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False eyelash tips for beginners

You can't sleep with false eyelashes on

By GonzagaPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
False eyelash tips for beginners
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Eyes are the window to the soul, so eye makeup is the secret to becoming an "electric-eyed goddess", and well-defined eyelashes are the key! You always feel that applying eyelash mascara doesn't look as good as having eyelash extensions, but you feel that having eyelash extensions will reduce the room for your makeup to work? Why not try wearing false eyelashes? There are so many different types of false eyelashes that are easy to use and reusable, so let's find your own!

How do I choose the right false eyelashes?

False eyelashes are divided into single bundles and a whole row of designs, a row of designs will be more convenient and quick, while a bundle will be suitable for the pursuit of sophisticated makeup girls. If you like a natural look, you can choose a length of 10-11 mm, which is closer to the real eyelashes and creates a thicker look. For those looking for a more intense look, choose 13 - 14 mm for a more dramatic effect on the eyes.

How to use false eyelashes?

You can't sleep with false eyelashes on

Apply a thin layer of glue to the base of the false eyelashes. After the glue is half dry, place it on top of the real eyelash base, starting from the middle, then attach the front half and the back half to the base of the eyelashes according to the shape of the eye, and then use an eyelash curler to curl the real and false eyelashes together after they dry.

For a single bunch of false eyelashes, there is a different approach. Place the mirror at a level lower than your eye level and let your head and eyes look down naturally, this angle will make it easier for you to apply the false eyelashes. Squeeze out a small amount of glue and lightly dip the root of the single false eyelash into the glue, then place the glue on the bottom of the real eyelash in turn after it dries.

How do I clean my false eyelashes?

Simply dip the false eyelashes in contact lens solution and the next day the glue will separate from the false eyelashes and they will be ready for reuse.

For those girls who think they are handicapped, follow these instructions and you will find it much easier than you thought.

Can I sleep with false eyelashes on?

False eyelash stickers are best or need to be removed. False eyelashes usually need to be coated with glue when worn, and wearing them to bed may clog the hair follicles and easily inflame them. The skin around the eyes is delicate, and wearing false eyelashes to sleep may cause the eye skin to become saggy and accelerate aging of the eye skin. Try to take off your makeup every night before going to bed to avoid residual makeup around the eyes, which can lead to faster skin aging, and incomplete cleaning can also lead to clogging of the hair follicles at the root of the eyelashes, leading to inflammation.

False eyelashes are a type of beauty product. They are artistically designed to be used on the eyes and show a pixie-like quality between the lashes that agitate. False eyelashes are a beauty product that is made by hand, semi-hand, or machine by strangling the eyelashes one by one. They are very well made and convenient. Due to the condition of individual eyelashes, some people lose their eyelashes easily. If you wear false eyelashes for a long time, they can cause further eyelash loss, so you should use them carefully.

How to choose the right false eyelashes?

False eyelash purchase points

1. The stalk is too thick, too hard, and shimmers with plastic light. The stalk is too thick and you must draw thick eyeliner to hide it, so if you're not careful, you'll turn into a big thick makeup. Too thick and black lashes will reflect in the light, revealing a sense of plastic.

2. The hairs are too thick and too curved, revealing an illusion. False eyelashes are worn daily, but the "curl and length" of the eyelashes exceed the eye socket.

3. Thin and soft stems are natural and comfortable. The stalk is thin and soft so that the eyelash can adhere to the amplitude of the eye shape, and the head and tail of the eye are not easy to be curled up.

4. Thick, long, and not too much, with a moderate sense of space. Remember to choose false eyelashes that are very different from your own, just a little bit more "thick, long and dense" than the original eyelashes, and try to compare them with your eyelashes, the closer they are, the more real they are.

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