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The Day I Shaved My Waist Length Hair Off

And I'll probably do it again!

By DeeDeePublished about a year ago 3 min read
The Day I Shaved My Waist Length Hair Off
Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

Let’s go back to 2013.

My hair was waist-long, blonde and luxurious. It was thick, straight and healthy! But, I was so tired of it.

I wore my hair in a ponytail each and every day. It was so heavy. My ponytail gave me a headache and a stiff neck at times.

Washing my hair was an ordeal. I would wash it only once a week. I’d prefer to wash it more often but it would take me over an hour to dry it and even longer to style it!

My hair wouldn’t dry hair naturally. If I left it to dry, it would take at least half a day.

Blow-drying my hair would take forever, it felt like my arms were going to fall off!

I was so sick of it!

So, I decided that on my first day of vacation I was going to shave my head.

I told my partner.

I told my friends.

I told my workmates.

Not many believed me. But, one person did, one of my workmates — she almost cried, begging me not to shave my head.

My final shift before the holidays rolled around.

My partner didn’t mention me shaving my head. I think he'd completely forgotten my plan. Either that, or he was ignoring me, hoping I'd change my mind.

At home after the end of my shift, I asked him, “what number should I use to shave my head”? He was a little surprised but suggested №3 to start.

I needed his help. I had way too much hair. So, we took turns wielding the clippers.

It took a while but after about 20 minutes, I was standing ankle-deep in a mountain of hair. It was all gone!

Image Created in Canva (no, this is not me)

But I looked terrible!

My natural hair colour is poo! Yep, poo colour! 💩 Or as close as you can get to poo colour.

Plus, my head is not as beautifully shaped as those women who are able to rock a sexy shaved head. I had hoped to look like those actresses who looked amazing after shaving their heads for a role. Actresses such as:

  • Natalie Portman - V For Vandetta
  • Charlize Theron - Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Demi Moore - GI Jane
  • Sigourney Weaver - Alien 3
  • Kristen Stewart - Underwater
  • The next day, I went to my hairdresser.

    She was horrified! She’d been nurturing my hair for years, styling it to perfection every time I visited.

    But she helped me out by dyeing my ugly poo coloured dome a gorgeous platinum blonde. But I still didn't look as sexy as I'd hoped!

    But, since my hair grows super fast, the dark regrowth against the platinum blonde actually looked pretty awesome.

    I came to embrace my new short hair.

    Image Created in Canva (no, this is not me)

    Once again I have long hair. When Covid hit, I had shoulder-length hair, but as I was unable to visit my hairdresser, I continued to grow it. At the time, I had no plans to grow my hair long ever again.

    By the time I was able to visit my hairdresser, she was excited. She’d been trying to convince me to grow my hair for years. My hair grows super fast, it was halfway down my back. And once again, I was getting tired of it.

    My hairdresser wasn't too excited about the colour though. I’d dyed it purple during the lockdown. It was supposed to wash out after 20 washes — it didn’t.

    So, what’s a girl to do? Do I shave it off once again?

    And now in 2022

    I haven't yet shaved my head. I have had it cut to a more manageable length from waist length to shoulder length. It's much easier to handle right now.

    In addition, it's coloured a lovely soft pink. Previously, it was purple, then hot pink (which I quite liked as well) but the regrowth was too obvious. Soft pink is a nicer tone.

    The weather is cooling down, so the urge to shave my head is not as strong as it was.


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