for us.

  • Andrew C McDonald5 months ago

    Loving this tale. It is bold, unique, and yet classic at the same time. Only, the end here seems a tad rushed. Perhaps you should have just went with the part about taking up residence at the castle… Also, some hint about the fate of Keren’s friends is needed. The ceremony and such, as well as the adjustment to castle life should not be glossed over. I hope that will be covered in the future. Regardless, Donna, you are amazing, as is this tale. Just don’t get in a hurry. The platform needs to ascend slowly as we explore each level.

  • Mark Gagnon5 months ago

    I said Carla couldn't be trusted! Curious to see how you wrap this up.

  • Real Poetic5 months ago

    You are talented. I was sucked into your world. Cannot wait for the next part! 🩵

  • Salman siddique5 months ago

    Lil bit of confusion

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