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Navigating the World of the Super-Rich: A Review of Crazy Rich Asians

Book Review

By StaringalePublished about a month ago 3 min read
Navigating the World of the Super-Rich: A Review of Crazy Rich Asians
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Book Stats: Crazy Rich Asians, written by Kevin Kwan and published in 2013.

Done with a warm meal, I grabbed a glass of orange juice and headed to the living room's cozy corner.

Reading the titles on the spines of the books on the shelf, I finally decided on a novel that I haven't read before. It must be one of my sister's projects, but anyway, taking it out, I sat on the fluffy seat by the window to read.

Closing the book and putting my now-empty glass of orange juice on the table, I am here to share my opinion about this book.

"Crazy Rich Asians" is a delightful romantic comedy. The protagonist goes by the name Rachel Chu. She is a lovely young lady who discovers that her boyfriend, Nick Young, comes from an incredibly well-off family in Singapore.

There is a sense of trepidation that accompanies this discovery, but she loves Nick and is reluctantly drawn into the world of the super-rich and powerful elite.

It is now up to her to navigate through the complexities of family dynamics, social hierarchies, and gossip-filled intrigue.

The main themes in this novel are love, wealth, family dynamics, cultural clash, and social status.

The contrast between Rachel's humble beginnings and Nick's privileged upbringing adds depth to their relationship and creates tension as they struggle to bridge the gap between their two worlds.

The author realistically showcases the conflicts that arise when one from a modest background enters the rarified world of extreme privilege and richness.

The author describes the intricacies of family relationships and societal expectations, the pressures of conforming to societal norms that fall on the shoulders of this young couple.

The author uses a witty, sharp, and humorous writing style, infusing the story with vivid descriptions of opulent settings, extravagant lifestyles, and high society events of ultra-wealthy Singaporeans. The fast-paced story with short chapters keeps the story moving and maintains a sense of momentum throughout the story.

The addition of colorful characters adds life to the story. The dialogue and banter between these characters are engaging and provide the reader with a source of entertainment. This adds depth to the characters' personalities.

The author's brilliant work is the incorporation of footnotes in the book. This gives the reader an insight into the intricacies of Singaporean culture and society.

With this, the reader's reading experience is enriched, allowing the reader to get a better understanding of the story.

A quote from the novel that gives a deep insight into real-world relationships is: "I’d always believed that I wanted to marry for love and nothing else. But maybe deep down I knew that truly happy marriages weren’t based on something as flimsy as love.”

Overall, I would say the novel is entertaining with plenty of humor and drama to keep the readers engaged, giving the reader a glimpse into a world that is both glamorous and absurd.

It offers a fresh perspective on love, family, and the complexities of the wealthy. It is a perfect choice for readers looking for light, entertaining romantic comedy.

Getting up, I put the book back on the shelf. Stretching out a bit to get the blood running, I grabbed my empty glass and headed for the kitchen. Washing it and putting it on the drying rack, I left the kitchen in search of the family that had receded to I don't know which corner of the house.

Walking through the peaceful and quiet hallways, I searched the house for my wayward family.

Finally, something hit my ear – a ruckus. I immediately knew where they were. It was time to see what they were up to.

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  • Esala Gunathilakeabout a month ago

    Your selection of paragraphs at the beginning, middle and the end is superb. Because of that it is reader-friendly. Your review is not so long so that the readers would mind to read it for a couple of times!

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