Femininity Part 3

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Finding your color

Femininity Part 3

Every woman has a color that they wear and they feel the most confident in and makes the most sexy and vulnerable. It makes them feel like they can conquer the world in that color. Whether that is black, green, or orange or whatever it is, it has a meaning and why you wear it and why it makes you feel so alive. The color that speaks for them before they even have to say anything.

While you try to figure out what will be your feminine color, we are going to figure out what each color means and stands for, we will not go over all of them just six colors of the main at this time.I am going to go though and give the meaning behind each color.

Red: Red is such a passionate and explosive color, it will bring everyone’s attention towards you. Red is also an aggressive and sexual color. So stand in what you mean and what you want. Red is the color of great power and greatness.

Black: Black is one of my many feminine colors. It is one of the most powerful colors out there. Very flattering to any body type. Although, it is a very dark color and perceived as a color of mad things, a lot of good can come from choosing this color. It shows authority and strength and elegance. In this color you can conquer anything, ne anything and do anything.

Blue: A nice calm and cooling color. This color is actually very soothing because of what it represents. When you think of this color, the ocean, the sky and all things peaceful come to mind and it really does help you relax. This color represents intelligence, quick wit and independence. In this color you have to stand in what you believe in and your personal truth. This color also stands for creativity,loyalty and respect.

Pink: This is one of the most feminine colors in the world. When a baby girl is born almost all of her stuff is pink or a variation of this color. This soft and gracious color stands for love and calming the storm or rage. This lovely color will bring you a lot of peace and prosperity. This color screams and signifies all things girly.

Purple: The favorite and most recognized royal color. This color also stands for great wealth. For a long time only the royals and the extremely rich could wear this color because of how expensive it was to make. This color also means Passion, intuitiveness and they have a good institution.

Yellow. This is a well known happy, bright. expressive color. This color screams happy and excitement and sunshine. It is the color of inspiration and a very intelligent person. Wearing this color will only bring positive things into your life.This color will attract all the good things you want to happen in life and you will always be in a happy mindset and spirit.

I only listed six colors, there is a world more. Do not rush trying to find your color, it will come to you. It will gravitate to you. Do not stress about it, let this color be a peaceful reminder of your femininity. This color will bring forth the energy you need to succeed in every area of your life. Take your time and slowly find your color. Once, you do it will be the best moment of your life and will start to change everything around you. Be patient, and be diligent it will come to you when you least expect it to.

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