Common Shower Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Skin

Did you know that exfoliating too much can cause acne? These are the common shower mistakes you don't realize doing that's affecting your skin.

Common Shower Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Skin

There are so many reasons behind your acne, and sometimes, you can't figure it out. Can it be what you're eating? What about your morning and night skincare routine? We always jump to the conclusion that it has to be one thing, but it's not. Then another thing, and it's not. And your skin is only getting worse by the days. So what is possibly irritating your skin? Have you ever thought about the way you shower?

The way you shower can definitely affect your skin, and if you're showering wrong, it can show on your face. You're either using the wrong products, doing too much of something, or even the water you're showering with isn't doing any good to your skin. There's a whole bunch of reasons for your acne when it comes to showering, but these are the main and most common shower mistakes you're doing. These mistakes are causing your skin to flare up and bringing redness all over.

Your body wash is drying out your skin is definitely one of the common shower mistakes you're doing. There are way too many body washes out there that are specifically designed to remove body oils right off of your skin. The reason these body washes do that is to remove filth that's been built up on you.

Instead, you need a body wash that's not going to remove your natural oils and hydrate your skin as a finish. The best body wash to use is Dove. So many of Dove's products consist of maximum hydration, and their Sensitive Skin Body Wash is ideal for anyone who's breaking out on their chest or back. And after you're done showering, your skin should feel silky smooth and nourished!

Your water is contaminated.

There's a chance that the water you're using to shower with is contaminated. About 80 percent of all tap water is known to be hard. This means that the water you're showering with is filled with harsh chemicals like chlorine and heavy metals. And you're not the only one who's dealing with this.

So, when you're bathing yourself in hard water, this can really impact your skin. It can lead to many more breakouts and irritate your skin. The only way to help your water is by installing a filter on your shower. This way, the filter will have the ability to remove all of the harsh chemicals and making your water more bearable and softer.

You're roughly drying your skin with a towel.

So many people do this without realizing it and it's among the common shower mistakes—roughly drying with a towel. If your towel is made with the softest material and think that it won't impact your skin at all, you're wrong. When you're roughly drying your skin with a towel, it's like you're scratching your own skin. This also irritates your face even more.

The best way to dry yourself is by patting your skin with a towel. Never harshly move the towel across your face and body, but patting it. This way, you're delicately drying yourself without harming your skin.

If you haven't changed your loofah in a long time... that's one of the common shower mistakes that's causing your skin to flare up. It's so important to change your loofah every one to two months, depending on the type you're using. But if you happened to keep your loofah for more than four months, you seriously need to replace it.

Sponges and loofah over time can form mold, because of all the bacteria that it absorbs. Since it's constantly washing your body and sitting there soaking wet after using it, this brings in all types of bacteria. So, toss your old one out and get your hands on this awesome loofah by Earth Therapeutics. Excellent for properly and gently scrubbing away dead skin cells, opening clogged pores, and getting rid of your skin's impurities as a whole.

You're not hydrating properly.

Among the common shower mistakes you don't realize that you're doing is not hydrating properly. When you're showering, the hot water is actually drying out your skin rather than hydrating it. And when you lack hydration, you tend to break out.

The best time to fully hydrate your skin is right after showering. Now that your pores are open and your skin is slightly damp, this is the perfect time to use any type of serum or skincare oil to revive your skin back to life! Your skin will immediately take in the product and feel healthy again.

You're exfoliating too much.

Exfoliating too much is something that multiple people keep doing. When you're exfoliating way too much, this can ruin your skin, create acne, and bring in a lot of redness. You're basically stripping off your skin's natural oils constantly without giving your skin the chance to breathe. If you're exfoliating from three to about five times a week in the shower... that needs to stop.

Instead, exfoliating once or possibly twice a week when showering is the ideal amount. But if you do exfoliate twice a week, make sure the days are wide apart. And never be too rough on your skin while exfoliating. Gently using a scrub or any other form of exfoliation does get the job done. Doing it too roughly will dry out your skin which will cause irritation.

Believe it or not, the shampoo that you're using is actually affecting your skin. From the common shower mistakes that you might be doing is using the wrong shampoo. Your hair might like your current shampoo, but your skin definitely doesn't. Since suds from the shampoo can leak down to the sides of your face, and if you're using the wrong shampoo, this can cause breakouts to form.

Consider changing your shampoo that benefits both your hair and your face, like this special shampoo by Paul Mitchell! The Tea Tree shampoo consists of amazing ingredients like tea tree oil to get rid of your hair’s impurities and leaving it feeling soft and luscious. It's a great shampoo to combat greasy hair. There are also other ingredients like peppermint and lavender to leave your hair smelling fresh and delicious.

Products are getting onto your face.

Especially if you're using the wrong products, and if they're getting on your face, this can lead to a lot of pimples and redness appearing. Allowing products to get onto your face is one of the common shower mistakes. From shampoos to conditioners, it's important to not leave anything dripping down your face—something that should never go near sensitive skin. Some of these can clog your pores and leaving you with pretty bad breakouts.

Try to avoid products from getting onto your face. When rinsing anything out of your hair, shield your face with your hands when doing so. This will allow the product to move around your hands and prevent getting onto your face.

You're not giving your back a good wash.

It's so easy to neglect your back, but your back too needs a good wash! I know, it's very hard to clean your back because your arms can't simply get to every corner of your back. But there are brushes out there that can give you a hand in cleaning your back.

If you're getting a lot of bacne (acne on your back), this can be one of the main reasons. From the common shower mistakes you're doing, your not giving your back a good wash. It's crucial to give your back a good scrub to get rid of dead skin cells, filth, and anything else that's lingering on your back. Just using a back body brush will certainly help you out. And make sure you don't scrub too hard, as this will irritate your skin.

Lastly, from the common shower mistakes so many people are doing is forgetting, or simply not, moisturizing after showering. Just like hydrating your skin after a shower, you should also moisturize your skin for the ultimate hydration. If you already have dry skin and you're not moisturizing... What are you doing? Even if you have oily skin, everyone must moisturize! You can be breaking out from the dryness on your skin.

Right after a hot shower, I highly suggest you moisturize. It's one of the ways to have great skin and the best moisturizer for normal to dry skin is the vitamin E cream by The Body Shop. This moisturizer does wonders and will immediately rejuvenate your skin. The vitamin E in this product is designed to fully hydrate your skin and never leaving it dry again.

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