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How To Stop Hair Breakage

by Jacqueline Hanikeh 4 years ago in hair
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Do you constantly deal with insanely dry hair and horrible split ends? Here are the best ways to stop hair breakage from continuing.

The majority of us want volumizing and luscious hair. We want that silky texture like those models in the haircare commercials. But in order to really get that hair, we really need to be stepping up our game. Hair like that doesn't come naturally, so it's time to get rid of hair breakage and revive life right back onto your head!

If you're sick and tired of your hair constantly breaking easily, or dealing with too many split ends, you must be doing something wrong. Many of us don't realize the harsh actions we do to our hair, and these are the reasons why we're not loving our hair. From constantly frizzing to the many split ends on each strand of our hair, there are definitely solutions to getting you your dream hair. And it's starting by completely stopping your old habits. These are the best ways to stop hair breakage from continuing.

Have you ever heard of deep conditioning? It's one of the ways to stop hair breakage, believe it or not. There are people who head to their hair salon about every four weeks to get a deep conditioning session, but you don't have to do this. You can simply deep condition and use hair masks for damaged hair right at home.

This one deep conditioner by Keratin Complex is not only super affordable compared to heading to the hair salon every four weeks, but it works wonders for your hair. Chock-full of keratin, vanilla bean bionutrients, and botanical actives, your hair will feel super soft, silky, and hydrated. I recommend deep conditioning once a week over night to revive your hair back into its healthy state. And make sure you place a towel over your pillow before doing this to avoid ruining your pillow.

Stop styling your hair often.

Don't you just love always having your hair on fleek? Creating those thick, stunning curls or giving your hair a pin-straight look? As much as we are pleased to see our hair looking stylish whenever leaving the house... this can be one of the reasons why your hair is looking dead.

Think about it, you're constantly putting heat onto your hair—you're basically burning it! You should only style your hair on days that are worth styling. I'm not talking about heading to work or school, or even just lounging around the house with your hair in beach waves that you learned to create. Be wise with the amount of times you're styling your hair, you don't want to completely burn out your locks.

Avoid blow-drying when your hair is fully wet.

From the ways to completely stop hair breakage is to avoid blow-drying your hair while it's dripping wet. Way too many people do this and this is actually pretty bad for your hair. Even when you don't think blow-drying straight onto really wet hair is doing any harm... it is. And when I mean blow-drying, I mean running a brush through your hair while blow-drying.

This can make your hair break even more, and it's not the best for your hair's health, either. Instead, wait a bit for your hair to become damp. When your hair becomes half dry, this is a better way to style, too. You can also gently run your fingers through your hair while blow-drying just to dry your hair a little, but never overdo it.

Silk pillow cases can be your solution to stop your hair from breaking. Among the best ways to stop hair breakage, switching to silk pillow cases is a better way to prevent really bad bed head. And if you didn't know by now, but your favorite cotton pillow cases are actually damaging your hair. From the friction between your hair and the fabric, the case is actually pulling on your hair.

So, why not switch to silk pillow cases like this one by Drybar? Drybar is a fantastic haircare brand that knows what's great and what isn't for your hair, and their silk pillow cases can give you the best-looking hair you've ever seen in the mornings. Finely woven with silk and hair glides smoothly across the surface, you won't have to touchup your hair in the mornings anymore.

Stop washing your hair every day.

Stop washing your hair every single day! This is really killing your hair and can possibly starting thinning. If you think that giving your hair a good wash everyday is helping it, you're more than wrong. Since washing your hair does strip the natural oils from your scalp, doing this everyday is causing your hair to lack moisture and eventually start to break.

If possible, wash your hair twice a week to fully care for your hair. And if your hair tends to get oily quickly, dry shampoo can be your best friend! There are so many great dry shampoos out there that you can rely on for your oily hair. Just keep the washing to about twice a week if possible.

Get regular hair trims.

I know a trip to the hair salon for a cut is a nightmare to many people out there—especially when they want to maintain their long locks. But the more you skip out on a hair trim, the worse your hair will feel, look, and be overall. Getting a regular hair trim is certainly among the best ways to stop hair breakage.

In actuality, getting a trim about twice a year is really great for your hair. Not only does it keep your hair looking and feeling healthy, but getting a cut does make your hair grow even faster. When there aren't any split ends in the way, your hair can comfortably and quickly grow than normal.

Steer clear from chemical exposure.

Don't you just love dying your hair vibrant blue, bleach blonde, or even constantly retouching your gorgeous highlights every other month? Coloring and other chemical exposures to your hair isn't the best for your hair. Sure, coloring once in a while is okay, but always within one year is doing some serious damage.

From the ways to stop hair breakage, keep the coloring to a minimum. Try coloring your hair about once a year. And if you don't have to color your hair at all... don't! That's even better if you keep your hair from any dyes. This also goes for Brazilian straightening—stay away from that, too, and just love your natural hair and color!

Have a balanced diet.

Many people don't realize this, but your diet can take a toll on your hair. If you're binge eating on a lot of junk, not only does it show on your weight and health, but your hair, as well. Having a bad diet can make your hair pretty weak and frail, which causes the breakage.

What you need to acquire thick and strong hair is eating protein! Protein is known to give you strength, so consuming a proper amount can repair the weaker areas of your hair and prevent any further breaking. However, this doesn't mean binge eat a ton of protein every day. Eating too much of it can cause your hair to brittle and basically doing the opposite of what you want. Balancing out your diet is among the tips for stronger, healthier hair.

Lastly, among the best ways stop hair breakage is by keeping your hair hydrated! Many people look past this and it's really one of the more important actions for the best outcome to your hair. When your hair lacks moisture, this can easily cause strands to break quicker and easier. If your hair is fully hydrated, your hair will be much more silkier, flexible, and can withstand nearly anything.

A great conditioner that rejuvenates moisture back into the scalp is Suave's Smoothing Conditioner with Avocado and Olive Oil. Using this product to condition your hair while showering will definitely bring back moisture into your hair and your hair's texture will feel healthy and amazing.


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