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Best Dry Shampoos to Make Your Hair Smell Great

Fix your greasy hair without sacrificing smell with the best dry shampoos to make your hair smell great and look better.

By Kelsey LangePublished 6 years ago 4 min read

Everyone loves a good dry shampoo, but often times we sacrifice our hair smelling like baby powder for a dry and smooth head. These are a few of the best dry shampoos that will not make you choose. From affordable brands to more high-end, there is an option for every hair type.

Make sure your dry shampoo is providing oil absorption, hair refreshing, and a great fragrance all in one, because it is important to use products that will help grow long, healthy hair. These are the products that are the rare triple threats.

To lengthen your time between washes, while providing a great and healthy smell, TIGI has created one of the best dry shampoos with the Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo.

Dirty Secret has a formula that will soak up oils while giving hair a smooth and healthy looking glow. Simply shake the bottle, spray it on the roots, and go on with your day.

As one of the best dry shampoos for volume, freshness, and most importantly, a great smell, the Nirvana Black Dry Shampoo by Elizabeth and James is something you're going to want to add to your morning routine.

The shampoo is meant to texturize and perfume the hair, the scent being described as "addictive" and has warm notes of vanilla, sandalwood, and violet.

An extremely affordable and versatile brand, Dove has one of the most refreshing dry shampoos on the market. Your hair will feel clean, healthy, and full of body. It will renew any oily or greasy roots, giving it the feeling of freshly washed hair.

As an easy to use product that leaves hair manageable, you won't want to put it down. Plus, the Dove dry shampoo has a natural and fresh scent.

Living proof is yet another brand that has produced one of the best dry shampoos that also makes your hair smell great. Their Perfect Hair Day PhD Dry Shampoo will not only give each of your strands a clean feel, but absorb and remove oil, while offering a light fragrance throughout the day.

Described as a clean but soft scent, the dry shampoo will work on even the oiliest hair, possibly after two, three, or four days between washes. Plus it has a gentle and safe formula that will effortlessly remove sweat and odor.

As a great new addition to your haircare, the Amazing Grace Dry Shampoo by Philosophy has one of the nicest floral scents on the market.

After a few quick sprays and a small amount of time working the product into your roots, the shampoo will produce volumized, touchable hair that looks fresh and clean. The product is an oil-absorber in a bottle, and will make each of your mornings easier.

The Keratin Complex's dry shampoo is known most for its volumizing lift, but also for its refreshing scent. As one of the best dry shampoo, this product will act as a full shower and can be used on all types of hair.

The shampoo is different than most and comes in a powder form. This makes the process easier and more adaptable to your hair's needs. Depending on your oiliness, use the amount of powder accordingly.

Batiste is one of the best dry shampoos for oily hair on the market, among both high end and drugstore. A brand with multiple different choices for scents, Batiste dry shampoo has got an option for everyone.

Options include cherry, floral, tropical, fresh, and the list goes on. The tropical scent is one of the most loved among the group. However, if you're looking for a dry shampoo that is more subtle, their original option supplies a clean and fresh scent, without the added fragrance.

As a completely female-run company, Captain Blankenship is a small and organic beauty company that has one of the best dry shampoos that smells great.

With natural ingredients like sea salt, seaweed, and cold-pressed plant oils, this product is one you're going to want to give a shot. With scents of beautiful rose, unwashed hair is no match for the unique formula that will absorb oil and add hair volume instantly.

Rahua has created yet another great product, this one being a great smelling dry shampoo with all natural products. As a great way to volumize and clean dirty hair, styling is made easy, and requires zero water.

Created to work with all hair types, the dry shampoo is added to the roots for easy styling. Plus, each spray evenly disperses the product with each use.

To complete our list of the best dry shampoos to make your hair smell great, we had to mention the Glamour Award Winning Shampoo of 2017. Advertised as an instant clean, this product will prevent damage and absorb any unwanted oil or buildup with its translucent powder.

The dry shampoo will transform any hair type and sooth the scalp with ease. Plus, while restoring strength and shine, the shampoo has one of the best signature scents you can buy. You're going to have to try it for yourself.

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