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slippers and put

slippers and put

By viridiana padillaPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

Hassan smirked helplessly, his head sinking, all this happening making him look like an idiot. He was confused. "Yesterday I was POE Hassan," he said to himself. "How can I be King in one night?"

'Yes, Your Majesty.' An older servant said, "By Allah, you are the Caliph -- the highest King of Kings."

The maidservants gathered around him, calling their servants and then their servants. The sight filled him with more bewilderment and amazement. Then a servant brought him a pair of gold slippers. He took them and slipped them over his hand. The servant cried out, "Oh! Allah! Allah! Your Majesty, these are slippers to put on your feet so that you can enter the toilet."

Ashamed, Hassan dropped his slippers and put them on his feet.

The true caliph watched from behind the curtain, laughing so hard he could hardly breathe.

The menservants helped Hassan to the toilet. After he defecated, they held a silver pot in a golden basin and told him to wash himself. Then the menservants laid down a blanket for him to worship. He counted twenty bows and thought to himself: "By Allah, perhaps I am indeed the Caliph of the Great King. It's not a dream. Dreams are never so clear." At last he believed that he was the Great King, and there was no doubt or fear in his heart.

At the end of the service, the maidservants took out the king's robes from the silk parcels and put them on, and gave him the royal sword. Then the upper servants led the way, and the lower servants followed, and surrounded him until he reached the court and sat on the throne. He placed his sword in front of the chair, and looking up, he saw the civil and military officials standing in the forty curtains of the arcades, bearing swords of all kinds. All knelt down and worshipped him, praising him and Shouting long live. At last the Prime minister Zhang Erfan came forward, knelt down in front of him and said:

"Lord, may you live for ever. May Allah's heaven be your resting place and hell a place for rebels. May all the world love you and may the light of happiness never go out on you."

When Zhang Erfan had finished praising him, Hassan shouted, "You pig and dog of the Bellebib family! I command you and the governor to visit the mother of Abel Hassan at once and pay her a hundred ducat. There are four old men next door to her, and I order you to take them all, and charge them four hundred pounds each, and parade them through the city on their animals. You are to have them publicly declared guilty: they have disturbed their neighbors with their chatter."

Zhang Erfan kissed the ground in front of him, said, "Yes," and retreated to the task in fear.

Hassan sat on the throne and assumed the power of the caliph, giving orders to civil and military officials and dealing with state affairs. At last, in the evening, the courtiers retired, and the attendants poured out to bless him, to call him long live, to lift the curtains gallantly, and to escort him back to the palace. Palace lights, silk bamboo orchestra sound, beautiful scene. He became confused again and said to himself, "By Allah, am I really the Great King Caliph?"

When he returned to the harem, the maidservants surrounded him joyfully and embraced him into the dining-room, where they made a great feast, and he devoured until his stomach was full. Then, pointing to a court maid, he asked, "What's your name?"

"My name is Mesca," said the lady-in-waiting.

He asked the second, "What's your name?"

"My name is Saul," said the lady-in-waiting.

He asked the third, "And you?"

"My name is Dukavin," said the lady-in-waiting.

He asked the names of the maids one by one, then got up and went to the drinking place. When he looked up, everything was neat and orderly, and he tasted a little of each of the ten large plates filled with a variety of fresh fruits and sweets. Then, three beautiful as the full moon singing girls came slowly, accompanied by beautiful and moving music, melodious song. He felt relaxed and unfettered, as if he were enjoying himself in heaven, with the singing and dancing of many ladies in colorful costumes. He rewarded the singing girls for it. All this, the true caliph watched from behind the curtain, laughing.

In the middle of the night, the real Caliph came out of the curtain and ordered one of the court ladies to put a piece of anesthetic in a cup and fill it with wine for Hassan, who drank it and fainted. Then the king appeared with a smile, called Mashron to him, and said:

"Send him home."

As ordered, Mashron carried him to his house, placed him in the drawing-room, shut the door, and then returned to the palace.

Hassan slept in his living room until morning. As soon as he awoke, he cried: "Solward! Juno! Meska! Dukavin! ..." He called the ladies of the court by their names. His mother heard him calling out women's names. She got up and ran up to him, saying:

"Allah bless you, Hassan my son, get up, you're dreaming!"

He opened his eyes and saw an old woman standing in front of him. Suddenly she got up and asked, "Who are you?"

"I am your mother."

'You lie, old shrew! I am the caliph."

"Are you crazy?" His mother was so frightened that she cried, "Son, be quiet and stop Shouting. If your words reach the ears of the caliphate, we will be killed."


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