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Chapter Four:The Struggle of Minds and Power

By Ameen younisPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

******Chapter Four******

As she talked, she observed a little grin escape her lips and the sparkle in her eyes returning:

"I have a key to a treasure." I must dare to open it, and the adventure must provide me with the fortitude to uncover the key to this treasure. It's not in my nature to enjoy riddles, but the way she presents them piques my interest and makes me want to listen more. I can sense her joy in her eloquence and word choice. 'What type of treasure is this?' I inquired.

"Pride... the pride of single-daughter parents." They want to demonstrate to her that she is the greatest. But she wants everyone to know that they are the finest people in the world because they have elevated her to a position of power. They deserve it, therefore I'm taking chances from an early age. These courses, diplomas, and experiences did not occur over the course of a year or two. Since I was 15, I've been striving and working hard."

I really enjoyed her thoughts and wanted to hear more. I couldn't understand how they couldn't be proud of her, and hearing those two lines from her made me proud. "Oh, for 10 years, what are your plans?" I inquired.

"Not at all... you know!" she responded with a side smirk. Despite all of my good judgments, the first genuine test for me is the most difficult. I believe I made the correct decision. 'What decision is that?' I inquired, surprised.

"To put on the veil... I used to wear the hijab and regular clothing, but I chose to be more comfortable and content with myself. I had no idea it would be an issue when I had achieved my first serious objective. It will come to a halt and say, 'I wasted your life for this for 10 years.'"

I felt bad for her and attempted to comfort her, but she shocked me. She laughed loudly and said to me, determinedly:

"I'm not going down without a fight, Professor Tarek." I'm not going down without a fight. If I had simply attained the target, I would have suspected something was amiss. I'm not going to let go of the curtain. In a large firm like this, I will work in a position that matches my efforts, and they will accept me as I am, even if I have to suffer for another few years. I'm not Mr. Moataz Abu Karsh, who would put a halt to my ambition."

She laughed freely, as if she wasn't afraid to talk about the director in this way. Her strength impressed me. I requested her to leave her CV before she left, and I promised to contact her within hours. Of course, it was a bargain, and I didn't warn her she shouldn't take it again. I know who the manager is and who the employee is searching for work!

She was curious as to why I was concerned about her situation and pursued her before she left. The agreement was that I would respond truthfully, but I lied:

The German delegation was aware of the agreement before they signed it with us, and they were aware of your excellent skill when you were in the director's office. You have a final answer for us, but we don't know how to use it. Do you have any suggestions? I was taken aback and wanted to speak with you when you were in the director's office.

She was astute enough to see I was in danger, but to avoid exposing me, she brought it up indirectly in her discussion and asked me:

"And how did they know that I have a solution to this problem when I haven't even reached a conclusion in what I'm thinking?"

I reacted immediately, attempting to seem confident and get out of the situation:

"They assumed..."

She gave me a sly look and said:

"Well, didn't you ask me anything in the deal negotiation, and why are you asking about me?"

I didn't respond, and everything around me stopped when the office door banged open and Professor Moataz walked in. He noticed Salasel seated in front of me, and we were conversing. We came to a halt, and everything came to a halt. I had no idea what to do with her standing there. At that moment, the rage in his eyes and his amazement informed me that I was in an advantageous situation.

You find yourself in an awkward scenario with a powerful lady you've released into the arena, whether you are a strong or weak guy, or if you are living without knowing who you are in life. You'll discover that there are some things about ladies that you don't know!

I needed to act swiftly, but there was no time to talk or act. Professor Moataz's face became crimson with rage as soon as he spotted her in front of him, as if he was going to burst in our faces. In an enraged tone, he said:

"What is this woman doing at work?" Didn't I evict her from the company?"

Before I could say anything, she smiled at me and said:

"I appreciate your time very much, Professor Tarek. "I'll await your response."

I grinned stupidly, not knowing where she got her tranquility. Who should she thank for the time? I was certain she would go, and I would not reply to him, leaving me alone, but she surprised me with her actions. I was overjoyed to see her approaching Professor Moataz, proudly elevating her head as she always did. The man in front of her was astonished, and it appeared as if fire was going to burst from his skull from rage, as her tone of speech became more agitated.

"This woman did not insult your prestige, sir," she told him. What is her given name? You did not dismiss her from my office; she left you, and you are unsure how to respond to her genuine talk. You will be sorry for not appreciating her. Professor Moataz, with your consent."

She walked out, shut the door behind her, and left him and me speechless. I was at a loss for words. I waited there calmly, hands behind my back, expecting his reply. He began yelling and ranting about how he would reinstate her in the company. What was he thinking? What would her resume look like on my desk? I stood there calmly, my hands behind my back, observing him with interest. I knew that would irritate him even more, and he'd lash out at me. In reality, I had no idea what to do; I was gathering my power to figure out what I was meant to do. I was shocked when he slammed on my desk with both hands, but I restrained my emotion to portray a little tremble. He yelled and demanded:

"Why aren't you responding to me? "Am I no longer respected in this damn company?"

I smiled gently at him and stepped away from my desk, standing in front of him. I attempted to calm him down by saying:

*********To be continued***********


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Ameen younis

Versatile writer weaving magic and mystery, exploring life's nuances. Through evocative language, I aim to leave a contemplative mark by crafting resonant literary experiences.

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