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How to jump rope to achieve full-body fat burning effect?

Plasticity is far more important than weight loss

By Egg LemmonPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
How to jump rope to achieve full-body fat burning effect?
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A woman who is good at running her own business must have a good figure above all. Instead of helplessly looking at the perfect style on the window that you can't manage, you should act immediately and let the sweat stir, which is a truth that will never change: no matter what the popular style is every year, a good body is just what is needed. Self-discipline can give you plenty of freedom, as the saying goes, weight loss is not that easy, every piece of meat has its temper, but if you can master the right method, then the fat loss will become easy.

Here, I will introduce to you, jumping rope this fitness activity that can achieve the effect of whole body fat burning, respectively, for the large base as well as small base people, some times the decline in the number on the scale does not necessarily say everything, the important thing is the change in body fat rate since plasticity is far more important than weight loss. Therefore, I hope to be able to help friends who are having weight problems or hesitation at this moment, take action and choose the right fitness method to shape a more perfect yourself!

Take action now

High leg lift

Before jumping rope, we can first according to their degree of adaptation start 50-100 high leg raising actions, here to note that the high leg raising action to standardize, small abdominal inhalation waist straight, thighs touching the flat lifting hands. In addition, the small base population should run up to do this action, while the large base population just needs to do it at normal walking speed. The reason for this distinction is to protect the large base people's knees and other joints, not because of excessive force and squeeze injury.

Jumping rope

High leg action is equivalent to a warm-up exercise, the whole body joint muscles are active, to facilitate the back of the jump rope will not be injured. Jump rope according to their actual situation jump 500-1000, small base crowd is best to use with rope jump rope for sports, can better coordinate their own sports cells, to achieve a better fat-burning effect; a big base crowd can choose no rope jump rope, not subject to the limitations of the regional venues, but also can achieve the same purpose of the whole body movement.

High five under the hip

After doing the rope skipping exercise, according to their actual situation for 50-100 crotch high five, this can give the body rest aerobic exercise, in between the rest can also play a stretching role, at the same time on the thighs and stomach also has a good fat burning effect.

Repeat jumping

Some findings show that jumping rope is the fastest fat-burning exercise, fast running 30 minutes and about 300 calories, while jumping rope 30 minutes and about 500 calories, equivalent to jogging 90 minutes. Wait for the body to relax to a certain extent, and repeat jump rope jumping 1000 or more, which can be faster to stimulate the body's exercise cells awakening, to achieve a better fat-burning effect.

Back kick

After doing the above steps, perform 50-100 back kick actions, which can relieve the sore muscles because of exercise, and at the same time can enhance the flexibility of the musculoskeletal, improve the basal metabolic capacity of athletes.

Relaxation activities

At the end of the day, there must be stretching activities! At the same time, this is also a lot of partners will miss the link, if not do stretching relaxation, the next day we have exercised the muscles will be sore, and it is difficult to persist. You can relax for about 10 minutes by stretching joints, muscles, etc.

Those seemingly uneventful, boring, efforts to persevere day after day, one day, you will see the significance of the effort!

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