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How to become a good witch

At least in Mexico!

By Novel AllenPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

"To earth, sky and the universe, astrology, cosmology, alchemy and magickal spells we offer thanks. Gifts of prophesy, midwifery, soul retrieval and clairvoyance, now attend. Unto us impart your spiritual advice, blessings and knowledge".

Brujeria is the practice of natural psychic, astral and spiritual magic.

Ameria is both a Bruja and a Brujx, and practices the art of Brujeria, using candle spells, crystals, spell oils, nature, astrology, cosmology, alchemy and the tarot. In her "Spanish Coven", she promises to guide new witches through a spiritual awakening and introduce them to the bruja lifestyle. Here, they will learn how to read tarot cards, cast magical spells from the comfort of their homes, use the healing crystals and work with the universe.

Brujeria is not inhibited by binary moral codes or religion, it centers around pleasure, joy and learning. It rejects the notion of white-and-black, or evil-and-good magic, and uses a more open ancestral view. In need of total freedom from any forms of institutions, the bruja does not cater to any single religious deity, gods or spirits.

It is important to learn the useful terms of brujaism when one begins to navigate this world as brujas/brujos/brujx., so one can speak to others and learn the necessary supplies needed to cast spells if you don't speak Spanish.

Hechiceria: A group of secret knowledge, practices and techniques that are employed to dominate outcomes and people in a magical way. Both Brujeria and Hechiceria have the same definition, but the definition for brujeria includes "actions realized by the means of supernatural powers".

Trabajo: A continuous amount of spell work to take care of a problem.

Yerberia or Hierberia: This is another name for a store that sells brujeria supplies and specializes in plants in particular. Yerberia/Heirberias are typically more common in Mexico, while Botanicas are more common in the US.~~~~~

The levels of expertise cannot all be learned through books or classes. One must seek out apprenticeships if interested in studying more advanced forms of brujeria. It usually takes years to have a legitimate grasp of the practice, and in some cases, knowledge may only be passed down in certain bloodlines. If one feels drawn to these practices, spells may be used to draw in a proper mentor.

Mentors of Midwifery (Partera/Parterx

This is one of the most arduous paths to brujeria. Parteras help people from conception and onward, offering herbal remedies, motivational talks and physical checkups before and after delivery, and for another few months if desired. They offer emotional support to new mothers. Parteras are ritual birthers and offer support in magical ways. They provide gynecological services, treats sexual ailments with herbs, limpias (energy fixes); and incantations. They also provide complex ancestral rituals to borrow the soul of the child from the gods and bring it into the body.~~~

Rites of Passage Practitioner/Life Spectrum Doula/Comadre

This is the fun facet of brujeria, it requires training, but is a more social and emotional supportive role, rather than a medical one. No formal word is needed for this type of work, but those who do this, call themselves brujx or comadre, an endearing term meaning 'friend'. Those who do this facilitate rites of passage, family matters, aging support and death, among other offerings, the comadre works with families to make individual plans in ceremonies.~~~

Yerberx Specialists

These specialists study botany and herbalism. If permitted, they grow plants and make medicines from the plants, they keep detailed records of the remedies and their effectiveness. Trained to find plants in the wild, the yerberx operates herbal pharmacies and provide consults to clients and aid with problems and remedies, they also provide helpful services like spells and readings. The yerberx may make diagnosis alongside a physician. Traditional ways of healing in Mexico involves a mix of modern medicine and faith in the herbal and magical cures.~~~


Anyone who has the gift of prophesy or clairvoyance, users of tarot cards, palm readers and who use their gifts with tools like playing cards, shells, bones and corn kernels. In English, they are called psychics, someone who has the ability to predict future occurrences, with the gift of seeing into different timelines. They perceive energies and know information about people remotely. Mexico's presidents and celebrities still visit brujx psychics to ensure success.~~~


A medium lives with, communicates and venerates spirits, especially of the dead as if they are in the same reality as us. It is safe to contact the dead for advice and have them around you. Mediums open up paths for the energies of spirit guides to come into our physical world through their altar work and devotional rituals. Water, candles, altars, music, dance, plant medicines (rolled tobacco), herbal beverages, automatic writing, breath work, spells and meditation may be used to communicate with spirits.

Mediumship tends to be an inherited gift, but it is possible to become a medium with dedication and mentorship from someone who can identify your spirit guide and help you speak to the dead.


The curanderx is often gifted in in sobaderismo (medical passage), soul retrieval and spiritual advice, some may embrace Catholic elements.~~~

It is emphasized that brujeria is an inclusive and accepting tradition. When beginning this practice, please be mindful and respectful. Always do the following so you do not culturally appropriate:

and prioritize shopping at BIPOC-owned botanicals and yerberias.

11. Attend community events and organized protests for BIPOC issues.

All of this information on how to become a Mexican witch, and I have not even started on Part 1 as yet.

So, for anyone interested in becoming a good witch and specializing in any of these areas, please access a copy of Valeria's book and begin your journey.

Thank you for indulging.


Valeria Ruelas: The Mexican Witch



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  • Randy Wayne Jellison-Knock4 months ago

    Very interesting. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • Whoaaaaa, you gathered so much of information even before Part 1! These were very fascinating to read!

  • Margaret Brennan4 months ago

    Oh so interesting. I'm always consulting my cards to guide me and sometimes others but my niece is a Wiccan. Actually, so was my grandmother. seems to skip one generation now and then.

  • Hannah Moore4 months ago

    Very interesting.

  • Naveed 4 months ago

    Thank you for sharing this enlightening information about the world of Mexican witchcraft and Brujeria. It's a rich and diverse tradition that deserves our respect and understanding. 🌟🧙‍♀️🇲🇽

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