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Best Long Lasting Blushes You Can Get Right Now

The best long lasting blushes bring a healthy warm glow to your makeup look all day long.

By Olivia AmberPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

Blush is an underrated step in beauty routines, and deserves much more appreciation than it gets. People underestimate the glow and warmth that a simple blush can add to their face. Plus, they pull together then entire makeup look in one simple step. Everyone should give blush a shot!

However, it can be discouraging to fall in love with a blush, just to find that it wears off after a few hours. That's why finding some of the best long lasting blushes is important to any beauty lover. From high end to drugstore brands, there is a blush for everyone that will remain on their cheeks all day long.

To start off the list of the best long lasting blushes, we're going to begin with my personal favorite. Anastasia Beverly Hills has done it again with their new release of this beautiful blush trio. There are five different options to choose from, ranging from deep purple and coral blushes to beige and rosy tones.

The trios are compact and come with three blendable and vibrant formula blushes that are perfect for any skin tone. The one above is called Berry Adore and is the deepest of the options. This includes velvet, a deep wine, exotic, a shimmery pomegranate, and desert, and vibrant coral.

Lorac has created one of the best long lasting blushes that can be used to complete any makeup look. What makes these blushes so special is the unique formula. Included in each blush is açai, pomegranate, and vitamins, A, C, and E, which are all anti-aging antioxidants.

Each blush is buildable and will last the entirety of the day. The blush comes in 11 different shades, which will blend beautifully into the lightest and darkest of skin tones.

Becca is a powerhouse in the high-end beauty community, and will forever be known for the stunning face products such as face highlighter, bronzer, and of course, blush. As one of the best long-lasting blushes, the Shimmering Skin Perfector Luminous Blush will give your skin a glowing and flushed appearance, perfect to complete any look.

What makes this blush great is the shimmering appearance, perfect to layer over a matte blush or bronzer, or beautiful on its own. The apples of your cheeks will have the ultimate dewy glow.

Bare Minerals is one of the best brands for a kind of blush that is hard to perfect: the loose powder blush. As one of the best long lasting blushes you can get right now, these pops of color are more versatile than you think. Try using it on the eyes, or even the lips.

Blending perfectly with any skin tone with six shades to choose from, the colors will give the face a warm glow. Plus, the texture leaves a silky finish. It's one of the best beauty buys of 2017.

As one of the best selling blushes on Ulta, L'Oreal, a well-known drugstore brand, tops many other pricey blushes on the site. The True Match Super Blendable Blush comes in 12 different shades, all with a lightweight and blendable formula.

With a buildable color and smooth finish, the blushes are oil-free and non-comedogenic. But the best part? They are less than $12 each.

Think you wouldn't be able to find a beautiful blush that could beat L'Oreal's pricing? Think again, and meet Essence's best long lasting blushes. For only $3, each blush has a satin appearance and glowing color.

Though the color selection is sparse, I think everyone should give their rosy color a change. Buildable for vibrant color, or just dusting a light color across the cheeks, these blushes are the perfect everyday product.

Cream stick blushes are hard to achieve, but leave it to Fenty Beauty to give it right on the first try, and the first ever launch. The trio comes with color options to conceal and contour, as well as brighten up the cheekbones and bring color to the skin.

If you're looking to try any of her new collection, we would suggest giving these a shot. Plus, the three sticks are magnetic and stick together for easy travel.

Another great drugstore option, Physicians Formula finally took the nudge by its supporters to expand its Butter line. Known best for their Butter Bronzer, their blushes have not disappointed its cult following. As one of the best long lasting blushes, the two shades are perfect for even the lightest skin tones, and can be built up to accommodate dark skin tones.

Each blush is infused with Murumuru Butter as well as Cupuacu Butter and Tucuma Butter, hence the line's name. As a soft and smooth texture, each application will be done with ease. As a combination of the best features of powder and cream blushes, these hybrid blush is one you're going to want to try, for only $13.

With pale skin in mind, NYX has a unique product that can be very versatile. Their Holographic Halo Shimmer Sticks have a rosy glow, perfect for achieving a glowing blush to the cheeks.

Each stick includes a pearly pastel color with its creamy formula. It is easily applied and long-lasting throughout the day, step outside your comfort zone for once with this product.

To complete our list of the best long lasting blushes, Tarte's Amazonian Clay line never disappoints, and their 12-hour blush is no exception. Each blush being infused with Amazonia clay, this face product is fade-free and has a large range of colors to choose from.

The clay is made to reduce oil and balance the skin, making for a natural flush and smooth appearance, with zero dry skin emphasized. Their coral color is one to swoon over, and perfect for trying different shades on your skin.

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