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How To Maintain a Fresh Look in the Heat

by Mikkie Mills 2 years ago in makeup
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These tips will help keep your makeup crisp and pretty, even from the sweltering summer sun.

The longer days and warm weather are a part of summertime’s charm. There are so many reasons to love summer, but for makeup enthusiasts, it can turn into a tempestuous feeling. It’s pointless to apply a full face of makeup, only to step into the heat and sweat it off. There is nothing attractive or comfortable about melted mascara, gooey lipstick, and greasy skin. Thankfully there are ways to avoid the hot mess look. These tips will help keep your makeup crisp and pretty, even from the sweltering summer sun.

Practice Safe Skin

Applying makeup over a sunburn can irritate your skin, and leave unpleasant results. Wearing sunscreen every day is a must. Covering your skin with sunscreen before putting on makeup is a breeze. So what’s the issue? It is recommended to reapply sunscreen every two hours, which is difficult to do without ruining your makeup. There is a trick to bypass this problem, without compromising your skin’s protection. Clean out a liquid foundation compact and cushion that you no longer use. Once dried, soak the cushion with your favorite sunscreen and put it back inside the compact. When it’s time to reapply, dab a sponge applicator into the cushion, and lightly pat your face.

Minimize Makeup

Beauty products are chemically affected by sunlight and heat. It is inevitable that your makeup will crease and become cakey in sticky humid weather. The only way to truly avoid this is by wearing less makeup. Use a concealer to cover blemishes and shadows. If you need more coverage, opt for a tinted moisturizer in place of a foundation. Another way to lighten your appearance is by choosing neutral colors, or the sheer versions of your favorite colors for eye and lip makeup.

Maximize Details

Simple makeup is definitely favorable during the summertime. However, adding a wow factor will take your summer look to another level. This can be done by amplifying detail areas. One area of concentration is your eyelashes. Eyelashes can be styled in a variety of ways such as cat eyes, doll eyes, and flirty eyes. Changing your eyelash style can completely transform your look. Applying layers of mascara is a commonly used technique, but it’s not ideal for the summer heat. An alternative option is false eyelash extensions. If applied and removed correctly, false eyelashes can be used anywhere between two to four times. For a more permanent option, seek out a certified lash technician who has completed an eyelash extension course. Lash technicians can safely apply the false eyelashes to the lid line. Professional eyelash extensions will last through your natural eyelashes growth cycle. Depending on the person this can be anywhere between six to eight weeks. Nevertheless, lash maintenance is recommended every three to four weeks.

Utilize the Three P’s - Primers, Papers, and Powders

Using a primer is essential in the summer. Primers are a thin layer of product used over your moisturizer, and under your makeup. The purpose of a primer is to smooth and even the skin’s surface, while improving the longevity of your makeup. Primer is especially useful for preventing beauty products from creasing and melting when exposed to heat and sweat. Another tool to keep with you at all times is blotting papers. Blotting papers are designed to absorb oil from the skin without disturbing your makeup. Focusing on the t-zone, nose, and cheeks, press the blotting paper onto the skin for a few seconds. The results are a natural matte skin surface. After using the blotting papers, now is the perfect time to set your makeup with powder. While using a large brush, buff a generous amount of a setting powder into your skin and let it sit for a few minutes. After the powder sets in remove the excess with a makeup sponge.

Maintaining a fresh look to your makeup during the summer is possible. It’s a fairly simple formula. Create a smooth canvas with an effective skincare routine, use the appropriate products, and find the look that suits you best. Follow these tips, and soon you’ll be donning your best summer look yet!


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