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Be Careful What You Buy For Others This Christmas.

I Have Skin Allergies, So Please Ask

By Carol TownendPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Be Careful What You Buy For Others This Christmas.
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I am always grateful for the gift's that I receive at Christmas, no matter how small. I love unwrapping my Christmas gifts as much as you do. Whilst I'm never ungrateful for the things I receive, I do have one problem.

I have allergies

I have Chronic Urticaria.

This condition is usually temporary for most people. However, for myself, it is a long, ongoing, continuous problem.

It makes my skin red and it burns. This feels like being stung by thousands of Bees, and it is an extremely painful, and itchy condition to live with. Whilst the weather makes this condition really painful, certain products can also aggravate it. So here is a list of things you need to consider before buying me gifts.

Soaps, Bubblebaths and Bath Products

My skin does not react well with many of these products, even hypo-allergenic and baby products can cause a rash, extremely dry skin and cause my skin to burn. I do love my perfumed bath products, however, there is only so many I can use. Here is a list of bath products that do not give me a problem:


I love the full range of these products because they are natural and they do not cause any issues with my skin. Lush products are Earth-friendly, Animal-friendly, Environmentally-Friendly and Skin-Friendly. They smell wonderful and they leave my skin beautifully clean and soft. I bathe with Lush regularly. I particularly love their bath bombs, bubble bars and shampoo. Lush works well with my skin and leaves me happy, fresh and relaxed after bathing. It also cleans my bath!

Spa Luxetique

My mum and my husband bought me this for my birthday, and I really love it. I particularly like the Ocean and Vanilla Ranges. I find it skin-friendly and lightly fragranced. It isn't overly soapy, and it does not cause any problems with my skin. The oils used in these products are wonderful for my dry skin, and it does my excema the world of good. It doesn't leave a rash or burn my skin, and it helps me to sleep.

Please Be Careful With Avon

I do buy a range from Avon. I have been buying from them for many years, and I do get some wonderful products from them. However, I don't like others purchasing the items from this brand for me, as my skin is particularly fussy when it comes to their soaps and bath products.

I do allow for Avon makeup and accessories (apart from silver products and silver-plated), as I do not have many issues with these. However, when it comes to bath products; as much as I love receiving them, it is better to leave that to me as my skin can be picky when it comes to these products.

Hair Products

These are products that as a general rule, I only ever buy myself. My condition makes my scalp really dry and my hair is fussy with shampoo depending on the seasons. I have to constantly switch from one product to the next, and I have to use shampoo designed for extremely sensitive scalp conditions. It is the same with hair dyes which I don't use often. Hair dyes must contain no peroxide and there are only two that I can use, so please leave this to me.

BodySpray and Perfume

I can use most of these products as long as they are not low branded. I favour Impulse and Ralph Lauren. These are beautiful fragrances that cause no stinging or issues with my skin at all. There are some products that are not well known on the market that does make my skin burn, which is why I prefer a well-known brand in this area.


Living with any skin condition or allergy isn't easy. While it is a kind gesture to want to buy skin products for someone for Christmas; it can cause disappointment and frustration to a person receiving a product that they cannot use.

Everybody likes surprising people at Christmas. However, it does help to check that the person you are buying certain products for does not have an allergy to them.

It can leave more sadness for a person receiving an unexpected gift only to find that they cannot use it. Skin allergies also occur in children, so it is always best to check with the parents.

Please be considerate this Christmas when buying bath products and check that the person you are buying them for can use them.



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