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How to improve the "couch" hair texture?

Hair style thousands of millions, hair quality into several

By Egg LemmonPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
How to improve the "couch" hair texture?
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There are thousands of hairstyles and hair textures, but only "sofa" is the most headache hair texture, because it is not only difficult to take care of but easy to fry, and any hairstyle is not applicable. The sofa is a water-deficient nature of dry hair, in daily life, often manifested as a fluffy mess, frizzy, visually alive like a "golden lion". And 80% of the sofa from the family genetic, only 20% of the sofa is due to frequent personal perm blowing and pulling caused by.

Hair style thousands of millions, hair quality into several

Next, I want to discuss with you how to improve the sofa this hair texture, and get rid of the "fried hair" "broken hair" "easy to break hair" and other troubles, but also hope to help belong to I hope to help friends and partners who belong to the hair texture of the sofa to find a suitable method for their hairdressing and hair care, and to choose the right hairstyle for themselves.

Repair hair scales

As we all know, if the hair scales are damaged or missing on the hair will make the hair warped and dry, in the process of shampooing our hair, we usually apply shampoo to the hair and then by rubbing the foam this will damage the scales to a certain extent, so you can use a foamer like a cleanser, after the shampoo foam in an even application to the scalp and hair. In addition, you can also use shampoos that have the effect of repairing the hair scales, which contain hyaluronic acid, amino acids, keratin, and other ingredients that can make the hair scales smooth.

Spa treatment

The method of hair spa, can play a certain degree of nourishing hair and supplement the role of nutrition, the frequency of the spa can be once a week, can make the original dry and yellow hair get care, and over time slowly restore the luster.

Softening and straightening

The most important feature of a couch is that it is not suitable for any hairstyle, because the original fluffy hair will look abrupt even if it is turned into other hairstyles, so we can choose to soften and straighten it. By cutting off the disulfide bonds in the hair with softening creams, the hair becomes smooth and straight, making it easy to handle various hairstyles. However, it should be noted that although the hair is softened and straightened, it is still the hair of the couch, and if you do not use conditioners and hair masks to take care of it later, it will turn back into a couch in no time. In addition, this method does not apply to serious sofas, serious sofas even through softening and straightening, the hair can not achieve the effect of straight and smoothness.

Reduce the frequency of perming and dyeing

At this point, I do not think I need to say more, most the sofa problems in addition to genetics are also caused by multiple perms, so try to avoid reducing the number of perms, for the hair is the greatest protection. If you want to try a variety of hairstyles, we can choose curling irons, plastic curlers, and bedtime braids to maintain a short haircut, but also pay attention to the use of curling irons to pay attention to the temperature of the curling iron not too high, otherwise, it will also damage the hair quality.

Improve the scalp

The scalp is a fertile ground for hair growth, only to ensure the health of the scalp, we can fundamentally improve the hair quality of the sofa, through massaging the scalp, or a variety of nourishing scalp care methods to ensure the normal growth of hair follicles, for friends of the sofa, the hair quality will also become better little by little.

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