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Criteria to choose the best hair transplant surgeon in India

by Andrew Martin 10 months ago in hair

Criteria to choose the best hair transplant surgeon in India. Get the details!

Best hair transplant surgeon in India

Technically speaking, Hair transplant surgery involves harvesting the hair follicles from the donor area (that possess permanent roots) and transplanting them to the target bald site while taking sufficient care of the aesthetics and quality of the procedure. The treatment is a surgical procedure and depends extremely on the surgeon performing it as it involves a fine surgical hand, key decision making including the choice of technique, donor area selection etc. Thus, the patients are always advised to find the best hair transplant surgeon in India before getting treated. Hair transplant in India has also swelled in the past decade or so simply because the demand for it is rising and so is the supply. But amidst all this hoch poch of semi skilled commercial clinics offering hair transplant procedures, the focus on finding the duly certified and skilled surgeons is very important first step towards a successful hair transplant.

Patients from all over the world travel to India for getting their hair transplant done here because the quality of treatment available at some of the most renowned clinics such as Medispa hair transplant Clinic is easily equal in terms of quality to the treatments in the US, UK but the cost here in India is merely a quarter of that in the US, UK. Dr Suneet Soni, the owner cum surgeon at Medispa is one of the best hair transplant surgeons in India who has performed more than 5000 hair transplant surgeries since 2005 including several celebritis in his patients list. Dr Soni is also revered internationally for his impeccable hairline designs along with his strong diagnostic skills and his knack for generating the best possible natural results even in the most complicated cases.

So below criteria to figure out the best surgeon would surely help your search in this direction :

1. Choose a well qualified surgeon with relevant accreditations: like in any medical or surgical procedure, the academic profile and professional qualification of the surgeon can not be ignored here also. Simply because it is a clear cut indicator of content knowledge and treatment planning by the respective surgeon. Super specialization in cosmetic surgery is the ideal qualification necessary to perform hair transplant. Further, relevant certifications from national and international authorities also are an indicator of benchmarking of the surgeon as per national or international standards.

2. Patient Centric Approach: Hair transplant requires a customized approach from the surgeon because hair line patterns, donor density etc varies from patient to patient. So, it is essential and vital that the surgeon and the patient are comfortable with each other in terms of communication, query handling etc because hair transplant is a long procedure where results take upto 12-18 months and thus, patients tend to get anxious in the recovery phase. Such surgeons would also prefer to practice all techniques and then decide which one to deploy in a particular case. So, it is wise to choose the hair transplant surgeon using holistic approach to decide the technique of hair transplant.

3. Experience and Expertise: What experience adds to a surgeon is unparalleled because it comprises on real time on the job situations that arise and are dealt with successfully. Hence, experience ensures safety of the procedure, proper treatment planning and better ability to avoid complications. To measure experience, one should check the number of cases dealt and the quality of cases.

Further, hair transplant is a meticulous procedure and hence, needs extreme surgical finesse. To check this one can verify the reviews and testimonials that are readily available online and one can also check the previous patient’s gallery and videos.

4. Technological Leverage: One should always prefer a surgeon who has the ability and intent to use technology to enhance his/her surgical results. The reason being simple, that new technology and techniques are evolved over years of research in order to have a smoother and safer experience. So, a pro-active surgeon would always use technology as an aid to better his/her results.

5. Artistic Sense of the surgeon: In some ways, hair transplant is an art because the way a surgeon would transplant the hair would actually decide whether the results will look natural or just plugged. So, prefer surgeons that have demonstrated a strong artistic sense in the past and again this can be verified by past patients’ gallery and reviews.

6. Quality over cost: A good surgeon would never over promise the results and undercut the prices just in a hurry to grab the patients. He/she will duly educate the patient about the procedure and explain the costing with a logical rationale behind it and then focus on the quality of the results.

Dr Suneet Soni, the owner of Medispa Hair transplant clinics, is famously recognized both domestically and internationally as a central figure in the field. His clinics are bejewelled with latest state of the art infrastructure and he practices all new techniques with unequivocal focus on safety and hygiene.


Andrew Martin

Medispa is the best hair transplant center in Jaipur, India headed by Dr. Suneet Soni. He is a renowned hair transplant surgeon and has done more than 4000 successful Hair Transplant.

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