Guilty Pleasure Binge

Guilty Pleasure Binge
This challenge has ended

Guilty Pleasure Binge

This challenge has ended


First place: $1,000

Second place: $500

Third place: $250

Dates to know

January 27: Submissions open

February 2, 11:59 PM EST: Submissions closed

February 5: Winners announced

About this Challenge

This Challenge is rated TV-E for Everyone (and maybe slightly Embarrassing). There are undoubtedly many television shows, past and present, that we cannot turn away from, no matter how embarrassing to admit. Such shows — or guilty pleasures — give us a break from reality, a little escape, or simply a good laugh. For this Challenge, reveal the guilty pleasure TV show that you may be hesitant to confess is your favorite. A guilty pleasure is entirely subjective, and this is a no-judgment zone, so all are safe here. Some shows offer us comfort or an outlet, and that's ok!

Are you obsessed with baking competitions and home-improvement shows, or do you love a cheesy reality series? Do you find yourself overly invested in dating show romance, or are you more of a classic sitcom rerun fan? Whether you follow the gossip outside of the show, get lost in comment-section discussions, or catch up and watch in secret, what is it about this show that you enjoy the most? What about it also makes it a little cringy?

Share which binge-worthy TV show is unapologetically your all-time guilty pleasure to watch by entering the Guilty Pleasure Binge Challenge. We encourage you to add stills from your favorite episodes or clips of the show, if available! You can learn how to embed media in your stories here.


For your story to be eligible, it must be between 600 and 5,000 words and adhere to our Community Guidelines. Stories published on Vocal and entered into the contest up until February 2, 2021, at 11:59 PM EST will be entered for consideration.

The Guilty Pleasure Binge Challenge is exclusive to Vocal+ members. To learn more and upgrade to Vocal+ visit

To be eligible to win the grand prize, second place, or third place prizes, you must be over the age of 13 and residing in a country where Stripe is available at the time of entry. A complete list of countries where Stripe is available can be found here—winners will need to have a Stripe account created and connected in order to receive the prizes. For this reason, entrants located outside of any of these 39 countries will not be eligible to win.


How to enter

  1. Create your story on Vocal.
  2. When submitting your story for review, select Submit to a challenge and select Guilty Pleasure Binge.
  3. When your story has been approved, it will appear under Submissions on this page.

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This challenge has ended

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