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When it comes to makeup, many fairies will first think of various kinds of makeup brushes of different lengths. For those of you who have just started to learn makeup, it's a bit difficult to recognize so many makeup brushes at once. But in fact, with the development of the times, the iteration of the product, a lot of cosmetic has its own tools or some cosmetic hand staining effect is better, do not need so many makeup brushes. Today, let's get to know a few commonly used makeup brushes!

By Wei QiPublished 8 months ago 3 min read

    Foundation Brush

    Many professional makeup gurus use foundation brushes to apply foundation because the foundation that comes out of the brush will be more translucent, brighter, and won't feel heavy. It prevents the foundation from over-absorbing or remaining in the fine lines, resulting in a dry and wrinkled old skin feel. The right foundation brush is a good foundation for the entire makeup.

Selection of foundation brush can be based on the following points to select: brush hair density to be close, hair hard some; brush hair into the best diagonal trapezoid, select the hair elasticity of the brush; material is best to select sable hair or synthetic fiber.

Concealer brush

Concealer brush, as the name suggests, is used to apply the concealer product in the place where you need to conceal the parts, such as spots, acne marks, dark circles and so on. It can help you with detailing areas. Usually used in conjunction with a foundation brush, the use of a concealer brush allows for a more even and natural coverage.

Loose Powder Brush

A loose powder brush will give you a more even, natural and softer effect than a puff, and it will also save on loose powder. A loose powder brush is also an important tool for most makeup artists.

Note when choosing: gently comb down with your fingers to check whether the bristles are off; brush lightly pressed on the back of the hand, draw a semicircle, check whether the bristles are neat; with a hair dryer hot air blowing the bristles to keep the original shape for animal hair, hair shape curly is synthetic fiber.

Blush Brush

A good blush brush will make your blush look more natural rather than a hard piece of red. Long, soft bristles allow you to apply blush without damaging your foundation, and can apply blush, contour color and other large areas. Angled blush brushes with a slanted brush head shape work better.

Note on choosing a blush brush: There are two common types of blush brushes: horsehair blush brushes and wool brushes. Generally, we will choose a soft, medium-sized round brush or flat brush. The bristles are preferred to animal hair, which is very soft and more comfortable to use, and the bristles should be thick and light overall.

Eyeshadow Brush

Eyeshadow brushes reveal soft colors and can be subdivided into many different models according to their function. If you do not know how to choose, it is recommended to give priority to the purchase of large, medium and small eyeshadow brushes each one, the large brush is used to stick the light color eyeshadow base; medium size can be more detailed modification of the eye; small brush is used to refine the eyeshadow, especially the brush head is close, angled eyeshadow brushes, can be used to strengthen the outline of the eyes. Eye shadow brush hair is generally divided into pony hair, goat hair and mink hair three kinds, the first two are most common, the price is moderate; mink hair is the best, soft and durable wash, but also the most expensive.

Lip brush

A good lip brush can help you depict more shapely lips and create lip makeup more easily. When choosing a lip brush, press the front of the bristles with your finger, if it is full and flexible, it is a good lip brush. When applying lipstick, start from the lower lip. Within the drawn lip line, apply from the inside out. When applying lip gloss with a lip brush, don't use too much force and don't let the bristles bend too much so that they don't fall off and break. When using different colors of lip gloss, use a tissue dipped in lip cleansing cream to clean the lip brush, then wipe it over with a tissue dipped in water.

Cleaning of makeup brushes

1, taken from the animal brush hair is softer (and more expensive), but the brush made of sable hair is not the best. Animal hair will gradually become softer with time, aging, the better, but do not need to wash too hard, in the case of love and care use, 2 months to a quarter cleaning can be.

2, some synthetic bristles, it should be cleaned every 2 to 3 weeks, with professional makeup brush cleaner to clean, you can also use neutral detergent cleaning.

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