If my tattoos could talk

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the stories of my tattoos

If my tattoos could talk

So I started to get tattoos when I was in my twenties. I have three and want more. My first one is a infinity symbol with the word love incorporated on one of the loops and the cross in the other loop. At the time I was more religious than I am now. At the time it represented the faith I held so dear. Now it represents the faith I still believe in but also my journey. I'm now more spiritual. I got in on my right foot. It didn't really hurt, it was more just annoying when she went back over it. It literally took five minutes once I was in the chair and she started the needle.

The second one is on my hip and it is of a humming bird flying in front of a red sun. I love it I think it turned out stellar. At the time I had just gotten into a new relationship and not yet fully recovered from an old relationship that had been traumatic. I had just gotten the tattoo because I liked a similar design on pinterest. The artist who did the tattoo added the sun. Since I got the tattoo it has came to represent freedom and a new person I have become. I'm still learning who I am but I like who I am. I also have learned that humming bird tattoos symbolize going through a tough time which I have. I have been through terrible relationships, bad break ups and other terrible things.

The last one that I have is on my ribs and it's the assault survivor symbol. I got it three or four years after my assault. I didn't get it to be a physical reminder of what happened, I got it as a physical reminder that I survived. I feel like sometimes I barely survived other times I feel like I survived in the best way. It hurt to get, I think it was the most painful one I got.

I don't know what other tattoos I want to get beyond leg sleeves. I have been toying with the idea for years of getting leg sleeves. I want the leg sleeves to be Disney themed. I love Disney and it makes me happy. I also think that Disney represents something pure, lovely and innocent. I want to look down and see something cute and that makes me happy. I also want to add Tim Burton style things in between each Disney tattoo. I envision flowers and that sort of thing, anything that goes with the tattoos it's by. Cute, colorful, little weird and whimsical.

I don't know what tattoos I will get after that, if I even will. I don't know when I will get the tattoos that I want but it's something that you have to save up for. Tattoos are expensive. I don't mind the question what does it mean? I don't mind most questions people ask when it comes to tattoos. The one question that I mind is "well how much does it cost?" A lot of people don't understand why they cost so much. Also every shop charges something different.

If you ask someone what their tattoo means be prepared for them to say I just liked the design. Not every tattoo has a meaning and some may not have a crazy story. The story may just be they always wanted a tattoo so they got the one they liked. It's not always a big huge story or a meaning. I am lucky that the one that I like mean something, so I have a mix.

Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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