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How is the Recovery After Ear Reconstruction? Are the Results Permanent?

by Dr Rajat Gupta 15 days ago in face

Ear reconstruction surgery in Delhi is a highly sophisticated and technical procedure. It is performed to cure microtia – a defect where a baby is born with an underdeveloped or non-existent external ear. Ear reconstruction involves taking cartilage from the rib and shaping it to resemble the external ear. It is then placed underneath the skin on the side of the head and is adjusted appropriately so that it looks natural.

How is the Recovery After Ear Reconstruction? Are the Results Permanent?

Why Rib Cartilage?

The reason rib cartilage is the most desirable procedure for this is because of the results it creates.

The procedure is typically done in 2 parts over 4-5 sessions. The first operation harvests cartilage and places the ear. The second operation pulls the ears forward, so they do not stick to the head. This way, they protrude out and look aesthetic.

That said, the significant advantage of rib cartilage surgery is that the cartilage is taken from the patient's body. By the age of 8, the child usually has enough cartilage to take and sculpt the ear. The surgeon then takes some cartilage and creates the ear. Once the ear is inserted, the child has no adverse reactions.

Some surgeons use implants instead of rib cartilage. This takes away the primary benefit of the material being compatible with the host body. The compatibility that rib cartilage ear reconstruction surgery in Delhi offers ensures an additional level of much-desired safety.

Ear Reconstruction Recovery

The safety of the procedure also makes a recovery much more comfortable. While the results are guaranteed to look good, often surgeries have an impact on the patient's day-to-day physical functioning.

The child and the family will not have to worry about this too. The painless nature of the surgery allows them to resume playing and enjoying themselves as soon as the surgery is complete. The necessary precautions to be taken a few days after surgery are always prescribed by the surgeon carefully. Thus, all the side effects like minor swelling or pain, are easily controlled. The prescribed after-care medication takes care of everything.

Ear reconstruction recovery involves lifelong results. In most cases of plastic surgery, additional surgeries may be needed a few decades down the line. This is unnecessary with ear reconstruction. The rib cartilage is alive when used to create the external ear and inserted under the skin. This means that the cartilage continues growing with the child – the ears grow naturally with the child!

This further contributes to the demand for the procedure. With safe techniques and highly natural-looking results, parents choose ear reconstruction surgery so they can give their children better lives!

Benefits of Rib Cartilage Surgery

First and foremost, the created ears are made out of cartilage taken from the patient's ribs. Therefore, the cartilage is 100% compatible with the body and is alive, growing with the child.

That said, there are also several other benefits to the rib cartilage surgery. Although we have touched upon most of them, let’s go through them once again, shall we?

The Guaranteed Safety

The primary reason rib cartilage surgery is desirable is due to its guaranteed safety. It is entirely safe because there are no artificial substances inserted into the body. In some surgeries, surgeons use implants instead of the rib cartilage technique. This can have adverse results depending on the patient's immune system and allergies. Such factors determine bodily response to a new substance – the implant – entering the body.

However, with rib cartilage, there is no chance of anything going wrong. Much like fat grafting, which utilises fat from the patient’s body for enhancement, the rib cartilage surgery uses cartilage that has already proven to be compatible with the patient’s body.

Therefore, it is a very safe procedure as the body’s natural tissue is used instead of a manufactured product.

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Dr Rajat Gupta
Dr Rajat Gupta
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