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Indian Bridal Makeup

If you are an Indian bride who plans to wear a traditional Sari or Lehenga of red, maroon, gold or green colors, you may also want to consider wearing Indian bridal makeup

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Traditionally, Indian bridal makeup takes in the whole person and consists of 16 items including the dress. These items are known as the Solah Shringar of the bride.

Traditional Indian Bridal Makeup

The Solah Shringar holds many symbolic aspects for the Indian bride. Tikka bindi are traditionally a red dot worn at the center of the forehead dropping to the center of the brow. This is a symbol of femininity and marriage and represents good omens and purity. Bridal bindi are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. These ornamental bindi can be decorated with mirror, rings, bells, beads and more.

Kajal (Kohl) is makeup applied along the edge of the eyes. This cosmetic has been used by Indian women since ancient times when it was believed to ward off bad luck. Back then it was made at home, but today it is easily purchased. Good kajal sticks provide a dreamy accent for your eyes, and even though this is an ancient tradition, today wearing Kajal is an urban fashion trend in India.

Other items that make up the Solah Shringar include bridal jewelry:

Nose ring: The nose ring known as a Nath is a traditional piece of bridal jewelry.

Jhumka: Earings

Mangalsutra: A necklace worn by a married woman designed with a combination of black and gold beads.

Payal: A fine chain worn around the ankle and decorated with ornamental, small bells.

Bichua: A toe ring worn on the second toe.

Choodi: Bangles worn on the wrist as a sign of marriage.

Kamarband: A bridal waist ornament that holds the bridal sari in place.

Pocha's: A bridal hand ornament.

Angouti: The ring-just like in Western cultures is the symbol of love and commitment.

Bazubandh: An ornament worn on the upper arm.


Flowers are also a significant part of the traditional Indian bridal look. They symbolize life and happiness.

Mehendi Designs

Mehendi designs decorate the hands and feet of the traditional Indian bride with henna. This is an ancient art form and these decorations represent prosperity and play a big role in the shringar.

Contemporary but Traditional Bridal Makeup

While these traditional touches add to the beauty and sentiment for the Indian bride, you can add these elements to today's cosmetics to give you a fresh but traditional look. To make sure you get the exact look you want, practice applying your makeup before the big day. When you choose colors, it's important that they complement your gown and accessories. Apply makeup a few times as a trial run. This is the time to experiment with everything from foundation to eyeshadow.


On your wedding day, you'll want a flawless complexion. Make sure to allow yourself time to moisturize your face about 20 minutes before applying makeup. This is also the time to apply under-eye concealer. Choose an oil based concealer if you think you may become teary on this emotionally charged day.

Foundation, Powder and Blush

Apply a light-wearing foundation. If you practiced applying your makeup earlier, you'll know for sure you have the right color for your skin, dress and accessories. Set your makeup with a dusting of face powder and finish with a powder blush.

Eyeshadow and Kajal

To light up your eyes use a neutral eyeshadow shade. For brides who would rather not use a shadow, you can use face powder for a uniform effect. Kajal is applied along the edges of your eye. If you want to brighten your eyes, you can also apply an off-white pencil along the inside of the lower lid. Finish with a coat of waterproof mascara, let it dry and apply a second coat.


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