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Makeup which step is the "finishing touch"?

Girls who do not know how to make up, need to know

By GonzagaPublished 6 months ago 5 min read
Makeup which step is the "finishing touch"?
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Makeup which step is the "finishing touch"? It is recommended that girls who do not know how to do makeup, should know

Nowadays, the average age of makeup is getting lower and lower, every girl loves beauty and wants to make herself look good, as the saying goes: there are no ugly women, only lazy women. If you want to improve your appearance, then you have to put in the effort and time to learn, especially makeup. If you are not very talented, it is a challenge to make satisfactory makeup.

If you want to make makeup that suits you, you must first understand the strengths and weaknesses of your face, magnifying the advantages and trim the weaknesses, and in general, make up for the shortcomings of your looks to a great extent. There is also a way to modify the face shape, which is to find a suitable hairstyle, which is also able to make their face look more beautiful.

So many newcomers to makeup may ask why other people's makeup looks sophisticated and advanced, why their makeup is not only dirty but also no different from what it was before makeup. Makeup, we are divided into light makeup and full makeup, sometimes only applying lipstick is considered one of the steps of makeup, then the makeup of so many steps, which is the "eye-catcher"?

There is no ugly woman, only lazy women

My answer is non-eye makeup.

Why do I feel that eye makeup is the most important, first of all, eye makeup can enlarge the eyes, so that the eyes look more charming, and the role of the eyes in the entire makeup is irreplaceable, why do girls like to be complimented on large eyes, because now most people's aesthetic feel that the larger the eyes, the better.

In contact with a person, there is time to understand the person by looking at them alone, it is said that the eyes are the window to the soul, a person's character good or bad in fact, to a certain extent can be transmitted through the eyes, so the role of eye makeup is not negligible after the makeup does not make eye makeup as if it has lost its soul.

If you are a good-looking girl with good facial features, but the face will look like no color, or there are some small flaws on the face, usually a light makeup, simple drawing an eyebrow, and finally lipstick it is already very good-looking, if you want to make their makeup more bright, then brush a mascara, you will be able to make the eyes look bigger and more divine, is not very simple it ~ ~

In fact, the lighter the makeup can give others a sense of intimacy, but also highlight our natural beauty, which is why many actresses like to make "pseudo-vegetarian" makeup, the most "heart" part of this makeup is the eye makeup, not only to not have a strong sense of makeup but also to play a role in magnifying the eyes. The most important thing is to be able to play the role of magnifying the eyes, look closely at this makeup, eyelashes root, and branch, so that the eyes look naturally enlarged, but also to reveal a simple and innocent temperament.

Why don't you think it's important to apply mascara? It is because you have not learned how to apply mascara to make the eyelashes curly and curved, many novice eyelashes are defeated in the step of applying eyelashes, because the eyelashes brush is not good, and may lead to just make good eye makeup dirty, so how to apply mascara is also a test of our skills step.

A lot of girls don't know that there are many colors of mascara besides black, especially there is transparent mascara, which is very suitable for novice sisters, this mascara is generally able to play a role in shaping, but also promotes the growth of eyelashes, the sister who just started to apply eyelashes can start with transparent mascara.

If you want to improve your ability to brush your eyelashes, then you should pay attention to learn some tips if you learn how to brush out successful eyelashes, then the rest of the makeup steps will not be difficult for you, the following summary of a few brush mascara when you need to pay attention to the place, still can not brush eyelashes quickly to learn it!

1. mascara brush before use with a tissue to wipe off the excess cream

This step will be ignored by many girls, but this is precisely the most important, if the excess cream on the mascara brush is not first wiped off, it will easily cause the eyelashes above the clump, the situation of fly legs. Also, if there is excess paste on the eyelashes, it will cause too much weight and the eyelashes will easily collapse.

As long as you wipe off the excess paste with a tissue before brushing your eyelashes, you will rarely fail. Sisters who are just starting to learn makeup don't know to do this, so do you remember this little trick?

2. Brush your mascara from the root of your eyelashes for better results

When you brush mascara, start from the root of the eyelashes, so that the effect of the eyelashes will be better. Many sisters brush haphazardly in the mirror, without rules and regulations, it is easy to brush the eyelashes poorly, and slowly bring them out from the root, so that the brushed eyelashes can be long and curved.

If there are sisters who brush out their eyelashes like "fly legs", that's a rollover. The probability of this is because you have been repeatedly brushing, too much cream on the eyelashes, which will lead to thicker and thicker eyelashes. Or maybe it's because you didn't choose the right mascara, the cream is not delicate enough and the liquidity is not good.

There is no ugly woman, only lazy women

3. Choose a good mascara

In fact, besides the problem of your own makeup technique, some sisters have learned these methods, but still can not brush good-looking eyelashes, because they did not choose a good mascara.

When choosing a mascara, in addition to choosing the color, you should also look at whether is the cream fine or not, brush out the flow is not smooth, the composition is not safe, and also look at whether the brush is good, so new sisters in the choice of mascara should not follow the trend to buy, good is the key.


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