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One College Essay book changed my life

Women's Studies courses include the "other" as topic

By Jenia SilverPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
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One college book that changed my life, started out with an introduction from a current serving member of the U.S. Congress. Nevertheless We Persisted; 48 Voices of Defiance, Strength, and Courage - Forwarded by Senator Amy Klobuchar (279 pp.,2018) is original an topic. Covered under the classification of diversity inclusive, this book identifies with my generation. I was not assigned this book in my Women's Studies course. Yet, choose to read this book out of over 200 other titles for extra credit.

The essays inside of this book are from people who continued to endure their toughest obstacles. Actors, athletes, politicians and others join forces to describe how their life met unexpected instances where persistence drove them on. Race, gender, disability, and identity are subject to some of those instances wrote about by the authors. My time taking Women's Studies classes in the last 8 years led to me being apart of the feminists joining the Women's March.

One essay that touched home for me, centered around a athlete with his whole life ahead of him. His schedule for training was a daily routine. Every part of his life depended on his future of being a successful college grad supported by his scholarship from sports. Then, one afternoon an accident took it all away. The young man became paralyzed, could not play sports or finish school. Nevertheless, the road to recovery dealt with accepting his new status of being disabled.

When I decided to choose my major for my BA degree, I thought the topic of Women's Studies included equal pay and time to raise children. However, already being disabled myself and a single parent those topics may not be for me. I learned more about feminism supporting minorities in the place of everyday life. In the issue of Women's Rights, is the cause of Human Rights, encompassed into Disability Rights.

I was one of the ten million plus participates world wide that was counted by the United Nations volunteers marching for Women's Rights in 2016. As the Women's March continued on, heavy political references developed. I noticed not much was understood about the topic of government corruption connected to the reasoning of disabilities. Most of the events I would attend dealt with high society and offered a social drinking hour. I soon realized none of the present politicians or volunteers had any knowledge of why I considered myself a recovered alcoholic. Being one of one hundred thousand disabled feminist's supporters, in comparison to the millions who marched, I felt isolated.

For books like Nevertheless, We Persisted to be published in 2018 after the march had organized itself was like a population of activists founding their truth. I knew ever discussing my personal issues about being disabled or being a single parent to feminists was the last thing I could think to do. Just to graduate in 2018 with an AA of Arts after 20 years of trying to study was my accomplishment. I worked self employed then, and am still awaiting a class action lawsuit against the corporate giant Uber. My mouth rarely opened when around my new Democrat friends. Now, I am a Wage Theft activist awaiting for more structure from local governments to stop the exploitation of worker's rights.

For every controversy drawn into the public which states it is anti-feminist. I have to say learning about why women have the right to vote was a just one morsel nourishing my college built brain. In the words of Franklin Delano Roosevelt: All We Have to Fear is Fear Itself. Therefore, I will never fear the Republican anti-woke; anti-feminists;-anti-democrat; anti-liberal; and anti- diversity inclusion. For the record, I am a former Republican who voted for George Bush before and after September 11, 2001.

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