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GLAUX CHEM’s Face & Body Oil: A Review for People with Sensitive Skin

by Patricia Sarkar 4 years ago in product review
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You need it because rough skin is *so* last winter.

If there’s anything that I’m known for, it’s having sensitive skin. My skin always breaks out as soon as it hits light, and at times, even blowing my nose can cause pimples to form on my face. My skin is also dry, and up until recently, no moisturizing oil has been able to fix it.

To make matters worse, I have a sun allergy that causes me to break out and scar up on my shoulders and lower jawline. Unless it’s an absolutely perfect day and I somehow manage to keep my diet on point, I will have a breakout—or at the very least, blotchy red skin.

So, when I volunteered to try out a product that was designed for sensitive skin, I was skeptical. I still remember the last breakout I had from a “sensitive skin” product, and it wasn’t pretty. Brave as I am, I decided to go forth and give GLAUX CHEM Face & Body Oil a try for an entire week. Here’s what happened…

The First Impression

The first day I got the bottle, I didn’t really know what to expect. What I did know was that GLAUX CHEM used hemp oil, carrot oil, and a number of other botanicals when they created their skincare line. I also knew that the ingredients they used were backed by science to be good for a person’s skin.

One thing that surprised me was the scent. I dabbed it on, it smelled mildly herbal, and then the scent dissipated rather quickly. It was totally odorless, unlike any other product for sensitive skin I’ve had to date.

Day 1: The First Hours of Use

It didn’t take too long to see what the hubbub was about. Within an hour at work, I had decided to put my hand on my cheek... and quickly paused. My skin, which is almost always so rough to the touch, was soft. It was soft to the point that I actually stopped typing in order to feel it. It was silky smooth.

There was no greasiness when I touched my skin. That alone was unusual. I decided to add some of the oil to my shoulders, which often were marked by scarring from sun allergy breakouts—or even just wearing the wrong clothing.

What I was concerned about, though, was the possibility that this wouldn’t last. Maybe I’d break out if I kept using it?

Day 2: Still No Redness

By the second day, I was expecting to see some kind of redness. Usually, skincare products outside of sunscreen tend to give me a little redness around the cheekbones. It doesn’t take too long to happen, either.

I looked in the mirror after my daily morning application. Still no redness. If anything, my skin looked calmer than it did the day before.

Day 3: Two Days Later

Contrary to what I feared would happen, I did not have any breakouts yet. My coworker explained that I was supposed to be using GLAUX CHEM’s Face & Body Oil when I came out of the shower, but the fact was that I was pleased enough with my “dry” approach to keep going at it.

For once in my adult life, my shoulders felt smooth and so did my skin. This was pretty good because I had a photoshoot with an artist friend that was booked for Friday. I was nervous about going while testing things out, if only because covering a breakout gets so difficult.

My skin wasn’t as red as it usually is. Though I’m known for being pessimistic, I started to feel like GLAUX CHEM might be the real deal. For once!

Day 4: I Use It On My Legs

By Day 4, I started to get experimental with GLAUX CHEM’s oil. While taking a bath, I looked down at my legs. My legs were the driest parts of my body, and regularly had issues with shaving as a result. For once, I wanted to feel my legs and have them actually feel like a human body rather than paper.

I hopped out of the bath, and rubbed some oil on them. This was the “preferred” method of using body oil, as my coworkers told me. After adding the oil to them, I went to sleep.

Day 5: My Legs Feel Like Legs

I woke up, added oil to my face and shoulders, then decided to feel my legs. After all, it wouldn’t be an experiment without checking the results, right? My legs felt incredibly soft compared to how they normally do. In fact, even the hair on the felt softer and more supple. It was almost as if I was born with a different (better) skin type.

Day 6: Right Before the Photoshoot

By Day 6, I’d been using the oil on my face regularly. My friend/photographer, Terrence, hadn’t seen me for about four months or so. He immediately noticed the difference.

“O, have you been eating better? Your skin looks good,” he said. I took it as a sign that my skin was visibly improving. My diet really didn’t change at all since we last hung out, so it had to be the oil I was using.

Now, this photoshoot had a lot of aspects to it that don’t bode well for a model with sensitive skin. More specifically, I was going to be wearing a lot of makeup with glitter and shimmer—not to mention some facial jewels.

Oil plus glue doesn’t really bode well. It usually means that the glue will end up sliding off the surface. In this case, I was worried that my makeup wouldn’t stay put on my skin long enough to take a good shot.

I used GLAUX CHEM’s Face & Body Oil as my primer that day. Though I usually never do this, I also skipped my daily sunscreen because I was worried about it interfering with the makeup I’d be wearing later on.

The Photoshoot

Today was the day of the photoshoot, and I was getting a bit nervous. If GLAUX CHEM’s oil could stand up to the use of heavy makeup, stick highlighter, and face jewels, I would be impressed.

I added the makeup, used my highlighter sticks, and then stuck on my face jewels... and nothing budged. If anything, getting the gemstones off my face seemed to be harder than usual. I looked great in the shots, and my skin felt great after, too.

Day 7: The Aftermath

After the shoot was over, I washed off the makeup, took the jewels off, and went to sleep. The oil passed the most rigorous tests I could come up with, and did so with flying colors. To date, it’s really the only facial oil that hasn’t made me break out and didn’t get greasy.

In the morning, the first thing I did was grab my bottle for this review and dab it on. It was second nature at this point. For all the hype that has been surrounding this product, I can honestly say that every little bit of it was very well-earned.

I was never one for natural skincare, primarily because I never really saw the appeal. It always was a genre of makeup that never did anything good for me. However, GLAUX CHEM proved that natural might just be the way to go—as long as you have a little bit of science in the mix.

I’m a believer, and as someone who has ultra-sensitive skin, I can tell you that GLAUX CHEM’s Face & Body Oil is something everyone with sensitive skin should try. If it worked for me, chances are that it’ll work for you, too.

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