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Wearing Makeup – Pros & Cons!


By Syed ImranPublished 3 years ago 7 min read


This article provides the topic wise Pros and Cons of wearing makeup. It provides benefits of wearing makeup with the disadvantages associated with it, so the reader gets valuable information whether to wear it or not.

In Modern era, makeup has developed into a strong tool to beautify yourself and get personal confidence. Women feel secure and confident while wearing makeup. it’s a natural instinct to be and look beautiful. Women didn’t take long enough to realize that makeup can make them look beautiful and stunning.

Since ancient times, men and women both used ointments to freshen up their skin and remove body odors. Egyptians used “Kohl” (type of eyeliner) to save their eyes from sun glare and health risks. Women used to wear makeup using berries to darken their lips and burnt matches to blacken their eyes. “Henna” or “mehndi” was used by women to create artistic designs on the hands and feet and to dye hair, mostly in Asian subcontinent.

Makeup has become an integral part of women’s (some men also, nowadays) daily life. It is the shortest way to hide the defects and enhance the beauty. Although makeup has become a routine in our dally life, but it can impact our health and skin. Makeup has its own Advantages and Disadvantages. So, it is essential to recognize what are the risks and benefits of makeup.

Advantages of Makeup

We have listed below most of the advantages of wearing Makeup.

Makeup makes you Look & Feel Beautiful

It is not a secret that makeup is the quickest and efficient way to hide marks and flaws on the skin. It also hides the ageing factor that makes the person look younger. It also enhances the facial features to help boost beauty that makes people more presentable and sometimes stunning.

Makeup makes you Fresh and Happy

Wearing makeup is a way to show that, you take good care of yourself. Some makeup products moisturize your skin which gives it a fresher look. Good quality makeup products heal vitamin reduction and nourish the skin. It enhances the beauty which makes you look fresher and happier.

Makeup Enhances Confidence Level

Wearing makeup makes women feel strong and confident. Especially, in important events, makeup boosts the self-esteem, enhances confidence level and makes them look prominent.

According to recent studies by the United States University of Chieti in Italy and Harvard Medical School, there is a psychological effect on the person wearing makeup that they get the feeling of physical attraction, boldness, increase in confidence and personality which is termed as the “lipstick effect”.

In another research which proves women who wear makeup, shows more productivity than the women who does not wear makeup. Well, it is a debatable statement, which is beyond the scoop of this article.

Makeup Balances the Complexion

Makeup can balance the skin tone if used regularly. Some facial areas and neck complexion changes due to different factors, one of them is due to exposure in the sun. Hence facial and neck area skin tone, can be fixed by applying makeup.

Makeup Makes You Look Younger

One of the core reasons that makeup is used is because; it helps you look younger and smart. Makeup can do marvels to your face, but only when it is done the right way. Makeup can hide the flaws on your skin that you don’t want to show. Dark circles, eye bags, wrinkles, crow lines, aging spots and other blemishes can be hidden by applying makeup in a proper way. Some makeup products like concealers and foundation are specifically designed to cover the wrinkles and other facial lines. If makeup is in the hands of an expert person, you don’t have to worry about your age. You will look younger than ever before.

Makeup Protects your Skin

As we all are aware of how harmful dust and smog air pollution is to our skin and health. Daily use of makeup decreases the pore damage which gets affected by germ and bacteria in the air.

Similarly, direct and longer exposure with sun rays also damages the skin. Good quality makeup contains ingredients that have UV protection features so you don’t have to use sunblock as an added shield.

That means makeup has an additional advantage to protect your skin from harmful sun rays & air pollution.

Makeup can help you Cleanse your Skin

As we are all aware that, removal of makeup needs deep cleansing treatment. In this treatment impurities in the skin pores and additional oil are removed, which helps to maintain healthy blooming skin. Cleaning the skin daily is perfect method for a healthier and glowing skin.

Makeup Improve your Images

In today’s world, getting in front of camera, whether it is digital or mobile, is a daily routine. In fact, selfies for personal satisfaction or images and videos for YouTube, Instagram and other mainstream and social media is not limited to professional actors or actresses but to all of us who live in this digital age. With the enhancement of camera and accessories, which can capture each and every, even minor details, it is necessary to look perfect in front of it. Luckily, makeup products has also come a long way. An expert makeup artist can transform the way you look in front of camera which makes your picture or video flawless.

Makeup makes you creative

Makeup is an art, which enhances your creative skills. It is like painting and doing art while experimenting with different things and techniques on your face to create versatile and makes you look better than before. It is a great way to see how you look, the way you want.

Disadvantages of Makeup

As there are many advantages of wearing makeup, likewise it has a dark side too. Below, we have complied a list of disadvantages of wearing makeup.

Clogging Your Pores

Oil-based makeup can clog your pores. Especially, when wearing it for a longer time. Because the longer makeup last on your skin, the deeper it goes, making it difficult to remove. To avoid this from happening, make sure to cleanse off the makeup thoroughly with a good chemical exfoliator or use non-comedogenic formula products which don’t clog pores to avoid the risk of Acne.

Skin Damage and Reaction

Excessive use of makeup may damage the skin. Applying too much makeup can clog pores and also make your skin rough. Low quality Cosmetics may increase the risk of skin damage and acne.

Irritates and allergies

Makeup contains chemical. Some of the chemicals can lead to skin allergies. Itchiness, redness blemishes, and blotches can be very irritating. Excessive use of lipsticks and lip balms can damage the outer layers of the skin around your mouth. People with sensitive skin are likely to be affected more with skin allergies. It can be controlled by stopping or limiting the use of makeup.

Damaging Your Eyes

Eye is one of the most sensitive organs in the human body, which need special care and treatment. Eye makeup, if not applied carefully can cause eye infection. Extra care has to be taken when applying mascara, eyeliner or glitter. Makeup particles can unintentionally slips through the corner of the eyes harming or infecting it. Eyelashes are more likely to be the breeding ground for bacteria growth when applying Mascara and not cleaning it properly afterwards. So, it is very important to remove eye makeup before going to sleep.

Hair issues

Some cosmetic products like hair gels, serums and hairsprays, etc. comprises of harmful chemicals which has drastic effects on hair quantity and quality, causing dandruff, thinness of hair, discoloration of hair and hair loss.

Risk of Cancer

Any cosmetics product which has toxic element is harmful for the health. Makeup which initially shows no instant harm can finally lead to cancer in future. Excessive and prolong use of makeup may also have a part in developing cancer. It is always suggested to check the ingredient and expiry of the product, and limit the amount of time wearing makeup.

Change in complexion and discoloration

Many skin and cosmetic products contains bleaching agents, which can be very harmful to people with sensitive skin. Many of the products contain ingredients that can lead to discoloration of the skin and complexion over the period.

Internal Damage

A recent study suggests that up to 60 percent of the chemicals come into contact directly with the skin may get absorb. Many cosmetics products contain ingredients that can be harmful for our internal organs and body. Some of them are linked to causing Cancer and hormonal disturbance. Immune system may also be damaged due to some elements in Cosmetic. So it is wiser to check the ingredients before buying any cosmetics, and avoid using it unless necessary.

Premature Ageing

Makeup has an aging effect, like it can cause skin damage and chronic irritation if not being appropriately used. Frequent use of it may gradually lead to the growth of lines and wrinkles which make you look older. Early aging has multiple reasons, but some chemicals in the makeup products make it at higher rate which further worsen the problem.

There are some more disadvantages of using makeup like it is expensive and time consuming, it hides Natural looks and even extra makeup can make you look worse.

Now, it is up to our readers decide whether to use it or not, considering the pros and cons of makeup.


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