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to be successful when dating your girlfriend

Wishing everyone happy reading and success in their thank you dates

By Phàng Văn DuyPublished about a month ago 3 min read
to be successful when dating your girlfriend
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To have a perfect date, first you need to determine a date time that suits the two of you. Therefore, you need to ask her about a suitable date and time, so you can set a time to meet, bringing a feeling of comfort to both parties.
The first date always leaves a special feeling in the hearts of the people involved. Therefore, you should plan in detail to create an unforgettable impression in the beauty's heart.
You don't necessarily have to spend a lot of money to hire a private band of musicians, or take her to luxurious and expensive places, just a romantic meal together at the park or something. It's so sweet that she's never done it before... Surely, she will always remember this impressive date.
If you and she had a successful first date, continue planning the next date. Because this is necessary to let her understand that you are very interested in her.
However, when showing interest, you should not show too much emotion because it can make her feel suffocated.
Even if you and she have had interesting dates, that doesn't mean you should stop keeping in touch with her. This will make her think that you no longer care about her.Therefore, you need to continue to keep in touch to let her understand that you are still there and still care about her every day.
Girls often don't like just listening to you talk about yourself without mentioning anything related to them. Because that proves that you are selfish and don't care about their thoughts. Therefore, you need to create a balance between questions and answers between the two of you throughout the conversation.You can ask questions about her life, hobbies, work... and share information with each other.
During your daily conversations, you should keep in mind the likes and dislikes she has shared with you. If she mentions that she doesn't like seafood dishes, it's best not to date her at restaurants that specialize in seafood. Through this, she will know that you always listen and understand her.Chivalry and "gallantry" in behavior are always appreciated by girls in a man. Therefore, you should be polite, caring and do the best for the woman you want to create a long-term relationship with.
Honesty and kindness are always good qualities that girls want in a boyfriend. Therefore, please respect, cherish and always help her when she needs you.
There's nothing worse than when a girl thinks things are going well between them and you, but then you "disappear" without saying goodbye. This is the worst thing and unintentionally lowers your self-worth. Therefore, you should behave like a grown man.If you no longer have feelings for her then politely and gently tell her, give her that respect, because she deserves it
Sometimes girls can feel uncertain about your feelings for them. Therefore, they would love to hear you remind and confirm your feelings for her once again.You don't have to repeat it 24/7 because it can make her feel bored and suffocated. But, if she doesn't listen to your reassurances, she may feel insecure about your feelings.
Another bad thing that girls often encounter is not being able to predict a man's behavior. Therefore, you should not say one thing and do another, but always be consistent between your words and actions, that will make girls always respect you.

Women love to talk to their friends and loved ones, that's why you need to take the time to talk to her, ask about her feelings and thoughts, as well as say things. that you think... That will make you two understand each other and get closer together


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  • The Writer about a month ago

    An eye opener Thanks for the education

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