keeping it real

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natural wins

keeping it real

This a subject that I have explored slightly with my fiancé and after the reaction try and not visit to often. I prefer her and other ladies I see to be as natural as humanly possible and to look like they do as they fall out of bed. I hate false nails, false eyebrows and anything else you need to glue on or apply with a marker pen. Shaving eyebrows to reapply with a felt tip always confuses me the most.

She used to apply makeup before going to a hot and sweaty job we both did. Getting up hours before a 12 hour shift for a basecoat and extras on top. She looked great from a few feet but close up you could see the work involved, especially at the end of a long day. I am sure that as well as affecting her sleep it played havoc with her skin.

Now she gets up, sorts her long hair and that's about it. No make up for a long while and she looks great without. It was partially a cover for her shyness and in security but also something she felt the need to do.

The only time so far I have experienced her with the spider leg eyelashes was before a party where we lived. I said before I hated them but she chose to wear them as I gave her free choice. Even her mother stared at her as she wore them and they didn't suit her at all. In deference to me or possibly realising how bizarre they looked she hasn't worn them since. With our wedding coming soon I wonder if they will crawl back on her eyes.

She also wanted false nails but decided against on the night after I gave my none to complimentary opinion. Short and natural looking aren't to bad but when you look like Wolverines sister I again fail to see the point. In this modern age of keypads and touch phones they make that hobby almost impossible. Pick your nose and give yourself a lobotomy, have a tidy after using the loo and get internal damage. Again with our wedding approaching I wonder if I will have to navigate fresh talons or not.

I should finish by saying I don't control her or make her choose against her will. If she wants to return to the war paint, dead caterpillars and claws that's up to her. I just give my opinion and why I think she doesn't need to do these things to herself. Sleep is healthier, as is lack of glue and bits of random plastic. I know its the fashion to look like a robot with added extras and that the magazines airbrush to their hearts content. I know she wants to look her best, but her best is to look like her and not someone else.

Her most striking feature has always been her striking eyes, they blaze brightly and shouldn't be hidden in a forest of plastic. Show off what you have, add a little colour but don't change for the sake of it. Just because your favourite film star or pop start looks a certain way it doesn't mean you need to as well. In a world of clones and fakes be yourself and be proud of being yourself.I just want her to be confident in her own beauty and to show the world what she looks like. She is worried by how people see her and how they judge her. In that’s case they may as well judge the real person as a fake

I also started telling her once how bad high heels would be for her as she looked at a pair with heels that would be classed as an offensive weapon but that's another story altogether.

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