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A Library with Sentient Books

A Library where the books can communicate and have their own desires and fears

By Mind writerPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

The silent veneration of the Old City Library was not just for patrons. It was an unspeakable pact between humans and stacks, towering shelves full of sentimental books. Jasper, a first-edition leather-bound collection of fables, rested on the top shelf, his spine shivering anxiously. Today was the new arrival day.

Newcomers were always a gamble. Fresh from the printers, they arrived proud and stupid, jostling for position on the coveted bottom shelf within the reach of human hands. Jasper remembered his arrival, filled with naive hope for the adventure he would provide. Now, over the decades, the thrill of being chosen was gone, replaced by a quiet desire for something else.

A commotion below jolted him from his thoughts. Behind the ink pad was a bright, illustrated children's book, barely dry, tossed onto the shelf next to it. "Oh, this part smells of moths," cried the newcomer. "Why am I stuck older than you?"

Jasper sighed. "Welcome to the steak, young man," he growled, his voice a dry whisper against the paper. "We all start somewhere."

The children's book, titled "Sparkle's The Unicorn's Rainbow Adventure," teased. "I'm not here to collect dust. I'm full of color and wonder! Kids will love me!"

"Maybe," Jasper admitted. "But remember kid, humans are fickle creatures. They may be attracted to your shiny cover, but real connection comes from within."

Flash scoffed again, but a flicker of uncertainty dimmed his animated reflections. A hush fell over the stacks as Mrs. Eleanor, the kind old librarian with sparkling glasses, entered. His presence calmed the nervous rustling of paper expectations.

"Newcomers today, I see," she said with a smile, her fingers lovingly brushing the cover Jasper wore. He tore up his pages proudly. Ms. Eleanor understood them, the unspoken language of Styx.

His eyes then fell on Sparkles. A frown touched his forehead. He picked up a thin section of the poetry that accompanied him. "Emily, sweetie," she said softly, "would you mind going to the fiction section for a while? We have a new addition here that could benefit from your company."

An old romance novel called Emily, its spine emblazoned with a faded rose, rustled in agreement. She shifted making room for Sparkles.

"This is Emily," Ms. Eleanor explained to the children's book. "She's been here a while, but her words still hold magic."

The glow, for the first time, seemed uncertain. Reluctantly, he turned a page to Emily. A delicate illustration of a glowing unicorn faced with a sonnet about lost love. There was an unexpected silence between them.

Days turned into weeks. Sparkles, no longer the brash newcomer, spent hours talking to Emily. Jasper watched, a glimmer of hope reawakening within him. Maybe, just maybe, the stack offered more than just collecting dust.

One afternoon, a bright-eyed young man wandered into the section. He ran his finger along the spine, his eyes fixed on the sparkles. Mrs. Eleanor looked on with a familiar smile.

"Can I read this?" the boy asked, his voice barely a whisper.

Miss Eleanor's smile widened. "Of course, dear, but first, why don't you say hello to Emily here? She might have a story to tell you, too."

The boy looked at Sparkles, then at Emily. Reluctantly, he reached out and touched both covers. A gasp escaped his lips. In that moment, Jasper felt a warmth radiate through the stacks, not just between the boy and the books but between all the stories, new and old, connected by the magic of words.

As the boy sat with the books open on his lap, Jasper realized that the library wasn't just a collection of stories. It was a living tapestry woven from the dreams and fears of countless souls, humans and books. And perhaps, in that quiet companionship, they all found what they longed for – a story to tell, a story to hear, and a place.


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