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Every thing you need to know about the Woddy Perfumes

by saurabh adivedanatural about a year ago in product review
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Perfume for men

"The diverse world of fragrances is profoundly complex and to navigate all the different types of perfumes it is really important to categorize the perfumes into different category i.e families which include Woody, floral, Oriental, Fougere, Chypre, Gourmand, fruity, and Citrus.

When talking about perfumes and mainly men's perfume, the first fragrance that comes to our mind is Woody. Perfumes in the woody family remind the dominant accords, the one that gives the scent its core character. As the name suggests, woody perfumes are distinctive in nature as their opulent characteristics of wood like smell connects you to the natural world of trees, resin, moss, bark, pine cones, bushes, and also roots.

Grasses and leaves can have a profoundly earthy, woody character (like Patchouli and Vetiver). Woody perfumes are characterized by their aroma of citrusy headnotes. In the heart of it, they mostly have crisp, dry woody notes that are dominated by resin, or cedarwood. The base of the notes is generally creamy and sensual sandalwood. Wood ingredients add richness, warmth, elegance, and depth to a perfume that is typically dominated by sandalwood, Pine, Patchouli, Vetiver, and Cedarwood. Sandalwood is rich and earthy, Patchouli is like a deep forest, Vetiver is smoky and creamy, Cedarwood is dry and straight and Oudh is compact and heavy.

Woody fragrance can be given a bit of a twist by mixing it with fruity-floral notes. By adding herbs and spices to this can easily accentuate the overall performance of the perfume and can further be categorized by its subfamilies like Woody Oriental, Woody Leather, Woody Chypre, Woody Aromatic, Woody Floral, Woody Fruity, and Woody Spicy.

Best Woody Eau de Parfum

The best example of a woody perfume is Adiveda Natural refreshingly authentic Bonjour Eau De Perfume for Men. It is influenced by nature backed by more depth and a whole lot of character. Given its natural notes and influences, Bonjour Eau De Parfum compliments your personality with its bergamot and orange top notes, lavender’s heart note, and leather & white musk’s base note. It is a long-lasting and all-natural blend of tropical ingredients that are purely extracted from nature and are cruelty-free.

Top Woody Perfume Ingredients

Cedarwood- Cedarwood is the most significant of the woods due to its ancient use in perfumery, and is one of the most commonly used notes in the fragrance. Its character is dry, distinctively woody, and resinous. Its aroma is comforting, warm, and sedative, meaning it works well as an evening scent and is very suitable for the winter seasons.

Vetiver- Vetiver is certainly unique with its rich and smokey aroma. Unlike Cedarwood, Vetiver is a cool fragrance due to its earthy, damp origins, but at the same time, it is luscious, sweet, and full. This makes it suitable for the cooler seasons, where intensity is desired to survive in the cold, inhospitable climate.

Sandalwood- This is a widely used scent due to its versatility and ability to blend extremely well with a variety of different notes. The scented oil is a valuable ingredient, extracted from trees in the genus Santalum. Its aroma is creamy, rich, and sensual, which is perhaps why it is so addictive to inhale. The aroma is subtler than cedarwood, but has a unique ability to linger and last, acting as an excellent fixative for other notes. This staying power is useful in cool weather.

Patchouli- Patchouli oil has a strong, slightly sweet, intoxicating scent. It's described as having a dark, musky-earthy aroma, and reminiscent of wet soil. Due to its intense scent, even when diluted, patchouli goes a long way. It is most commonly used as a base note in perfumes and is also prized as an excellent fixative (an ingredient that extends the life of other perfume ingredients). Patchouli mixes well with many other notes, including vetiver, sandalwood, frankincense, bergamot, cedarwood, myrrh, jasmine, rose, and citrus. It is also highly complementary to vanilla and other sweet scents.

After learning so much about the wody perfume, we guess you would like to try it out too. For more details about woody perfume, contact our costumer care unit and get all the information you need. Shop woody perfumes from Adiveda Natural’s website and rock all day long!

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