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Small girls wear what pants show high?

It is recommended to choose from these models

By GonzagaPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Small girls wear what pants show high?
Photo by Oz Seyrek on Unsplash

The question of "what pants to wear to show tall" must be the voice of many small girls. So, the answer to this question, do you know?

If you do not know, it is recommended to choose from the following paragraphs, not only high but also to improve the temperament, so that small girl can become high and good-looking without effort.

Here, let's take a look at which are pants.


The trouser shape of the pipe pants, slim mainly, but not like pencil pants so tightly attached to the leg, but a certain degree of looseness, so the effect of the pipe pants on the body, comfortable and thin, without losing the sense of dry and sharp, is the most suitable for small girls pants.

In addition, the pipe pants for the wearer's body inclusive, very strong, like the leg line is not good, thigh fat, calf muscle, and other deficiencies can be hidden, so that your legs are thin, long, and straight.

What kind of pants do you wear to show your height?

When you match the pipe pants, you will find that they are very versatile, no matter if you match them with loose tops, slim tops, long tops, or short tops.


High-waited pants refer to pants with a high waistline design, from the appearance of the design alone, we can not see the difference between it and other pants, only when worn on the body, do we know how high its waist.

And the higher the waist, the longer your legs look.

It's just that the waist of the high-waited pants is even higher, and it's a waste of time if you don't show it. So, when we match high-waited pants, try to choose a short top similar to the one in the picture below, not only to further clarify the waistline position, but also to create a three-to-seven body proportion, the whole person looks great.

Of course, long tops can also be, but the premise is that the hem must be tucked into the waist of the pants, otherwise, wearing high-waited pants and wearing other pants is no different.


The pants that show the ankle position is called nine-quarter pants, which we often say "ankle pants", or "ankle pants".

As for the nine-quarter pants how high effect? It depends on the matching shoes.

Like knight boots, Martin boots, and mango boots such as boots above the ankle position, can not be used with nine-quarter pants, not only to play a high effect but also to produce a sense of dragging.

This kind of high-top shoe also can not be matched with nine-quarter pants, because they will cover the ankle position, the nine-quarter pants seconds into long pants.

The best way to say what kind of shoes to go with is the old dad shoes, which have shallow mouths and thick soles and come with a retro atmosphere, which can further highlight the high effect of the nine-quarter pants, and also help the wearer to interpret the retro style.


The material of the suit is made of suit pants, and there are various styles, such as nine-point style, wide leg style, floor style, straight style, and so on.

However, small girls only wear nine-point style suit pants, and in their opinion, only nine-point suit pants are high.

The truth is that every type of suit pants is high because the material of suit pants is very drape, how to wear not to press a person.

The fact is that every blazer is taller because the material of the blazer is very drape, so you can wear it in any style you want.


The pants with open design at the leg are called "open pants". The most attractive thing about open pants is that they are popular and can be easily worn to create a sense of fashion compared to other pants.

Because the open pants themselves are stylish enough, so, very good match, even with white T-shirts, white shirts and such ordinary tops, and not show low.

In addition to the above, the high effect of open pants is also not bad, the leg openings in the design, to extend the leg line, showing the visible effect of high.

The length of the open fork pants, open fork position is not fixed, some open to 30 or 40 cm, some open to four or five centimetres, there is side open fork, I suggest you pick the following open fork pants, front open fork, open fork length in 15cm or so, not to pick people, but also to make the effect of high very natural.

What kind of pants do you wear to show your height?


Small girls want to show high, there are two ways, one is to choose the above several kinds of pants with high effect, one is to choose thin pants, because people are thin, but also make themselves look high some.

The black pants are in the first place when it comes to the slimming effect of the pants.

As for the fashion sense of black pants? You don't have to worry about it, how to wear it is not out of fashion.

It's not enough to be thin and never out of date, who would have thought that black pants are the most versatile pants that look good with anything?

The disadvantage of it, and as little as the sun, is not as outstanding as white pants, blue pants, gray pants, khaki pants and other color pants. The good thing is, this shortcoming can be made up by matching.

Small girls are limited by their height, there are many pants they can not wear, but there are many pants suitable for them to wear, such as the above high-waited pants, suit pants, nine-quarter pants, black pants, and not mentioned straight pants, turnip pants and so on.

I hope that in the next few days, small girls can not worry about what pants to wear to show high, and can choose from the above models.

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