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Hottest Makeup Trends of the 1970s

by Jacqueline Hanikeh 4 years ago in vintage
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Did you know that they were rocking pastels in the 70s? Check out the hottest makeup trends of the 1970s that you can still relate to today!

The evolution of makeup throughout the decades has tremendously progressed. From the past to today, you can tell that there was a ton of adjustments and new additions being made. However, the 1970s certainly wasn't a horrible decade for makeup. In fact, we can still relate to their makeup looks to this day. From the glitter to the pastels and thick cat eyeliners, the 70s was the hottest time for the most extravagant and vibrant colors. And as for a groovy decade, you bet their makeup looks was just as vivid and creative, just like their flowery lifestyle.

Even though some of us won't even dare resurrect some of the makeup trends in the 70s, there are definitely certain trends that we don't even realize we're doing them today, like the glittery lids and bold red lips. And cosmetic brands are still embracing the 70s trends by dropping similar products from their generation. If you're curious to see if you're rocking any of the 70s makeup looks, check out the hottest makeup trends of the 1970s that some of us still do today!

This is probably the one that so many of us don't even think about—putting on blue eyeshadow. Blue eyeshadow was one of the makeup trends of the 1970s and it was seriously the hottest thing so many people put on their lids. Since it was such a vibrant, but cool color, they just couldn't get enough of it. But wait, they didn't just use blue eyeshadow, but blue eyeliner, too. You know, to compliment the blue eyeshadow that's coating their eyelids. But I have to admit, they knew how to rock the blue eye look with their colorful outfits.

And Mac's single eyeshadow in Atlantic Blue is one of the top blue shades that many people are using today. It's a royal blue shade that’s highly pigmented and blends precisely to your liking. In addition, this matte blue eyeshadow packs so well and it’s buildable. And who said you can't rock blue eyeshadow today? The world of makeup is getting more creative by the hour, which means anyone and everyone can wear whatever color eyeshadow they want, and make it work.

Yes! It's the decade of curling your natural eyelashes for more voluminous lashes. While we have the miracle works of false lashes, in the 70s, they curled their lashes in attempt to make them look fuller when applying mascara on. And it's clear that we still curl our natural lashes to this day, but it was a big deal in the past.

But just which eyelash curler works the best? Many of us are very hesitate in buying the right eyelash curler mainly because we don't want one that will literally cut off our lashes. However, Tweezerman's Onyx Great Grip Eyelash Curler won't ruin your lashes the slightest. This curler can intensify your lashes in the most gorgeous way possible. Featuring padded handles and no-slip grip, it perfectly captures every individual lash and curling them to your liking. And after using this eyelash curler, it'll look as though you're wearing falsies after applying mascara!

Who knew they highlighted in the 70s? Among the best makeup trends of the 1970s, highlighting was certainly a thing in the past. They highlighted to make their skin appear more dewy and healthy looking. And, of course, to shine as bright as a star. Yet, their highlighters in the past weren't as highly pigmented as today's. But it still got the job done, because the high points to their faces never looked the slightest dull.

As for today's amazing highlighters, Tarte Cosmetics produces one of the best on the market. And their Tarteist PRO Glow Highlight and Contour Palette does wonders when it comes to highlighting anywhere you want. While it includes four highlights, it also comes with two additional contours. So not only are you highlighting to blind your surroundings, but your chiseling and structuring your cheekbones with the contours for a more defined face.

Remember when I said the 70s wanted dewy skin? They also used foundations that would achieve that look! From the makeup trends of the 1970s, we can totally relate when they wanted wetter-looking skin. While there are people who love the matte skin more today, in the 70s, it was all about dewy, baby. Cue Austin Powers' iconic smile.

Anyways, for a foundation that leaves your skin looking shimmery and dewy, Maybelline's FIT ME! Dewy and Smooth Foundation will hydrate and make your face feel silky smooth. Perfect for normal to dry skin, your face will feel its best when applying this foundation on. Plus, it doesn't leave your skin feeling tacky, but still looking dewy and overall hydrated! This foundation is also seen as one of the best drugstore beauty products people actually swear by.

You have to admit, the bold red lips was always a thing in the makeup world. You can never go wrong with it! And while it's one of the hottest makeup trends of the 1970s, we still slay the game by using red lipstick ourselves today. But it was a big deal in the past and they basically applied it whenever they found the opportunity. They'll even put on red lipstick while their eyelids were coated in blue eyeshadow!

And these days, red lipstick is truly hard to find. Since some of the red lipsticks out there can be messy, tacky, and worst of all, sheer, it's not that easy to find the ideal red lipstick. However, NARS' Audacious Lipstick in Annabella is one of the best out there. Packed with pigment so it's not streaky and sheer, you can get the ultimate coverage with just one swipe across your lips. With a satin texture, this red lipstick will last so much more longer compared to others on the market. And red lipstick is also a must have makeup item.

Before the 2000s, blush was widely popular. People enjoyed putting rosy-colored blush on their cheeks and even the pinkest shade. As for the makeup trends of the 1970s, coral was one of the bigger deals. Sure, people still applied the rosy blush, but a warm, soft coral tone was probably the most loved. Since they enjoyed making their cheeks appear flushed, the coral was diverse than the regular tones and it was overall stunning.

Even today people are apply coral blush to their cheeks. If they don't want that dramatic, rosy pink cheek look, coral is the way to go. And Mac's Extra Dimension Blush in Fairly Precious is the ideal coral shade ever. With the perfect combination of smoothness, creamy, and blend ability, Mac’s blushes are a great go-to makeup product when in need of a great blush. It’s cruelty-free and applies on smoothly and generously. It also blends perfectly and can be built upon if you want more.

Among the hottest makeup trends of the 1970s that we still use today, glitter was a major thing in the past. I'm talking about glitter... literally... everywhere! From your eyelids to your lips and even body, people seriously took advantage of glitter. And it definitely made everything look better—and more sparkly!

While loose glitter was a thing in the 70s, people are still using its magical works today. And loose glitter doesn't have to be just for makeup looks, but people applied it in their hair and all over their body. Who doesn't want to shine like a star? And Essence's Moon Glitter is one of the best loose glitters out there. You can apply this onto your cheekbones, hair part, and even nails to bring more shimmer into your life!

We all know that brilliant colors, and lots of it, made the 70s. And as for the makeup trends of the 1970s, vibrant colors were also used for makeup looks. But more specifically, pastels! People's clothing in that decade had so many pastels. From the flowery appearance to the loose fitting, pastels were most loved in this decade. So loved that people wanted to wear all of the soft colors of their eyes to make their eyes pop like meadows of flowers!

To this day, people can't get enough of the pastels. And how can we blame them? The colors are breathtaking and there's so many looks you can do with just pastels. Karity's Unicorn Dreams palette can certainly fulfill your soft pastel needs when it comes to creating a ton of eye looks. With the 15 shades in the palette, you're getting matte to shimmer finish shadows. And they're all in gorgeous, soft colors to play around with!

Lastly, from the hottest makeup trends of the 1970s ever is the exotic, dramatic, cat eyeliner looks. Nope, it wasn't just about the soft looks with pastels, but people loved the thick liner looks. The 70s was also based on winged eyeliners for that gripping cat look. And people liked it big and bold in the past, but we're guilty to this, too.

Today, we're still rocking the thick eyeliner. And cat eye looks are still one of the hottest eye looks to slay. As for a great eyeliner to achieve the look, Lancôme's Monsieur Big Eyeliner Marker is the magic marker that you've been waiting for. Using this to create your very own cat eye is easy and effortless every time. Also, the black pigmentation is bold so it never fades on you after wearing it throughout the day.


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